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„Used the service two times in last two weeks for a shipment from seller on who can't ship to Croatia. First time I was a little bii affraid if the package will be resend to my adress but it was OK. Yes, You have to be patient with delivery because it takes few days more than expected. So, dont use it if you have short deadline (like gift present for omeones birthday that is very close to the order date. Postage and handling fee is reasonable fot the service obtained. Package is basicaly the original from amazon. They only put new label with adress over the amanzon's original label. I will recomend this service to my friends.“ Warm greetings from Croatia

„A really professional forwarding company. Have used them for last few years and am very content with the service provided.“ Dave Gabbitas

„I just recharged account having yearly consolidation subscription in mind (it ran out a month ago), but once I wanted to acquire new subscription I had to pay it again by CC although I had more than 35€ credit. I believe subscription should be paid from credit if there is a substantial amount there. Fix it for the future customers. Thank you.“ Josip K.


10. 1. 2018
Dear Josip, Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it! We will prepare this solution now. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hello The following shipments haven't show up in tracking system: RC296177926DE RC296177943DE RC296177957DE“ Roberto Maria

Dear Roberto, The last status is: Arrival at international place of exchange on 28. 9. 2017 in your country. My colleague will inform you via e-mail. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Happy St. Wenceslas day!“ Branko Dumanovski

Thank you! :) Czech support team

„Used the service for the first time for a shipment of music CDs ordered from a third-party seller on who can't ship outside Germany. Very happy and pleased with everything. It's easy to follow and there was no hassle at all. The item arrived well within estimate. Many thanks. ^ ^“ Tim S., Singapore

„I would like to cancel a consolidation. Can you cancelling it? My ID 65304“ Branko Dumanovski

Dear Mr. Dumanovski, the consolidation was cancelled. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„my parcel Looks deliverd ,someone else signed for it andnow parcel disapaerd. DHL delivered to got proof from dhl but nobody knows where my parcel is . thats nearly 1000€ missing“ lara

Dear Lara, The shipment was already processed. I strongly apologize to you for the delay. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hello, my ID is 51851. I forwarded two parcels one week ago but they still are "ready to send". I wrote a email and also made a phonecall but nothing helps. You took my credits but the parcels are still in your warehouse. When will you send the parcels???“ Gordon

Dear Sir, we are still waiting for your power of attorney. You was informed via e-mail. The address details are missing the company name GmbH. Yours faithfully, Lucie, GmbH

„Hello, I would like to cancel a consolidation. Can you help cancelling it?“ Roberto Maria

Dear Roberto, The consolidation was canceled. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„This Company saved us lots of Time, Money and Headaches. If you need a Service like this... USE MAILBOXDE“ Wiston Flores, USA

„I would like to thank you for an excellent service. didn't ship Lenovo tablets outside Germany so I had to use your service which was great. Free shipping to mailboxde and then about 15 euros to Croatia. Took 2 or 3 days, I forgot exactly. Shipment was in original condition without damages. Thanks a lot.“ Tomislav, Croatia

„I used mailboxde for the first time, and set up my free mailbox in advance. I purchased and ordered a 9kg package of small plastic automotive parts for resale from my supplier near Stuttgart (who does not export) mail the package via DHL to mailboxde which arrived 3 August. I filled out the forwarding form on 6 August evening in USA (7 August morning in Germany), supplied Customs information, viewed the detailed invoice, and paid via PayPal. It shipped via UPS Express Saver the same day, and arrived at my address in 3 days on 9 August, with UPS tracking the whole way, and no delay in US Customs. I emailed the invoice from my supplier, which they attached in a blister pack to the package. There was no paper Customs Declaration attached to the package, but perhaps it was embedded in the UPS scan. I've had packages held for days in US Customs, so I like to make sure "all my ducks are in a row". Lucie helped me through the process, and was very friendly. A professional, extremely fast, straight forward sevice. I will be using them again. I highly recommend mailboxde!“ Gary C., USA

„Thank you! Customer service was amazingly helpful and overall very pleased with this service. Highly recommended!“ Sergiu T.

