User Experience

„5 días laborables han tardado, perfecto servicio, volvería a utilizarlo." Sabadell

„Great company! fast service and very reliable! highly recommended, thank you !!!" Mark Alberda, Amsterdam

„Some problems because of a bad labeled package. Properly solved, good job." Juanan D., Euskal Herria

„I wonder how long does it usually take to register package in your system? I have info from DHL Shipment tracking that you receive the package today at 11.30 am." Kamil Dąbrowski

Dear Mr. Dąbrowski, All shipments are processed the same working day. However, this may take several hours. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I can\'t send my package, I says \"Insufficient credit, shipment can not be sent now. Please recharge your credit. Thank you.\" Do I need to inset some credits? I left corner, where it says \"Credits: 0,00 EUR (Recharge)\"?" Simon

Dear Simon, When you choose the carier and the price, you recharge the credit. You do it by clicking the "Recharge" button in the left side under the main panel. When is your credit recharged, you go to the list of shipping options again, you choose one of the carrier, confirm it and fill in the Forwarding order. When you do it correctly, the shipment moves from the Received shipment section to the Ready to send section. At this moment we dont need any further actions from you nad we will send it out. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Write the adress like: e.K.
Phone number
My name and ID. number
The fake adress
My own adress
Zittau 02XXX
Is that correct? I\'m afraid the package don\'t get to you guys.."
Simon W. Larsen

Dear Mr. Larsen, The consignment should come, but I do not understand the line with "fake address". Can you contact me via e-mail? Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Will I get a mail, when the package is in you guys hands? It should arrive 18 June." Simon W. Larsen

Dear Mr. Larsen, Yes, we will inform you via e-mail, when we receive the package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I bought an item at the Apple online store in Germany, arrived in mailboxd on 11 June and arrived at my house in Genoa Italy today 12 June. Service just perfect." Paolo R. Genoa

„My experience is being quite concerning. My package arrived to mailbox this Wednesday at 13:00 PM (TNT\'s tracking service confirms that) and no notification was sent to me. I wrote to the email supportand it was answered on Thursday at 12:00PM asking me about the tracking number. Today, Friday 14:05, I haven\'t any information and, I\'m concerned a lot, because in my case, there\'re not quick support, fast package processing or reliability so far." Uninformed customer

Dear Sir, I am looking for your package with TNT. I apologize to you for the waiting. I will call you today. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„1 click registration, quick support (email replied after 5 minutes), fast package processing (within few hours). Suggesting your service to friends!" T.

„Really good, fast and reliable service with convenient price. Thank you." Xaime

„ Dear Sirs, i have already sent an email about it, but i didn\'t recieve answer. Last Thursday i made an order on the Deutsche Apple on-line store, using the address given by your service. The package should be arrive today. I have a little doubt: i compiled the form a little bit different than has been indicated by you in the email: see below. Name Surname Address ID XXXXX City Posta code There could be any problem? Thank you!" Daniele F.

No problem, your shipment is on your account already. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Fast and cheap service. Thanks from Spain." Juan Carlos

„I have given a review here some time ago, but I think another one is due. I have now used services for one year. it has worked seamlessly. I buy goods for online arbitrage in Germany and so far I have shipped out 10 packages of 50kg each. That is half a ton. It is for me very cost effective solution and also a very running very seamlessly. I don\'t even think about all the packages that come into warehouse. The team at mailboxde is truly dedicated to commitment and consistency in their operation. No need to go anywhere else." John U.

