User Experience

„Little bit pricey services and system is a bit confusing to me. Very good costumer service, quick response. Quick dispatch, fast delivery!!! What can i say...Great!" Brano - Montenegro

„First time using your service. Items were sent immediately and arrived quickly. One very satisfied customer!!" Robert K.

„Hello, i would like to know about the tracking number of my shipments\" any advice? Kind regards" Enrique Acevedo

Dear Enrique, Please, could you clarify me, what tracking numbers do you mean? Do you mean the tracking numbers of the sent shipments? Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„I spent a year with another forwarding company which was not a good experience. Every question was interpreted as a critism. I changed to Mailboxde and am about to receive my 20th parcel. Not an error not a problem, a lot of help and very large choice of reasonably priced carriers. Very happy customer" Dave Gabbitas

„This is my first delivery using The shipping prices are very reasonable and the package arrived fast! I am very happy with the experience, and now this is my preferable way of ordering from abroad. Perhaps because English is not my first language, I had a difficult time understanding the package consolidation issue at first (I didn\'t realize that it meant combining the packages), so if you could add a more simple explanation and such that it could be seen right away, that would be nice. Thank you Mailboxde!" Yulia, Israel

„Your VAT number DE281224359 is not valid. Why?" Miko

Dear Miko, Our VAT number has been changed together with the legal form in January 2015. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I have been using for a while now. From the start, the system was a bit confusing for me (probably due to webpage layout) but all information is actually clearly visible and once you figure out what is where, and it works like a charm. I like the fact that all costs are clearly stated so you know what to expect and you will be paying for, with no surprises. UPS service works great too, from Mailboxde in Germany to Croatia - during the week - it arrives in 4 days. I mostly consolidated my shipments and it’s all fine, there’s a big save on shipping costs that way. Customer service is brilliant, as even to my dumbest questions I always got a prompt reply and quickly solved any issues. Very friendly support team. I hope it stays this way, thanks!" Alex, Croatia

„Waited nearly 3 weeks for my order and still nowhere in sight. No updates from Deutsche post and mailboxde have not given me a reply (told me it is normal when I first enquire). It\'s more than 10 business day, it\'s not normal at all. Please investigate" tak

Dear Sir, We will start the claim today. I strongly apologize to you for the delay. I believe that the package will still be delivered, however the complaint will be started. Sincerely, Lucie, GmbH

„This was our first delivery from Germany via, and it worked like a charm! The only concern was due to the lack of information: We were\'nt sure whether is authorized to receive and sign our parcel from the carrier (DHL), but this concern was completely unnecessary. We took UPS Standard shipping from to our destination address. UPS delivered our goods from Germany to Finland in just 3 workdays, but the final phases of logistics in Finland took 4 workdays, because UPS decided to use our national mailing company as a sub-contractor instead of delivering the parcel by itself. Probably this is normal with \"Standard\" shipping methods." €bot

„Hi, delivery status for my package is \'\'UNDELIVERABLE\'\'- WHY? i was send an email to you immediately but nobody answer..." Mirjana

Dear Mirjana, Unfortunately we can not receive shipments from outside the EU. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Great service, package arrived in 2 days from Germany to Croatia via Czech post, thank you" Marko

„This is a great service! It took some for delivery to the warehouse (I think it got stuck somewhere in Germany) but I received everything for a fair price :)" Gijs, the Netherlands

„I don\'t have VAT ID because I\'m not a company. I can\'t change my user type. What can I do?" Nico

Dear Nico, Your account was updated. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hi, I got an email that my package arrived but with a wrong size and very unreasonable weight. Could you please remeasure the package? Shipment 22321738, Box: 46508." Yuriy

Dear Yuriy, I have remeasured your package and dimensions incl. weight are correct. We can repack your shipment for 4,00 EUR, if you wish. Do no hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Jan, GmbH

„Hi,can you advice me which is better and faster dautche post or standart UPS? But UPS doesn\'t have insurance before 500 euros.please advice me which will be better to mark to be delivered on time " Ani

„I ordered a designer sweater from this mail service is good, I got my sweater here in the United States within two weeks. Thanks mailboxde " Lisa

„All went smooth until my package was handed to DHL Paket for delivery to Hungary. After 1week going rounds in Germany, the package was suddenly back at mailboxde warehouse due to mistake by DHL(or mailboxde). I had to trace it and ask by myself mailboxde if they received back the shipment ,got their confirmation, and 2 days now I have been trying to contact support to resend the package without any reply back. Started good but turns to disappointment!!! " a.h

Dear Mr. Heracleous, I am sorry about your dissapointment about the returned shipment. The problem was that the shipping label has been damaged while transporting and the Deutsche Post could not recognize the address. We will send it again on our own cost. Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„I want an answer where the hell is my order 22310914 I have been waiting more than 3 weeks!!! " Talor

