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How much are the registration and user fees?

  • None. The address in Germany is without any registration or monthly fees. You will pay just for the transport and the fee for the forwarder for carriage. When you wish for the consolidation of your shipments then you´ll have to pay a fee of 12.50 EUR yearly for this service.

How much will I pay for a package up to 2 kg?

  • The forwarder´s fee is 2.95 Euro + postage. When you are from a country outside of the EU, then your fee will be (2.48 Euro excl. VAT) + customs declaration (1.60 Euro excl. VAT) + postage.
  • You can calculate your particular shipment with the shipping calculator or contact us.

How will you know that the shipment was meant for me?

  • You´ll receive your own mailbox number which you´ll write down for the sender in your delivery address of your mailbox in Germany. If the shipment should be delivered without this number, we are able to find your name in the database.

The sender forgot to mention my ID or my name. What should I do?

  • When the shipment didn´t arrive on the expected day in your mailbox and indistinguishable by name, send us an e-mail with the tracking number of the shipment, name of the sender and preferably also the postcode or city. You can also attach a copy of the order. We´ll search for it among the indistinguishable shipments and try to help you. In some cases (if he´s mentioned) we contact the sender first before we send it back as an undeliverable. These shipments are left in our warehouse approximately for 14 days in case that the customer will contact us on his own or for the purpose of finding the address.

Which address in Germany will I get? GmbH
Your name (or the company name), ID ...
Dresdner Str. 9 (or Äußere Weberstr. 57)
02763 Zittau

  • It is also possible to write the address in this form:

Your name (or the company name), ID ...
c/o GmbH
Dresdner Str. 9 (or Äußere Weberstr. 57)
02763 Zittau

  • The name of the company GmbH (or c/o GmbH) must be in the address - the authorities are checking if for example the companies don´t have fictional seats written on our address without reporting it to the Trade Office. If the name GmbH is mentioned as the processor or c/o (care of) GmbH then everything is alright.

I forgot my address and ID, where can I find them?

  • You´ll find your address by logging into your account under the link My Address, ID.

When and how should I pay for the transport?

  • You pay for the service before sending the package. You can also pay for the transportation from your financial resources (credit), which you are going to put in your account in the system beforehand. The payments could be transfered to Commerzbank or through PayPal. After logging in to your account click on the link „Recharge“, fill in the amount and let it generate a request for payment to your e-mail. There you´ll find our bank accounts and variable symbol. It is needed to generate the notice for payment before every new financial deposite (the variable symbol is always different).

How fast will I receive the package?

  • The orders which were confirmed for the transport until 2 p.m. are consigned the same day (At Deutsche Post Weltpaket no later than 12 p.m. at noon). Delivery time is displayed in the price list of transport for each country. It takes 3 -5 working days into the EU with UPS. Unfortunately is the delivery time not guaranteed (except for UPS Express Saver).

After how much time will I be able to see the shipment on my account?

  • The goal is to offer you the possibility of shipping the same day when the shipment arrives at the warehouse in Germany. Most of the carriers in Germany unload between 10 am to 13 pm and most of the shipment are processed and loaded to your account within 2 hours so that you manage to send it the same day. There are also carriers who deliver the shipment in the afternoon. Officially we would rather say that the shipment was processed and is visible on the account and sent the same day.

How do I confirm the order and choose a carrier?

  • On the website log in to your account find the shipment meant for dispatch in the section Received Shipments. Check the total price for the transport and make sure that you have enough credit (deposit) for the payment. After that click on the button „Continue“, choose the carrier and in the next step on Forwarding order (transport order) check the address of the receiver and enter the description of goods (add price and invoice for customs declaration if needed). After checking the Forwarding order and after your approval with the conditions click on the button „Confirm and pay from my credit“ in the bottom part.
  • If the button „Confirm and pay from my credit“ isn´t visible it´s necessary to pay the credit and do the confirmation again.
  • Shipment will be after this step in the section „Ready to send“. We will send you the tracking number via e-mail after the shipment was sent.

How can I consolidate all shipments?

  • Shipment consolidation is a paid service and it costs 12.50 Euros for 12 months from its payment. You buy this service by clicking on „Buy consolidation for 1 year“ button and then you will be able to see on your account the button „Consolidate all shipments“.
  • As soon as you´ll get all of your packages to your mailbox in Germany click on the button „Consolidate all shipments“ and after that they will be consolidated into a box within 1 working day and you will be able to see the final price on your account. At the same time you´ll receive an e-mail with an information about the new consolidated shipment.