„I am very pleased with your service as I have recieved every package sent. Customer service is spot on as I had questions regarding a couple packages sent via Czech Posta and was given a rssponse and answer very quickly. My only qualm is the aformentioned postal service Chech Posta and their lack of tracking updates and slow delievery methods. I can not fault your company for the post office\'s shortcomings , but a disclaimer about their nonexistant tracking updates would have been helpful in making my decision to ship with them. All in all though your company is top notch in my book." Christopher H. , United States

„Do I have to use consolidation service? Do I have to pay €10 if I am not using consolidation service?" Tbone

No, you do not have to pay this fee. This is an optional service. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I used this service for two times, and both times it was very smooth, safe and trustworthy. highly recommended service." Marcelo, Brazil

„It was the first time to use Mailboxde, it was a great experience with them, highly recommended, but they forget to write down my P.O.Box but anyways it was arrived to me." Mohamed Maghawry Ahmed ( Jeddah )

„Thank you for great service (and cheap). This is my first time of using it and it went smoothly." Tomas, Denmark

„I just wanted to say thanks for the quick and super super cheap service! This is my second time with you and the service is excellent!" Valentino C.

„Great service. Used it several times, and my impressions are: Professional, accurate, reliable, fast. Highly recommended!" Svetislav, Montenegro

„First i would like to say your customer support is very bad , called today in order to receive some info and the man could not provide me , instead he told me that i need to send Email and he would answer that until 17:00 PM , but that was not the case , why do you have customer support when phone can\'t help and Email answer in 2-3 days ? We are new here just 4 package shipped until now and since today i;m not feeling that i would continue with you." Alan

Dear Alan, I did not find your e-mail yesterday from 23. 3., you spoke german and I thought that the e-mail will be in german as well. We have received your first e-mail on 24. 3. at 1:24 AM, therefore we did not find your e-mail from 23. 3. This is our problem and we have plenty of room for improvement. We can scan your RMA numbers, it is possible. We will add this information to your account. However the requested shipment is without the RMA number. I apologize to you. We handle e-mails within one working day, although I know it's not too fast. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Thank you for the amazing service! My package has been placed in the hands of the delivery company within one day of arriving at" Jan S., Poland

„Outstanding to have this service at fair price!! My item arrived very fast and perfect to USA. This is a great business needed for a long time!!" Timothy B.

„It would be unfair for me to not offer my praise for a great service provided by the men and women here at That, along with competitive pricing unseen anywhere (as far as I know). So far, 6 items have been sent (and another 5 that will be sent!), and all have been top rate. Go!" Firdaus S., Malaysia

„Delivered Package to Belgium. Fast and easy service! Thx" K.G.

„I chose your system and I am very disappointed ! My shipment hasn\'t any tracking number but this wasn\'t described in the list that I had to choose shipment service. My package would have been arrived since first days of February. Instead of that It seems that I have lost all the money I spent in order to buy a mobile phone sent via your service. I am very sad, I would not recommend your services to anyone." Theofanis Chimariotis

Dear Mr. Chimariotis, I have sent the tracking number via e-mail once again. You can see this number on your Forwarding order. Your shipment was sent by Deutsche Post Small Package with insurance up to 35 EUR. Based on your e-mail we have decided to stop this service to Greece due to long transit time. I will inform you via e-mail about the complaint. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I am really content: fast service, reliable price. Really thanks. But there is one thing that should be fixed. I have typed address in format \"Street Name 12/34\", where 12 is building no, and 34 is flat no. But on my package there was only \"Street Name 12\" (without flat number). There was also no my phone number on package. Fortunately I have choosen ordinary post (Ceska Posta) and postman known my name, so he found me. I don\'t know if you are printing labels for packages automatically (then you should fix that bug in your system), or doing it manually (be more careful :))." Michal, Poland

„I was first thinking that those guys don\'t even have any kind of support. But I called them via phone and got picked up by Ondrej (thanks to him) and assisted with filling out shipping details on my order. Mailboxde forwarded my shipment very quickly and their handling fees are really low. Big thanks to you Mailboxde! :D" Aleksei, Estonia

„I saved a cool 70 euros by ordering my Kindle Paperwhite through Mailboxde. I highly recommend this to anyone." T, Finland

„My first shipment went just as planned. I will contuinue using your services." Anders, Norwegen

