User Experience

„Is the first time that I use, I am without words for the amazing organization, really a great company. You made a excellent job.“ Nicolò Alberto Italy

„Shipment got returned by DHL to them and they refuse to refund the amount i paid for the shipment. Unacceptable!! I can accept them keeping the extra processing fee due to doing work twice but refusing to refund the shipment cost is unacceptable!“ George Neokleous

Dear Mr. Neokleous,

Your shipment contained a type of battery prohibited for air transport. You have undertaken not to hand over such a shipment for transport. Since the carrier apparently discovered this error on an X-ray, he returned the shipment and does not refund postage in these cases. The sender did not even mark the shipment with a security label so that we could detect this in advance. We inform you that these batteries cannot be transported in several places when selecting the transport you have chosen. I'm sorry, but I cannot accept your complaint.

My colleague offered you that we can return the shipment to the sender free of charge.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ondrej Krabs GmbH

„I use mailboxe for more than 5 years ... excellent service, excellent communication, all the questions answered asap, I saved significant money via ordering over, so it is a win-win situation. All recommendations and keep on going!“ GoranPP, Croatia

„Definitely a must use service. I had my doubts at the beginning. Everything went very smoothly and I had my goods in 5 working days. From Germany to Greece with fully informative progress of the delivery. Consolidation is a service if you willing to order more than one products from different senders so mailboxde to send it as one shipment . Very professional and I am surely will recommend this service to someone who wants to buy from Germany something that is not shipped in his country. Keep up the good work guys! Best wishes! Nick“ Nikos Kef

„Fantastic service! Very simple top up process via paypal. Whole page looks and feels simple and is very easy to use which is a great thing. Service is not expensive if you consolidate your packages. In one case sender did not write proper mailbox address with my ID. I was sure it could be a problem and that package would be returned but no. I got email from mailbox where were written instructions on how to upload a signed form which would give proper authority to all employees and director of mailbox to receive my packages on mailbox address even in case sender does not include my user id. It was fantastic experience. Thank you Ondřej for making this possible and I wish you only the best!“ Ivan K., Croatia

„Servis toplo preporučam, radi savršeno, koristim ga godinama. Dostava je jako brza. Hvala puno!“ Mladen Ljubic

„Thank you for great service. Easy and professional interface. Package arrived by 15 days.“ Yoav M. - Israel

„Great service, package sent immediately after I payed a fee. Information I receive from Mailbox are on time and accurate. Customer support great. Super company!!“ Jelena G.

„Very quick and accurate service, highly recommended.“ Csaba

„First time user and am so impressed. Was an easy to use service that was clear, simple and would definitely recommend. Updated throughout, was well worth the money. Thank-you so much!“ Lisa BB, West Yorkshire

„Awesome service, promptly responds to support mails, speedy, with consolidation you get by cheaper with delivery.“ Paulo B.

„ did not send the parcel for 6 days. I.“ Iva

Dear Iva,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. Unfortunately, you filled in the incorrect value for your product. I have checked your forwarding order and now you filled everything properly. The shipment will be sent today.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best Regards,


„To tell the truth, I have never tried other forwarding services, only this one but I am really satisfied with Mailboxde. Prices are correct and the service they provide absolutely amazing. There were some situations when sender did not write my personal ID on the box. I sent them a mail with tracking number, and they always found my package in hours and paired to my account. I always use the package consolidation, which totally worth its annual fee. From three packages its already cheaper than forwarding them one by one. They pretty quickly combine my packages and from the request to my house in Hungary it usually takes only 3-4 business days. This must be the best mail/package forwarding company from Germany to Europe. As long as the prices stay reasonable I highly recommend this service to anybody ordering from german ebay, amazon or any other webshop.“ Miklós Papp

„Horrendous!! When setting up my account I mistakenly put wrong data for my name. I did not realize that something was off, as maybe I got funky post address as you sometimes do with forwarding services so I just copied it and ordered a package to mailboxde and waited for it for a couple month to realize they cannot forward my package because the name is not correct and there is nothing that can be done about, period. Not to fix my name, verify my identity, verify that it is my package or at least notify about a problem with my account before I received the package(the mistake in the name can be see right away), none of that. So my really expensive package for which I waited for really long will be sent back across the world. On top of it took me a couple hours calling by phone over span of two days to get my answers back. No help at all, I cannot recommend!“ A

Dear gjcskfqlfdfq,scnhtq,

If the registration is made with 19 misspellings in the first and last name, which you also mention with the merchant, then it is misleading the seller, which no court would recognize as a typo. You submitted your review under the name "A", but according to your email, we have paired it with the following account under the name: gjcskfqlfdfq,scnhtq.

