Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are you doing?

  • You‘ll get address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to your country at very low prices by reliable carriers.
  • We work only with proven carriers from which we obtain discounts for our customers thanks to regular cooperation.

So how do you differ from other delivery places in Germany?

  • We strive to offer service without a fixed cost for the best price and transport conditions, so that our customers recommend us to their friends or business partners.

What are the registration and user fees?

  • None. For all users, service is operated without any registration or monthly fees. You pay only for transport and processing of shipment when it comes to the warehouse in Germany.

When should I pay and how?

  • You pay to our bank account before the start of transport. You can also add funds at any time to your system account. Wire transfer to a bank account in advance in euro within the EU is not charged.

Do you provide shipment insurance? Up to what values ​​and how does it work?

  • Shipments can be optionally insured up to 1.000 EUR. For some types of shipments, there may be exceptions, about which you will be notified in advance, but we usually work with carriers who are covered by insurance and responsible for damage or loss up to value of EUR 500. The smallest items can be optionally sent by mail without insurance. Please note that these methods may have limited or no coverage by mail and cannot be claimed.

When we issue an invoice?

  • Tax receipt is issued within 15 days after receipt of payment.

Why do you charge VAT on postage?

  • The Law on VAT in Germany allow VAT exemption only to the post office, which is for example Deutsche Post. Unfortunately we do not have a right to charge without VAT.

I sent money to my account yesterday and mine bank shows that it is done but your system does not. What should I do? What are SEPA transfers? How much does it cost?

  • If you're sending money from a bank based in the SEPA area (e.g. Lithuania, UK, France, Switzerland, ...), sending money to our account shouldn’t cost any more than a regular local transfer fee. In the majority of cases, this means it’s free. Your money should arrive to our bank account within 1-2 working days, once your bank has confirmed the transfer. SEPA (or the Single European Payments Area) is the new format for cross-border Euro bank transfers. SEPA aims to make cross-border Euro transfers within this area equivalent to a domestic transfer within your own country. The SEPA area is made up of the Eurozone, countries within the EU and a few other countries which also support Euro bank transfers.

How can I confirm my order? How to pay for your services?

  • When the shipment arrives to our warehouse, we inform you via the email. Then you log into your account and you see the price after you click in the "Continue" button in the Received shipments section. When you choose the carier and the price, you recharge the credit. You do it by clicking the "Recharge" button in the left side under the main panel.

    When is your credit recharged, you go to the list of shipping options again, you choose one of the carrier, confirm it and fill in the Forwarding order. When you do it correctly, the shipment moves from the Received shipment section to the Ready to send section. At this moment we dont need any further actions from you nad we will send it out.

Hi, I paid on Friday in the evening the shipping charges but the package is is still in "ready to ship" state. Please advise when it will be actually shipped?

  • Your shipment will be dispatched on Monday after 2 p.m. We do dispatch shipments every working day after 2 p.m.

Do you have personal shopper service?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer the purchase assistance.

Can I pay via the credit card for your services? How?

  • Yes, you can use our PayPal payment option for paying with your credit card even without creating a PayPal account.

    So please, click at the "Recharge" button at your account, select the Paypal option, insert the amount to pay and click "Pay now". The summary appears. Then click the "Check out with Paypal" button. The Paypal sites window appears and you have two options for paying: "Mit meinem PayPal-Konto" or "Mit Lastschrift oder Kreditkarte". Select the second one.

How can I change the shipping address from the one, which is in the registration datas?

    1. Go to your account into the "Received shipments" section.
    2. Find the shipment, which address you want to change.
    3. Find the "Change address" button and click on it.
    4. Change the address and click on "Recalculate".
    5. It return you back in the Received shipments. Click on the "Continue" button.
    6. Select the carrier.
    7. The Forwarding order appears.
    8. Change the street and phone number
      For a full verification needed to have the possibility of sending delivery to different person, it is necessary to perform one of following activities:
      a) remit the credit for forwarding services via bank account displaying the owner´s name identical to the Customer´s one at least once
      b) print out the Power of attorney, fill the form and sign it. Your signature has to be verified by notary or an office, which has the right to do it. This document has to be send to us by the ground mail).
    9. Fill in the description.
    10. Pay from your credit.

I want to send my shipment to Singapoore, but I can not find this country on the list.

  • Unfortunately the type of account, which you have selected while creating your account, is for sending outside the EU countries only. If you want to send a shipment to the EU country, you will have to create a new account and select the type of user: "Account for shipping to the EU". When you have a new ID, email me the ID and I will move your shipment to the new account.

I recently relocated - may I know how to change my delivery address? I tried to do it but I can not save the information.

  • Did you mean the billing address or the shipping address? The billing address can be changed just by us. The shipping address can be changed by you in the Registration datas at your account. If you meant the billing address, email me the new address and I will change it for you.

I wonder how long does it usually take to register package in your system?

  • All shipments are processed the same working day. However, this may take several hours.

You will get address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to your country at very low prices by reliable carriers.

Benefits for You:

  • + favorable price,
  • + simplicity,
  • + no hidden charges,
  • + mailbox for free.

Why carry with us?

  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We inform you about your shipments.
Other reasons ...

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