„Shipment received, good job Mailboxde. Keep up the good work. There are much things to change but for me it work verry well. Thx again." Mara, Romania

„It works fine, just received my Kindle Voyage from I would enjoy having https protocol for logging into this system so please include it in the future." M. Frater

„As requested. I confirm that the package be transfered from this international account to my new account for shipping to Germany, not South Africa. " Anna

„Dear Ondrej Please send my package. It has been ready for almost 2 weeks. " Anna

„good job mailboxde! thanks & apreciate" Ion Cristian, Iasi, Romania

„How can i track my shipment? Nr. 22233784" Mara, Romania

Dear Mara, For your reference, the number you can use to track your shipment is: R........E (see our e-mail). Visit: Deutsche Post to track your shipment. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Hi, I have sent you two emails about my bank transfer but receive no reply. The transaction is done three days before according to my bank info (17.26euro, BE16363108255474, Variable symbol: 102886, SWIFT COBADEFFXXX). I assume it should be enough for you to process, but the credit in my account is still 0 euro. Could you please verify the transaction and update the credit for me? Thanks in advance." Ziyang

Dear Ziyang Liu, I apologize to you for the delay, we have a problem with our banking, we will try to solve it on Monday. Your package has been shipped yesterday. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I like the idea, the technology is sound and easier than other similar services but customer service is non existing. A registered letter is now in the mail for over 14 days and no question to support get\'s answered. I won\'t be using the service again, if they don\'t even care about a simple registered letter how is it going to be if there is a problem with a larger item?" Simon

„Hello Mr.Krabs! Im little bit worried about my shipment nr 22232660. It has been 2 days in \"Ready to send\" , \"Forwarding order\" status. Are you still proccessing my shipment or its already sent? If it is sent, can I track it ?" Kirs

„You are the best.I\'m perfectly satisfied with the service. Thank you so, so much! " Ewelina K.

„Regarding my shipment 22231492 delivered to my mailbox 31695, ID 31695 Äussere Weberstr. 57 02763 Zittau, GERMANY , i have paid via paypal transaction id JJD014600001499889162 and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount.Therefore is it possible to verrify my deposit via the paypal so as to be able to initiate the sent process? also from my bad internet connection i made 2 times the payment via pay pal. i could have the solution of this problem? " kostas poulopoulos

Dear Mr. Poulopoulos, I have controlled your account and your payments were processed correctly. Can you check your account, please? Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„First time using your serives and totally recommend it. No issues encountered. Fair price, but should reduce the Price of Services and should add price for 1.5kg,2.5g,3.5kg etc... Do\'nt know why I have chraged for 33,53 euro for 2.53kg and 70 euro valued item." Talor Samara, Israel

„I would like to ask how can i change my details on my account? " nik

Dear Nik, Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We can change your details. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„No. 22231900 I would like to know when you are going to send it and how long it would need to take to arrive to Israel using Deutsche Post - Weltpaket by economy" Talor Samara, Israel

„Regarding my shipment 22231771 delivered to my mailbox e.K., i have paid via paypal transaction id 8S555456LW086080X and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount.Therefore is it possible to verrifymy deposit via the paypal so as to be able to initiate the sent process?" NIKOS KAMATEROS

Dear Mr. Kamateros, I have checked your account and the credit was processed in the order, your shipment is on the way. I would like to ask you if you can contact UPS in your country, they do not ship to PO Boxes. You can send me your new address via e-mail. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„First time user and totally recommend it. No issues encountered." Bogdan C

„First time with this forwarder and everything went very smooth and quick forwarding ! UPS delivery at reasonable prices ....." Xavier, France

„I\'m waiting for response (e-mail) to me about refund on account (get back my money) because finally not use their services because it was a LED TV. I need get back my money. Thanks." Francisco Sanchez

Dear Mr. Sánchez, I would like to ask you if you can send me your IBAN and SWIFT code via e-mail. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Very good and fast delivery. Well done Mailboxde team. Will be in touch..." Lukasz S

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