„I've opened an address at only this year to be honest with a bit of scepticism. Until today 9 items that I had ordered were forwarded to my domestic address promptly and with no complaints from my side. Even the problem with my latest shipment, where the original sender forgot to add my contact details, was very promptly solved and the item was the same day forwarded to me. I recommend the service of!“ Andreja, Slovenia

„I have a question regarding VAT. If I order something from and want that deliverd to my country where VAT is 25% I get the total price from amazon at checkout. But if I want that same goods delivered to my address located in Germany I get the price with German VAT (19%). That is 6% price difference where I benefit. When you send those goods to me will that VAT difference be calculated somewhere again (customs or....) or I can really benefit this way. With your shipping costs I'm still in green territory based on VAT differences. THNX“ TheVeka

Hello, I contacted our tax advisor and everything is in order and according to the rules. Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hello, can i send using your services a domestic espresso machine, which weights with all the accessories ~25kg?“ Maki

Hello, I apologize to you, we can offer shipping up to 20 kg to your country. Thank you for your understanding.  Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Great and fast service with reasonable shipping costs. Highly recommended and will be ordering from Germany in near future again. For some reason, I did not get any e-mail (checked the spam box also) when I set up the account or when my order was delivered..?“ Jenni, Finland


Dear Jenni, Thank you for your feedback. We have tried to solve this problem, however all e-mails are declared as "delivered". Can you check your spam filter once again, please? Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hallo. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service den MailboxDe liefert. Schnelle und uebersichtliche Auflistungen, freundliche und hilfbereite Gespraechspartner.“ Gabriele, Paraguay

„I see in my inbox that the item arrived 28.05. I paid all delivery expanses 29.05. I wrote email on the 11the of June. Sadly,no news of sending me my item and no feedback.“ Vladimir Saitor

Dear Mr. Saitor, Log into Your account and send the shipment as follows:
1) To order transport click on the button Continue and choose a carrier.
2) Fill forwarding order and click on the button Confirm and pay from my credit.
Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Hello, I have sent you several emails about 2 orders that I have not received by now: 22450153(from 11.5.2017) and 22437143(from 28.3.2017!!!). I want a full refund (shipping costs and insurance) to my Paypal account. I really don't know whats going on with your service... I'm waiting for a reply.“ Ronit

Dear Ronit, We have received a message from Deutsche Post, that your shipments are not lost, however there is a problem on the way to Israel with all postal shipments now. The claim was started. I will inform you, when we receive more details. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

Update 9. 6. 2017:
Shipment is prepared for customs clearance in Israel. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Could you be more clear about your shipment schedules. What is the time window for your dispatching schedule? My shipment was not dispatched "after 2 PM" as I processed it 3.15 PM one day. Exposing your time window would help your clients to syncronize their own schedules with your logistics.“ MailBoxer

Hello, I apologize to you for the misunderstanding. Shipments are sent at about 2 pm. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Your prices are very expensive. In my last order No.22447617 my parcel is about 1.36kg should be 21.89EUR but you charged 26,06 EUR... Moreover, in UPS tracking website they says the parcel is 1kg not 1.36kg... You have good and trusted service, but the prices are very expensive for 1kg package!“ Ronit S

Dear Ronit, The price is right. We have charged 26,06 EUR incl. VAT - 4,17 EUR (VAT) = 21,89 EUR. The VAT was deducted on your Forwarding order before the payment. UPS shows a declared and rounded weight from the seller (1,00 kg). We can check the weight of every shipment once again without any problems. Do not hesitate to contact us before ordering. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I was wary of these services because I have had not-so-great experiences with similar services that operate out of the USA. But Mailboxde changed my mind. Prices were reasonable, the site was easy to use (with good communication), and they were very fast. An excellent company!“ Bille, Japan

„Εξαιρετική υπηρεσία. Χωρίς κρυφές χρεώσεις, γρήγορη επεξεργασία αποστολών και ευγενική εξυπηρέτηση. Πολύ χρηστικό το site σε όλα τα βήματα της διαδικασίας.“ George

„Extremely fast, professional and honest. My recommendation.“ Nicola, Montenegro

„I am impressed buy the efficiency of the service and the reasonable pricing. I used another service before, which is now closed, and I am so happy now that I had to switch to Mailboxde, which is much cheaper and quicker! thank you so much, Ondrej, for your brilliant service! Regards,“ Liuba

„My first parcel arrived in Canada safely and fast! Also great e-mail customer service. So far very pleased :)“ Marcus

„Hello, I have a shipment that has arrived to you on February 19th. I also have transferred to your bank account on February 16th. Variable symbol: 247392" Roberto, Mexico,

„Your Prices for shipping to Israel is so much expensive now!! I consider to look up for a new service... (It is not worth to send 1kg weight parcel. Maybe over 2kg is OK) 28EUR is too high! I want a discount!! I have used to pay 17 EUR maximum! " Ronit

Dear Ronit, Our Deutsche Post - Weltpaket prices to Israel were set incorrectly in different zone in 2016. All shipments to Israel were mistakenly discounted in 2016. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„I have been using for the last 2 years and can only say thumbs up." Lars, Denmark

„Thank you very much for mailboxde. Very recommended services. " Fatimah, Australia

„Hello, I would like to know if you can send the Belgium to Spain, if you could do the virtual address for Belgium, instead of Germany. I would like to order from a Belgian online store, and it seems that they only ship to Belgium. Thank you" Laura Minguez

