Warranty & Complaints

If your shipment was damaged then we will stand for you and help you to find a solution, which also includes dealing with carriers or senders. Don´t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

While unloading, make sure that the shipment is not damaged. If the damage is visible or something from the shipment has gone missing, fill out the report claim together with the driver, make a copy and let us know within one working day. Do not forget, that the driver has to sign the report claim form. In the case that the damage is not visible when receiving the shipment (internal damage), the warranty period lasts only 3 days (this can differ, depending on the country of origin). Because of this, please send all the warranty claims to this email address: [email protected]. When receiving packages by mail it is necessary to complain about the damage not noticeable together with the damaged package within one working day (the warranty period may vary depending on your country) at the post office. Leave the package in the state in which it was delivered including the boxes and wrapping.

What is necessary for the warranty of a damaged or lost shipment

  • A copy of the damage report, signed by the driver or an employee of the post office.
  • A photo documenting the damage and the packaging, too.
  • An invoice or a sales contract of the purchased item (or an acknowledgement from eBay, or similar).
  • The extent of damage/loss and a preliminary assessment of damage.
  • A suggestion how to solve this problem or information about the repair options.
  • Contact information about the seller/sender.

Ask your sender beforehand to package the right way

Packaging is a very important part before starting the delivery itself, for which the sender is responsible. In Germany, most senders are very careful but nevertheless we do recommend you to inform them about the importance of the packaging and about the requirements of the carriers. It is the best way to prevent unnecessary damages.

If the carrier does not recognize that the damage was caused because of insufficient packaging, then the sender is the party responsible and has to pay for the damage. In some cases, PayPal or eBay cover for the damaged caused (the warranty claim for the insufficient packaging should be done separately). The warranty claim is done on the basis of the documentation which we will receive from you and as your forwarder we are under obligation to represent you and protect your interests. We can help you with the complaint regarding insufficient packaging and with the communication with the sender.

Complain through eBay.de, when the item doesn´t match the description

The purchased item does not match the description, when it is substantially different from the specifications written by the seller in the advertisement. It applies to the following cases:

  • You received a different item or another version of the purchased item.
  • The state of the item is not correctly described (e.g. when in the advertisement it was mentioned that the item was new, but it is visible that the item has already been used).
  • The goods were delivered incomplete.
  • The goods are fake.
  • There are parts or functions of the item which are missing, which wasn´t mentioned beforehand.
  • The goods suffered damage during transport (In Germany, on the way from the seller).

When you as a buyer purchase an item on eBay.de from a corporate dealer just for your personal usage, you have the right to withdraw from the contract, which means that you can withdraw from the contract and return the item within a period of at least 14 days without giving a reason.

The item received doesn´t match the description in the advertisement. What should I do?

  1. If you have received an incorrect, damaged or very different product, you should inform the seller so that they can help you solve this problem (the right to claim for damages which was caused on the way from the seller is only a matter for the sender). Open in the section Mein eBayÜbersicht Ihrer Käufe" (the summary of your purchases), next to your ordered item click onVerkäufer kontaktieren" (contact the seller) and choose „Der erhaltene Artikel entspricht nicht der Beschreibung" (the purchased item does not match the description). When you contact the seller this way, then the case for consumer protection is opened and so eBay can find the whole communication and help you with it. This enquiry (‘Anfrage’) can be initiated no later than 45 days after payment.
  2. Sellers often request you to send back the item which doesn´t match the description and after that they send a new product or they reimburse you. If a part is missing or it needs to be repaired, the seller can offer you a refund corresponding to the purchase price.
  3. If the seller should not react to this complaint within 10 days or they have not solved it to your satisfaction, open and present this as an official case (Fall)to the customer services from eBay.de. Then they will deal with this problem on your behalf. This step is activated from your side (it´s not automatic).

The goods didn´t arrive at the warehouse in Germany. How to proceed?

  • Contact us first, please. It is possible that the package was delivered without your ID or name. First of all, we have to check this possibility and try to find the package among the other unmarked ones. Send us a copy of the invoice or the purchase contract, description of the goods, name of the sender, city from where the package was sent and preferably the tracking number (Sendungsnummer) or the link for tracking. We can find most of the packages or find out the reason why it has not been delivered. Then we can agree on the next step together. If it has really got lost in our company, we will pay you the compensation.