Sincerely, GmbH

Amtsgericht Kerpen, Urteil vom 27.06.2014, Az. 104 C 106/14
§§ 145 ff BGB; § 1 und 2 der Allgemeinen Nutzungsbedingungen für eBay Kleinanzeigen

„Das Amtsgericht Kerpen hat entschieden, dass ein Käufer oder Verkäufer, der bei der Anmeldung zum Handel über eBay Kleinanzeigen falsche persönliche Daten angibt, keinen Anspruch auf Erfüllung bei Abschluss einer Transaktion hat. Es komme gar kein wirksamer Vertrag zustande, da ein wesentlicher Vertragsbestandteil – nämlich zwischen welchen Personen ein Vertrag zu Stande komme – fehle. Da bei falschen Daten das Risiko einer Nichterfüllung sehr groß sei und die wahre Identität sehr schwer zu ermitteln sein könne, sei derjenige, der seine Daten richtig angebe, schutzwürdig. Das Gericht zog sogar den Straftatbestand des § 269 StGB (Fälschung beweiserheblicher Daten) in Betracht."

Dear Sir,

Create a new account in your name, please, with which we can verify your identity. This will solve the problem.

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„The best service. I suggest that you arrange with external partners (DHL, GLS, UPS,...) to send packages over 30kg. All the best in your future work.“ Velimir, Croatia

„Extremely complicated and not at all explained in the How does it works tab. I am trying to send a package received for a couple a day and I got only mixt messages like the shipping was approved then the shipping was cancelled.. the PayPal transaction was made but is not good for the shipping, the bank transfer was received and after a day I should wait for another day for the bank transfer to arrive.. Is very challenging to understand how is working for so many users.“ Alin

Dear Alin,

Thank you for your feedback. The order was cancelled because you were registered with us only with your first name. Therefore, we requested verification, which has been successfully done. Your parcel will be sent after its confirmation the next working day (tomorrow is unfortunately a holiday in Saxony).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs GmbH

„Very good service“ andre

„Amazing service, very quick and reasonable pricing from DE to HU. Prompt email notifications, intuitive and integrated online portal. My package arrived at MailboxDE warehouse on Monday, GLS picked it up on Tuesday and it was delivered at my place on Thursday. Keep it going guys!“ Tamas, Hungary

„Ich benutze es seit 2018 regelmäßig. Ich hatte einmal ein Problem und sie haben das Problem gelöst, indem sie die Benutzer-ID sofort erneuert haben. Aber auch Sonderwünsche müssen selbstverständlich ausgearbeitet werden, sofern man den Aufpreis dafür bezahlt. Beispielsweise soll es Optionen geben, Rechnungen aus dem Paketinhalt zu entfernen, beim Zusammenfassen von Paketen das aktuelle Paket beizubehalten oder alle Pakete zu öffnen und zusammenzufassen. Aber insgesamt bin ich mit dem Service sehr zufrieden.“ Kutay C.

„Perfekter Service Bin begeistert und glücklich diesen Service für mich entdeckt zu haben. Absolut zufrieden.“ Iw

„Very satisfied with the service thus far, forwarding at a reasonable rate and speed. The items arrived without issues, this appears to be good solution for buying from German retailers that refuse to ship items overseas.“ Sam

„I have used your forwarding service six or seven times so far. It just works. Congratulations, your hard work has paid off!“

„I have used this service twice so far. Very satisfied and I would recommend it. The process is as described, very fast.“ Iva

„Service is very bad. My item is stuck somewhere and they do not answer to emails. Paid 75 euros for the item and did not receive it and do not know where it is. Do not use this service if you want to keep you money.“ Ariel

Dear Ariel,

The shipment is ready for pick-up by the recipient in Israel. Normal transit time is 12 - 16 business days (priority), 16 - 22 business days (economy). Your shipment was delivered in 14 working days.

Can you let me know if the shipment arrived in order?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs GmbH

„Amazing service, been using it for a couple of years now, packages are being delivered swiftly, very friendly staff, eager to help.“ Tomislav

„Nelle informazioni indirizzo destinatario manca via e numero civico se avete problemi per la consegna contattatemi tramite mail.“ Canio P.

„I am very pleased with the services of this company. No problems so far. Kind regards.“ mlik

„I used mailboxde services for years until prices of postage goes too high. Now it is pointless to use it because i can buy directly from ebay and other websites from Germany. As example, postage on ebay to my country (Montenegro) is much lower then using mailboxde. Package of 50g now costs almost 10Euros and the same price on ebay is 6,9Euros“ Branko

„It is too bad you refused to repack the package. I fell into a trap. Because of this, I am forced to return the package to the seller.“ I.

„This is a brilliant service. I use it primarily to get stuff from Fabletics as they dont ship to Ireland. Really fast turnaround and great prices. Highly recommend,I have not been disappointed.“ Niamh, Ireland

„During 2020 i decided to upgrade my pc parts. Found what I wanted from one of the Germany store, problem was that they couldnt deliver to my country. So, my friend showed and tried. I ordered my part to the mailboxde it arrived and then it shipped to my country with no problem, no damages no nothing. And it all happened hassle free. Thank you so much for the team and for this amazing service.“ Vladimirs