Why do you charge the yearly fee for the consolidation of the shipments?

  • We offered the service to consolidate shipments for the price of packaging materials in Germany in the first four years. It was only feasible to a certain volume of shipments. The employees have monthly worked maximum hours allowed by the law and we still needed to employ more, just for consolidation of shipments. When calculating the German wages and counting to it the 30% of extra pay for night work I found out that the company can´t afford to hire more employees and we have to make radical changes. When I was returnig home at 7 Am after finishing the consolidation of all packages, I decided that for the sake of speeding up the process and even for getting a possibility of hiring other colleagues for these activities we will have to introduce an annual fee.
  • If you´ve paid for the service and didn´t use it yet then let us know, we´ll pay the fee back to you.

    Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

What do you charge for oversized shipments?

  • UPS:
    • Large Package Surcharge: 62 EUR - If the package is oversized (2xH + 2xW + L > 330 cm), there will be a one-time supplementary charge of 62 Euros (max. dimensions: 2xH + 2xW + L < 417 cm).
    • Additional Handling: 17,50 EUR - An Additional Handling charge may be applied to the following:
      • Any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
      • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
      • Any package with the longest side exceeding 100 cm (max. length 270 cm) or its second-longest side exceeding 76 cm
      • Any package with an actual weight greater than 32 kg
  • Deutsche Post: 
    • Bulky Goods: 23,90 EUR - A Bulky Goods charge may be applied to the following:
      • Any package with the longest side exceeding 120 cm (max. length 200 cm - depends on country - see the column "Sperrgut" in this PDF file) or its second-longest side exceeding 60 cm
      • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container

How to calculate the right customs value?

  • For customs purposes, this is the amount actually paid for the goods.
  • Foreign sales taxes (for example the German VAT ~ MwSt) are NOT deducted from the price if included.
  • Shipping costs within Germany (from the seller to our warehouse) are NOT deducted from the price if included. The customs value is free of shipping costs from our warehouse to your country.
  • Do not round out the amounts, please.
  • Convert the foreign currency into euros. Use the converter of the European Central Bank with the date of payment.

Where can I find prohibited goods for transport?

  • You can find everything which we aren´t able to transport in the list of prohibited goods and shipments which we aren´t able to transport. The most important ones are marked and the most problematic or shipments which are liable to damages are posted below:
  • v) Shipment from countries out of the EU.
    x) Oversized shipments.
    z) Shipment which was not paid for properly.
    ap) TVs over 21 inch, LCDs over 21 inch, packaged furniture above 15 kg, subwoofers and speakers over 5 kg, toilet bowls, sinks, mirrors, white goods over 5 kg (especially kitchen appliances, washing machine, refrigerator, hood, hobs, ovens etc.), bumpers, spoilers, car fenders, car exhausts, large parts of the car body, bicycles (except children\\'s bikes).
  • Please, read through the list before the first order or contact us before the order if you are not sure.

What if I won´t be home at the time of delivery?

  • If the mail or another carrier won´t catch you, then you can agree on a redelivery at another time or the shipment will be left at the post office or other depot. At UPS it is possible to let the shipment be sent to a chosen country on Access Point.

The carrier doesn´t delivery to P.O.BOX – is it P.O.BOX?

  • Our warehouse isn´t P.O. BOX or DHL Packstation – we are a standard warehouse. All tracked shipments brought by the couriers are signed by the employees of the warehouse.

How long can you store my shipments?

  • The package up to 5 kg: 60 days for free, up to 10 kg: 30 days, up to 20 kg: 20 days, do 50 kg: 10 days. Send the consolidated shipments within 5 working days.

Can you set up the automatic dispatch of shipments?

  • Yes. We can set up the automatic sending for you either for every incoming shipment, or only for consolidated shipments. In the case, that you would choose only consolidated shipments it is necessary to enter the instructions in to your account to always consolidate incoming shipments. As soon as the shipment consolidates it´ll be automatically sent. The first setting is charged with a one-time payment of €5 for an unlimited time. Afterwards it is possible to turn on and off the automatic setting according to your needs and at any time. You´ll choose your carrier when you set up this service in advance.

Do you accept shipments from the USA or from other countries outside of the EU?

  • We only accept shipments from EU countries. Customs clearence of shipments are very difficult and costly from countries outside of the EU, in some cases even unfeasible.

When and how will you send us the invoice?

  • The invoice for the accepted payment will be issued within 1 working day. The summary statement is sent after the end of the month. We will send the invoice in PDF format. Invoices can be downloaded after logging in to your account.
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