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In the year 2004 when I was 17 years old I developed my first online transportation system. The company INTEL invited me to a science fair INTEL ISEF in the USA, which was the impulse to start my business in transportation. There came a big crises in the year 2008 and business could barely maintain my living expenses. Our customers searched for a cheap option as how to deliver small packages from Germany. I myself was putting my mountain bike together and I bought the components on eBay.de. The tranportation to the Czech republic was expensive and slow. One day I went to Germany to try to change that. Today through our warehouses we handle up to 100 000 shipments annually for 50 000 customers.

Ondřej Krabs, Executive director


2008 - 2015Container
We can arrange pallet shipments and whole truck load shipments throughout Europe, but also an old car in a container from the USA. Sometimes the drivers are calling us with problems such as: „I am far away from the polar circle and the shipment is too wide for the semitrailer." Or the client is calling: „I got stuck with my ship on the sea. I will load the shipment the day after tomorrow, wait in the port. Help will come in 24 hours." Another weekend we have to deal with a fine payment for the driver in Austria, who was overloaded by the sender in Italy and the whole truck was confiscated by the police. Transportation is very good for stress management. With the computer programmer Petr Sidor we are still working on innovations for the system and our main focus is the freight between the Czech republic, Germany and EU. We are also starting packaging shipments on loaders and the work with physical shipments is also increasing.

I was invited for lunch by the founder of the biggest travel agency INVIA, who is giving me helpful tips and showing me another viewpoint on the e-commerce world. Even the owner of Shipito contacted me with whom I was discussing the posibility of a cooperation in the USA. At the end this idea was cancelled. At that time I told myself that the one thing which is helping me to move forward is the fact that I don´t have to depend on anybody and I put my concentration on shipping in Europe.
We are trying to do the transport alone between Germany and the Czech Republic with our own vehicle every evening with delivering it on the next day. At night we hand the shipments over to the carrier from CS Expres. Soon he went bankrupt and after some time we are closing cooperation with the company Geis Parcel and Czech Post.

In January 2012 I founded the company Mailboxde.com in Germany for processing shipments and I am hiring my first employees. I found out with the time that the first warehouse won´t be enough anymore.

Jakub was our first full time employee who also many years boycotted any kind of innovation, because he was always ahead of it. He is working for us till this day.

I get just a few hours of sleep a day and I see that many things has to be changed for the sake of the years which we still have ahead of us. There was this one time when I came home at 7 am. Many people would have certainly said that my way of doing things was wrong and that I didn´t know how to delegate. One will find out but it´s going to take many years. We were in an unhealthy growth, it was just crazy. We were searching for shortcuts and at the same time we were doing everything.
2013We had control from almost all offices, some of them I didn´t even know existed. They took many times but I´m begining to get used to the system in Germany because that´s how it works and it won´t change. Even the police and the board of customs are helping us to find a solution so that everything will be alright.

I am in search for another warehouse and I don´t know if we can manage everything. At the end I found one. It was a former weaving mill and before our eyes were cars with vertical doors produced.

We don´t have any workers for the next warehouse and I´m afraid of hiring them. I don´t know how the situation will be and that´s why I´m waiting for the break even point, at this point I can be sure that we will be able to pay for the warehouse and the employees and for other expensis.
sklad B
On the 1. 1. 2015 we are changing our legal form of German company to Mailboxde.com GmbH. The judge wants to see my CV too. The whole case will last for 8 months and it also will be the most costly operation in the history of our company. Today I would have done things differently.

ZollSometimes it looks like at the airport at our place. The conditions and controls for the international freight got very strict since the year 2017. So for us it means that the cooperation with Customs service is on the daily order. The German Customs Service has organized the first international trip with the Czech Customs service in our warehouses. It was a very rare sight when five vehicles with blue lights of the Czech customs service were accompanied by their German colleagues and all of them parked in front of a warehouse in Germany.
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