Address In Germany, Mail & Package Forwarding

You will get address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to the USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy, to the United Kingdom or to your country at very low prices by reliable carriers.

for FREE
2 kg package for €2.95
(€4.08 outside the EU)
+ postage
Consolidation of shipments Shipping
up to 30 kg
with complaints

What will you get?

  • Address in Germany for FREE
  • E-mail about delivered shipment on the same day
  • Customer support
  • No hidden charges and no surprises
  • Help with complaints
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Automatic dispatch to the EU

Your delivery address GmbH
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Äußere Weberstr. 57
02763 Zittau, GERMANY

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