„Been using Mailboxde services for more than 5 years now. Never had any issues with delivery and platform has been great. However, pricing is a bit strange recently and I am not saving any money if I buy consolidation for a year. I recently had 4 seperate packages delivered to and I have paid for a consolidation fo a year. Have automathic dispatch turned on. I consolidated shipments which I already paid for, but on my final bill there is again statement of processing up to 2kg of shipment. Freight: 9,35 EUR Processing up to 2 kg (or sum of the processing) 3,52 EUR Processing up to 2 kg (or sum of the processing) 3,52 EUR Processing up to 2 kg (or sum of the processing) 3,52 EUR Processing up to 2 kg (or sum of the processing) 3,52 EUR Groupage Box - size M (EUR) 1,82 EUR TOTAL: 25,25 EUR For what? To put smaller box in a larger box, having already paid for consolidation? Final bill for delivery was 25EUR which is way overpriced, and I will be considering using mailboxde services in the future.“ Ana, Croatia

„I have used this system about 17 times, half of that for consolidated shipments. I have saved a lot on buying goods via this service because of being able to consolidate my shipments and reduce shipping costs. I have been buying from Amazon and, and so far did not experience any issue except of once ordering a package which was slightly oversized. The guys at mailboxde are always friendly and quick to respond. Most importantly, since I am in Croatia, I did not see too much of a delay in delivery via mailboxde vs Amazon delivery, for example.“ Sandro, Croatia.

„Been using the service for 2 or 3 years now, no issues whatsoever. The processing is quick and the prices are fair. Can reccomend the service without any reservations!“ Jane, Macedonia

„I have been using for a little over seven years now. Very easy to use. Customer service has always been helpful, replying in a timely manner. Thank You“ Duško, Croatia

„Great Service. I really appreciate the fast turnarounds, the reliability and the competitive pricing. Since Brexit, online shopping in the UK has become a lot more awkward for shipments to the EU and so having a virtual address in Germany is a gift.“ Chris H, Dublin

„I am using Mailboxde from more than 4 years, i must say is the best service.“ Robert Slach

„Using MailboxDE for more than two years and must say that I am very satisfied. Smooth, simple and reliable service to get parcels out from Germany.“ Gennady Adjiashvili

„Unmatched customer service!!!“ Šime, Zagreb

„Been using this service for years and each time everything was excellent.“ Luka

„I am trying to use their service and my package was held hostage. When I paid he shipping rate I was contacted and told that the price was doubled from what I intially paid. Ibstead of answering my questions Jan Ulrich threatened to ship my package back. Use any other service“ Jim Klingenberg

Dear Mr. Klingenberg,

Your shipment (to a country outside the EU) is over 1000 EUR. It is therefore subject to special control at the customs office and the need to create export documentation (unlike shipments under EUR 1000). In your case, the customs value is the price actually paid. This is defined by the following customs laws, which I quote below (unfortunately only in German):

Ausgangspunkt zur Frage, was zum tatsächlich gezahlten oder zu zahlenden Preis gehört, ist die Definition in Art. 70 Abs. 2 Unionszollkodex (UZK):
"Der tatsächlich gezahlte oder zu zahlende Preis ist die vollständige Zahlung, die der Käufer an den Verkäufer oder der Käufer an einen Dritten zugunsten des Verkäufers für die eingeführten Waren leistet oder zu leisten hat, und schließt alle Zahlungen ein, die als Voraussetzung für den Verkauf der eingeführten Waren tatsächlich geleistet werden oder zu leisten sind."
Maßgeblich für den Transaktionswert ist somit stets der an den Verkäufer zu zahlende oder bereits gezahlte Bruttorechnungspreis, und zwar gleichgültig, ob die vereinbarte Summe unmittelbar an diesen zu entrichten ist oder ihm mittelbar durch Zahlung an einen Dritten zukommen soll.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs GmbH

„Thanks to the team. This is the second year I am using Mailboxde. I noticed that one of the senders did not put the GmbH on the package, and the package was shipped to me correctly.“ Deryk

„My order arrived in Australia 6 weeks after being posted from Germany, a bit slow but I will use mailboxde again.“ Aurel, Perth Western Australia

„Great and fast service, would recommend to everyone :)“ Leon

„Using this service just over a year now for 20 Consolidated shipments, never a mistake, never an issue. This is a very reputable Company which can be trusted to receive, store, consolidate and deliver your parcels in a professional and timely manner.“ Nicole, Ireland

„Toplo preporučam mailboxde za trgovine koje ne dostavljaju izvan Njemačke, prvi puta sam korstio konsolidiranu pošiljku i sve stiglo kako je trebalo“ Mladen, Hrvatska

„I use this service for about 4 years now , having received more than 20000 worth of bought goods in my account. Then shipped at my home 50 consolidated packages until now and ready to ship the next one! I am obviously happy with their services. There are some minor flaws to their communication forms , but whenever I have sent an email they have answered promptly. Whenever I had an issue (seller did not have right printed information on package) they found my parcels. I would like to have back the button for individual requests , but I can live without it.“ Greek guy

„Tested in different periods with always reliable and efficient service. I recommend it to everybody!“ Marco P.

„A reliable and efficient service, it always works great for me. I recommend it to everyone!“ Lazaro R.

„Used it for the first time ever. Everything was easy to set up and worked flawlessly. Would recommend.“ Filip

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