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Reliable, fast & cheap shipping from Europe
Rather than the Alps:
200 000 140 000 14
shipments annually customers years on the market

How It Works In 4 Steps

Step   Description of the step How long does it take
1 After setting up the mailbox you will immediately receive a delivery address in Germany for FREE, which will be sent to you via email. 2 minutes
2 If you are going to order goods from Germany, fill in the address of your mailbox. Once the delivery arrives, we will send you an e-mail on the same day. According to the shop
3 Select the type of delivery and pay by PayPal
or by bank transfer.

PayPal: 1 minute
Bank transfer: 1-2 days
4 The carrier will accept the delivery on the same day
or the day after and he will deliver it to your address.


Example for EU customers
Delivery in 2 - 6 days
If you order and pay for goods in the German e-shop, which is in stock,
it can be delivered in the EU countries within 2-6 working days.

Why set up an address in Germany?

for FREE
2 kg package for €3.64
(€4.86 outside the EU)
+ postage
Consolidation of shipments Shipping
up to 30 kg
with complaints


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About Us

In 2004, when I was 17 years old, I developed my first online transportation system. The company INTEL invited me to the science fair INTEL ISEF in the USA, which was the impulse for me to start my business in transportation. Then there was the financial crisis of 2008 and I could barely cover my living expenses. Our customers were looking for a cheap way to get small packages delivered from Germany. At that time, I was also putting my mountain bike together and I bought the components on The tranportation to the Czech Republic was expensive and slow. One day I went to Germany to try to change that. Today through our warehouses we handle up to 135 000 shipments annually for 100 000 customers.

Ondrej Krabs

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