Dear Talor, Thank you for your feedback. Our fee for processing was refunded. The Transit Time for Czech Post to Israel was updated (Transit time can take 5 - 40 working days) for all customers and their shipments outside the EU now. We have started the claim, however we are waiting for the result (usually 4 - 8 weeks according to the rules of Universal Postal Union). The insurance amount will be paid by us if the complaint will be not resolved in February. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I had a good 1st experience with Mailboxde. They posted my item on the same day they received it! However I don\'t recommend using Czech Post, it took 2 weeks from Czech Republic to Spain. Then because it was Xmas and spanish post (correos) is a disaster, it took another 2 weeks to receive it at home." JC

„Hi, Ondrej, this is just a heads-up concerning the e-mail I send to your support staff a couple of days ago concerning an issue with my last shipment (which I\'m sure will be sorted out considering my positive experience with you in the past). Many thanks. " Sebastian

„I have made until now 13 forward shipments on to Slovenia. All have been delivered as it was specified in Postage terms. The Consolidation Service by is very professional, Economical and they always answer on additional wisher. I just want that continue to do so good job. Thank you for now. " Andre, Slovenia

„all my items had arrived in time, the most honest and integrate mail service that i have been using in the last years. honest, integrate, precise, excellent prices and services. RACCOMANDED" alsafadi

„why you keep ignoring my email??? pls answer me asap!" Talor

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Please get someone who can speak proper English on your support telephone line. Considering most of your users are international user who speaks ENGLISH as the main language.It is frustrating your support line keeps hanging up on me." Kenneth

Dear Kenneth, I'm very sorry, we have not heard your voice when you called this afternoon. Can you send me your e-mail to, please? Sincerely,Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„where is my order 22310914? I did not received it a while ago...." Talor

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hello, i want to know that do you open my package if i ask to consolidate them. Thanky you." Chiara H.

„Hello, I still haven\'t received the item/the item hasn\'t arrived at my country... Sent by Czech post on 13/01/16 Order 22310914" Talor

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Perfect service: reasonable price, reliable processing times, flexible approach. Highly recomended. Working with this team is fantastic: between 26.11.2015 and 30.12.2015 they received for me more then 20 packages from EU and sent 15 shipments to Montenegro by DHL and Czech Post without any issue. Great opportunity for shopping in Europe from outside the EU! Thank you." Igor Tolstonozhenko

„Hello, i want to buy something from a german e-shop who accepts german credit cards only. Is there any service, trasnfering money to make the payment you, instead of me?" Kirlabis

Dear Kirlabis, Unfortunately, we dont offer the purchase assistance. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely,Martina, GmbH

„Dear Ondrej, I want to congratulate you with your excellent entrepeneurship: very good value for money ! Much better than some other parcel forwarding services which are charging much more money for the same service. The website looks a little bit overcrowded with info and might scare off some people, but soon I found that there is a very customer oriented team working behind it trying to please the customer. My package arrived flawlessly. Keep up the good work !" R. Jansen

„Do you offer this service in other countries?" Talor

„Hi, I\'ve got a package that was sent by the Czech Post, from October 8th (shipment #22284833). Still didn\'t receive any note about it, and you do not respond to mails for the last 2 weeks. That\'s really not a good way to treat your customers. I\'m still waiting for explanation what is the status of it, and assuming that I will never get the package - what about the insurance and refund for the services?" Omri

Dear Omri, Your shipment arrived at the central postal unit in Haifa on 31.12.2015. Due to its size and/or weight it will be forwarded to the Netiv Chen postal unit to be delivered there. We have stopped the cooperation with Czech Post to Israel. I know about this problem and I apologize to you. Our fee was refunded on 17.12.2015. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hi! What is customs rates for smartwatch?" Ewan

Hello, I can recommend this duty calculator: Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„I have sent a couple emails and they never got any reply. This is my shipment 22298901 tracking number 961200077366. The item was shipped out by your company on 1 Dec and left the Deutsche Post facility on 3 Dec. It has been almost 2 weeks and my item still does not show up on my local post tracking website I was advised by Deutsche Post to contact my seller to conduct an investigation. I need my item urgently for my upcoming holidays. Can you please kindly advise on this matter? Thank you." Charles Lim

Dear Mr. Lim, Your shipment has been delivered on 19. 12. 2015. Did you receive this package, please? I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I want to thank you for the service you provide. Everything worked flawlessly, from the fast responce to the mail I send you, to the delivery of my packege. Keep up the good work, and I will surely use your service again in the future." Vassilios Pilatis

„War am Anfang sehr skeptisch aber habe es ausprobiert. Habe mir 2 Pakete nach Italien weiterleiten zu lassen. Hat super funktioniert, Pakete wurden noch am gleichen Tag weiter verschickt und 2 Tage danach ware sie schon bei mir. Einfach genial!!!" Hannes, Italien

„I see in the comments that I am not the first client having experienced a delay using the Czech Post. I wouldn\'t have minded using a different carrier but I thought that Ceska Posta was reliable since you use it, however it is not at all. It has been 8 working days since they sent the parcel to Spain and it hasn\'t even showed up yet in the spanish post system, which I find unacceptable. A parcel within Europe shouldn\'t take more than a few days or a week maximum. You shouldn\'t use Czech Post or at least advice that shipping can experience long delays. Lesson learnt. I hope anyway that you do your best to locate my parcel asap." JC