Dear Mrs. Minguez, We can offer the shipping only from Germany. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Hello, do you allow reception in Germany with signature ? Thanks in advance for your answer." Val B

Hello, Our warehouse is not a P.O. BOX or a DHL Packstation - we are a regular warehouse. All trackable shipments are signed. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Any other payment method available like bitcoins or something?" Chad

Dear Chad, Unfortunately, Bitcoins are not supported. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Amazing service! Cheap, fast and very efficient. I can\'t believe how easy the site is to use and how quickly the shipments are processed." Peter, Sydney

„One Parcel sent from Germany to Hong Kong was still missing. The tracking stopped updating since 21Dec, 2016. I am very very worry and so confused. I emailed to the customer service but they did\'nt reply me. I had used your service for more than 20 times; and seams that the service is now getting worse. May I have your help to check what was happening? Thank you" Donald

Dear Donald, I have sent you our last message to Deutsche Post. However we did not receive any answer. I apologize to you for the waiting. We will inform you, when we receive a message. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Hi, How can I change the Registration data?" Arber

Dear Arber, Send me your new billing address via e-mail, please. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„„Hi My Percel has been shipped on 20 Dec and i get atrack number, but the website of Deutche Post not give any details. it just give the following: \"The item was posted on Dec 20, 2016. do you have any more details? and how i can expect the date of arrival.\"" Takashi Fujita, Japan

„First time used their services, and could not be more pleased ! Very fast to informing when package arrives into our Mailboxde address, and then, also very fast to shipping it out to the destination address. Definitely Recommended to everyone :) " Andre M.

„I am very satified with service. Its simple and prompt for every delivery and i recommend it to everyone. One of best things i find on internet last year." Vladimir

„I\'m using this service several months, already received 7 packages and another 3 on the way. Good service.Very recommended !" Anton Buber

„this service is extremely time consuming and inconvenient. If I wanted to do all this paperwork I would open my own shipping company. other systems are much simpler." S Lee

„Hallo, I have been using the system exactly in three days. Very good and prompt service. Because I live in CZ and NO and have missed the possibility of German eshops to CZ and NO, I greatly appreciate the idea. Earlier I had to ask my friends in DE to resend it abroad. How embarrassing. I understand the system of various carriers and consolidating the shipments so it is not confusing to me. The prices of the Czech Post to countries outside the EU are great. We will see how it works further. Thank you Ondra for this great service." Ivo, CZ and NO

„My mail has been in the \"ready to send box\" for 2 days and has yet to be sent. I emailed the company twice and I\'m still waiting on reply" Trevor

Dear Sir, Your shipment has been controlled and seized by customs. Can you send us your IBAN and SWIFT code via e-mail, please? Your balance will be refunded. Sincerely, GmbH

„Way to complicted" Ssklee

„I am very disappointed with the service. I had read the restrictions when I signed in and I was certain that none ofe the usual goods I usually buy would be on the list. It slipped me completely - I bought a new stove for my kitchen. They just refused to receive it. Suddenly I was in a very difficult situation, with a 400EUR item lying around. NO SUPPORT OF ANY KIND! Very unprofessional and extremely disappointing. I\'ll probably find me another service provider. " Rui Reis

Dear Rui Reis, I understand you, but please understand me as well, that our service has certain limitations. Your shipment was oversized, without packaging for further transport. This product is listed in the prohibited items, which we are not able to ship. I wrote to you by e-mail within 5 minutes after the departure of your shipment. The seller is obliged to return the money when you withdraw from the contract. Tell me his e-mail, please, if there is a problem with the seller. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„First of all: I RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE!! I Just did my first shipping forward from Had a Smartwatch sent from Amazon and forwarded to Denmark. Smartwatch was sent from Amazon Monday night, received at Mailboxde the next day around 11 in the morning. I got an e-mail with package informations from Mailboxde 30 minutes after they received the package, and made my shipping forwarding order immediately, and it was sent to Denmark with UPS later that same day. Everything just went smooth, informations were fast, and this was just way better than I had expected - and the prices are great!! I\'d definitely use this service again in the future to buy products from German webshops that doesn\'t ship international." Kenneth Thomsen

„Will packages received before 14:00 be shipped out the same day, if shipping has been chosen and paid for immediately?" Answer:

Dear Kenneth, Most shipments confirmed to 2 PM are shipped the same day (valid for UPS, Czech Post, Geis, EMS). Shipments outside the EU are shipped the same or next business day. Deutsche Post is picked up and processed earlier. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Hello When I try to send you a e-mail it gives this error: 550 Recipient verification problem Do I need to go through verification or can I start using the service straight after registration? Thank you" Jonathan

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