Prohibited & Restricted Goods

Characters of transported deliveries

Deliveries may not contain following items:
  1. Banknotes and circulation coins, precious metals and articles thereof, pearls and gem stones and articles thereof,
  2. Securities, stamps and other similar items, such as savings books and cheque books, bills of exchange, credit cards, letters from banks and loan institutions, sim cards,
  3. Artworks and works of special cultural and historic value and collections,
  4. Used or damaged cars,
  5. Used or damaged machines or equipments without specifying accurate extent of the damage or depreciation,
  6. Live animals,
  7. Weapons or parts thereof, imitation weapons, ammunition and explosives, butterfly knives, push daggers, switchblades, gravity knives, shurikens (the exception is a switchblade with a blade that is maximal 8,5 cm long and that is not sharpened on both sides). See the list of German Customs Administration,
  8. Radioactive substances,
  9. Drugs and psychotropic substances,
  10. Moved items and personal items without specifying accurate extent of depreciation,
  11. Poisonous and caustic substances,
  12. Contagious biological substances,
  13. Pornography,
  14. Garbage,
  15. Solid carbon dioxide,
  16. Pressure vessels (sprays), pressed or liquefied gas and gas in fusion (UN 1950),
  17. Fluids that can spill out of the delivery packing or soak through it,
  18. Extremely fragile items that are not packed in a special and suitable way which prevents them from getting harmed by usual handling during delivery,
  19. Biological agents and toxins, oxidizing, flammable and other chemical substances, which are classified as dangerous according to Czech law paragraph 2 of the law No. 356/2003 about chemical substances and about the change of other laws, as amended, notice No. 474/2002, which relates to the law No. 281/2002 about measures linked to prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and about the change of Trade Act,
  20. Substances belonging to ADR regime including all types of garbage*,
  21. Items subject to excise tax, alcohol (spirits, wine, beer, cigarettes, tobacco, mineral oils, light fuel oils, fuel etc.),
  22. Shipments from countries outside the EU,
  23. Shipments whose value exceeds 1000 EUR or maximal value of responsibility of carrier procured in the Forwarding order. This shipment has to be declared and insured correctly when entering into the Forwarding order. In the case of unauthorized submitting of a shipment exceeding a value of 1000 EUR or maximal value of responsibility of the carrier, the Forwarder is not responsible for damage to the shipment exceeding 1 000 EUR or the maximal value of responsibility of procured carrier. If the real value of the shipment is lower than it was declared by the Customer, the Forwarder is not responsible for damage of the shipment exceeding its real value.
  24. Out-sized and palletized shipments. The Forwarder provides transport of shipments which are not longer than 200 cm (to some non-EU countries: 120 cm) and the total of 1 x length + 2 x width + 2 x height does not exceed 300 cm and their weight does not exceed 30 kg (to some non-EU countries: 20 kg). Please check in the Pricelist of postage how large shipments we can send to your country.
  25. Medication without prior agreement from the Forwarder. After approval, the amount is limited only for personal use.
  26. Shipments which have not been paid for properly.
    If the Forwarder is informed that the shipment has not been paid yet, the Customer is given a 5 days deadline to provide an explanation, remedy and to make payment via a bank account. The payment confirmation must be sent from the email address of the bank of the Customer. If the debt is not paid, the unpaid shipment is sent back to the Sender. In the case of credit card misuse connected with a shipment already stored in the Collection Depot (based for example on information from the provider of the credit card), the Forwarder reserves the right to send the shipment back to the sender at the expense of the Customer.
  27. Batteries classified as dangerous such as wet spillable/non spillable lead-acid/alkaline batteries (common in cars, electric wheelchairs) or Power banks (portable chargers). And all damaged batteries.
  28. Electronic devices containing lithium, zinc and alkaline batteries. (such as mobile phones or digital cameras) - Deutsche Post banned shipping by air anything containing a lithium or alkaline battery. Shipment with lithium or alkaline battery up to 5 kg can be sent via UPS (see UPS instructions).
  29. The lithium-ion batteries/cells that are not packed with or installed with the equipment (UN3480)
  30. Flammable solids including magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sodium hydride, zinc powder.
  31. Flammable toiletries such as nail varnish or nail polish, perfumes, eau de toilette and aftershave.
  32. Lighters or lighter efills containing flammable gas or flammable liquid including cigarette lighters containing petrol and butane lighters.
  33. Matches.
  34. Environmental waste including used engine oil and used batteries.
  35. Explosives such as blasting caps and car airbag components, fireworks, flares and sparklers.
  36. Pesticides, toxic herbicides and insecticides.
  37. Oxidising materials or organic peroxides e.g. disinfectants and nitrates, hair dyes and other dyes containing peroxide.
  38. Infectious and/or biological substances (UN2814, UN2900, UN3373) expected to contain pathogens or other agents which can cause disease in humans or animals such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions.
  39. Air bag inflators and modules or seat-belt pretensioners installed in completed conveyance components or alone.
  40. Poisons and toxic substances that are liable to cause injury or death if inhaled or swallowed or by skin contact, such as arsenic, cyanide, rat poison.
  41. Gases including flammable, non-flammable, compressed and toxic gases, buthane, ethane, methane, propan, fire extinguisheres, scuba tanks.
  42. Carbon dioxide, solid (Dry Ice).
  43. Corrosives such as acids, corrosive paint and dyes, rust removers, caustic soda, mercury and gallium metal.
  44. TVs over 21 inch, LCDs over 21 inch, packaged furniture above 15 kg, subwoofers and speakers over 5 kg, toilet bowls, sinks, mirrors, white goods over 5 kg (especially kitchen appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, cooker hoods, hobs, ovens etc.), bumpers, spoilers, car fenders, car exhausts, large car parts, bicycles (except children\'s bikes).
  45. Food supplements and feed of animal origin (see customs restrictions), food for commercial use, perishable goods and foodstuffs that are not hermetically sealed. The customer must follow the import conditions at the destination and inform the freight forwarder.
  46. Counterfeit products and those that are likely to infringe trademark and copyrights of third parties.
*Notice: ADR (Accord Dangereuses par Route); dangerous items, which cause flammability, corrosivity or explosivity, and items whose transport can endanger the safety of persons, property and the environment.