„Hi! I\'m your customer with Box: 42491‏. I have received 4 packages as follows: Package, 0.43x0.36x0.15 m, 2 kg Package, 0.34x0.4x0.04 m, 1.44 kg Package, 0.37x0.34x0.07 m, 0.96 kg Package, 0.4x0.31x0.31 m, 1.92 kg After paying 10EUR for consildation option and choosing to consolidate these 4 packages I have received the confirmation email. 22301732 Continue Freight: (selected carrier: Deutsche Post Weltpaket - Economy, Insurance up to 70 EUR)48,79 EURChange the carrier Total (shipping + sum of process. fees + box or other costs):54,18 EUR VAT free Received: 9.12.2015 Please check the shipping cost because my package weight is something above 6kg and you invoiced me 12kg shipping costs as per Deutsche Post Economy Welt Packet Price List." Granit

„buonasera avevo chiesto informazioni su come richiedere l\'invio non separato dei due pacchi da me ricevuti ed in attesa di consolidamento. con una nuova scatola attraverso lo stesso corriere , ma non ho avuto risposta , o almeno non sono stata capita , nel frattempo ho richiesto il consolidamento dei due pacchi , ma risulta sempre collegato , ma separato. spero sia possibile ricreare una nuova spedizione che comprenda i due pacchetti in una sola scatola 4.60 kg 22300868 +9.15 kg 22300832 con lo stesso corriere spetto mail di conferma con nuovo preventivo perche\' l\'altro e\' troppo costoso . saluti Maria " Maria

„Hallo, erhielt ich eine E-Mail informiert mich, dass ein Paket angekommen, aber mit einem sehr hohen Preis Transport Sie können eine einzelne Lieferung der empfangenen Pakete? grazie " Maria

„Hi, I received an email informing me that a package arrived but with a very wrong and unreasonable weight - thus , a very high shipping price. I send you an email with a proof of weight yesterday to right after I received the email for payment from you. Still didn\'t get any reply back from you though. Can you please help and answer me?" Dor A

Hello, We will reweight your shipment, there is probably a mistake. I will let you know within today. Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„Hi, I just ordered from but made a mistake with the address. Their form didnt allow me to enter GmbH as the first line. I am trying to contact them to change it but the website is not working. The first line is my name followed by my ID number, will that be enough to get it to you?" zzleezz

Dear Sir, No problem, your shipment was received already. Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„16-11-15 I e-mail Support and asked to replace my e-mail address because I had changed the ESP. After that I stopped receiving any e-mail from Mailboxde. I sent several requests to Support from my new e-mail adsress - no any reply. Today I have checked my account on Mailboxde and found out that there are three more items in the warehouse. I chose one of the items and ordered re-forwarding, and... I have got a confirmation message concerning the reforwarding order to my old e-mail! What is actually going on?" Alexander V.

Dear Alexander, We have informed you, however all e-mails are returned as undelivered (The error that the other server returned was: 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table). These shipments are uploaded with your old e-mail address. All other activities are connected with your new e-mail address. New shipments will be uploaded with your new registered e-mail as well. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Why can I not just click on Paypal and pay that way, as I can for eBay and other sites. I signed up on Paypal especially to pay you this way." Murray McLachlan

„I\'ve used this service for the first time and I\'m really impressed with the useful and kind support that helped me very quickly. Also the service is really top notch and fast. Will use it again, thanks! I would definitely update the website design though :)" Sandro A.

„You guys are awesome! I\'ve never used any other reshipment service because I have no reason to! 6 days to the US through Customs is *amazing*, and you even repackaged my parcel for me without any extra charge. I especially appreciate that you didn\'t open it before repackaging it. That kind of concern for your customer\'s privacy will not go unnoticed. I will be a customer for a long time!" Wesley Cartwright

„Please answer on my e-mail " Marek K

„ciao , come faccio a sapere se l\'acquisto effettuato su ebay e in consegna il 26 /10/2015 e\' stato ricevuto al mio indirizzo mailboxde?grazie" Maria

„Guten Morgen, machte ich eine Gebühr von 10 Euro durch paypal, aber die Kredit Null, Weil ich 10 € bezahlt? kann ich mich informieren? dank Gruß" Maria

Guten Tag, das Geld haben wir per PayPal erstattet. Leider können wir diese Gebühren nicht kombinieren. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„My shipment still not back to system. Please check. Now I ready to ship all item only waiting for this shipment back to process." Ekkapol

Dear Ekkapol, Your shipments have been exceeded the free storage period. It has been stored in our warehouse over a year. We have contacted you on the 12th of August 2015 asking for making the Forwarding order so we could dispatch it. There was no response from your side so we returned that shipments to the senders in September 2015. The proof of delivery is attached in the e-mail. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, GmbH

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