User Experience

„Very good, it could be little bit faster but it's ok...“ kale_bbb

„Excellent customers service (many thanks to Lucie), great prices, fast and reliable shipping. However, the website could be better organized.“ Ivana

„I love Fast, reliable service and excellent customer service. Every timeI have question, they answer my mail immediatelly and advice me on how to proceed. Strongly reccomede“ Lidija

„Simple procedure, very fast shipping“ Jeroen Kooistra

„I had a problem where the seller didn't include my name and ID number, so my package wasn't going to be processed, but after e-mailing mailbox about my package they (Ondrej Krabs himself) made sure I get it and sure enough next day it was on the way. Can't recommend them enough.“ J. Bešić, Slovenia

„Although it has been a littly tricky (the sender didn't write the complete address down and it made longer to trace my item; the product was quite fragile and it needed to be re-packed in order to be more protected during the forward delivery) evething in the end worked fine and thanks to the willingness and professionalism of I could have delivered in Italy a product otherwise unavailable on the Italian market. Thank you“ Michele - Trieste, Italy

„Recently i ordered a phone from Mediamarkt to be delivered to Croatia. I made a mistake with my account so very proffesional support helped me resolve my issues and my phone was delivered in a couple of days. Also, everything else went very smoothly and easy. Thank you and I will surely use this again!“ Aleksandar

„I wanted to order a package that contained a battery from Amazon, but they would not ship to me in Sweden. I looked around and found this site. A quick email to support and they confirmed they could ship batteries, and what carriers were allowed. I registered here, placed my order on and waited. Mailboxde received the shipment and it was on the website in around 40min, very very fast. I paid the shipping and handling fee and my package was away another 30min later. Arrived to me without any issues what so ever. Amazing site and service, thank you so much.“ John N

„Hi, Just curious where can I find a list of what you actually ship because I think that list may be far more concise given that the list of goods you don't ship has around 50 categories, not even individual items meaning that the number of things you actually ship must be fairly small and so it might be a better idea making a list of those such items“ T. Ryan

„I'm so pleased to have found this service, the parcels arrive in great condition and notifications are very prompt. So easy to use, and I find the postage quite reasonably priced and the number of options for postage is great. I think I will be using it a lot in future! Thanks heaps from Australia!“ Lea In Australia

„5 STARS!!! So far so good ...In my case - excellent (used your service 3 times so far)!!! When ordering over there are some sellers who don't send items to Slovenia - in this case is the excellent choice. Most of the purchases the shippment to is free of charge (via Deutsche Post or DHL) and delivered the working day. The staff at was in my opinion very helpfull when I wanted to return the product before it was dispached to me - it all went so smooth! If I may I will suggest perhaps wider choice of shipping companies (maybe DHL, DPD,...) cause in Slovenia GLS (which is really the cheapest one) is really shit. Of course GLS has nothing with you, or maybe in Czech or Germany is probably better Slovenia is terrible. If you can't provide more options for different services (like I said DHL, DPD, Post,...). Keep up the good work team!“ Andrej

„So. Bad service for now. During the registration on the site it seems that I have not put my address. Ok, what is the problem, they will notice. But no, they ship the same, the goods come back to them and I have to pay a second shipment. The tracking links are broken or not working. German precision but where?“ Alberto

Dear Alberto, In your order, only the number was entered in the street field. We have then informed you that the shipment has been shipped. Five days later you wrote to us that Poste Italiane would deliver your shipment to another address. In the meantime the shipment was returned. Change of address is not possible for international mail. This was also confirmed to me by the Italian Post Office. I stand by our staff in this case and I told them in advance that you will probably write us a bad review. You would act in my place as well. Yours sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

Alberto wrote:

And dont you see that street or Place Is missing before shipping? You have some problems with forms to complete on the web. Regards Alberto


Dear Alberto, We can try to improve this form. Thank you for your feedback. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„After more than 30 days the package is not yet arrived. They told me on 04.10.2019 to wait one more week and to contact them if the item does not reach my country. Indeed I send them an email last week and this Monday 21.10.2019 that the item that is shipped on 17.09.2019 is still not received and i send them 4 more mails but still did not get any response. Awful experience sadly. The package was insured but no one is replying on my mails to start the investigation or the refund process.“ Ivan

Dear Ivan, I apologize to you. We have not received any message regarding your shipment from the Czech Post yet. Am I able to buy this product somewhere in your country, please? To speed up the delivery. You wrote that the product is important for your studies. I'm sorry. PS: the colleague handling the complaint is ill, please contact me via e-mail [email protected]. Yours Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

Due to damaged packaging, the shipment was stopped at the post office. The inside of the shipment was not damaged and subsequently delivered. Thank you for your cooperation in resolving this issue.

„Really satisfied with service and fast forwarding! I needed an item that can't be directly delivered from Germany to Croatia, and found a way to get it with an excellent price. Thank you.“ Gabrijel

„How much cost consolidation of 2 packages into one? I can't find the price anywhere. So far I know it cost 3 euros to ask for it, few euros for the box, and something for the operation cost (should be less than 12.5 euros as it is the cost the the 1 year service). Without clear pricing, I actually have no way to know if it will be cheaper to consolidate both shipment, compare to forwarding them each individually.“ Ben

Dear Ben, You pay in this case: 2 x processing fee (for handling your shipment) + 3 EUR (one time consolidation) + material (the cardboard box) + postage (according to the weight of the consolidated shipment). If you want, email me the weights dimensions and the destination country and I will make the price estimation of the consolidation. Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„Highly recommend mailboxde to anyone looking for affordable and fast shipping from Europe. A great experience everytime, a big thank you from Canada to the whole team, from the CEO Ondrej Krabs to the employees in the warehouse.“ Hamed Sayed-Zada

„I am disappointed with the service. First of all, I have made a request to change shipping address, which was not done. The shipping went to the wrong recipient. Second, the request to put extra packaging was not fulfilled (no confirmation report about fulfilment of request has come). Third, the whole process of consolidation is not convenient (you cannot choose what to consolidate on the web site and whether to keep packaging or not. It is done as a special request and it is not convenient). Fourth, the company does not remove invoices and price tags when ships outside EU. Fifth, you do not see photos of packages that come to your box and do not see consolidation process (this is to be paid). Finally, you cannot store things for couple months in your mailbox for free. Overall expensive and not developed enough. I will switch to in Austria that provides all these service.“ Anar Omarova

„I looked at the list of goods are not transported by mailboxde (banned goods), and I just wonder what is legal to be transported via this service. Can you give an example? It looks EU is not one market as we think it is.“ Michal

Dear Michal,

We want to ensure the mail is safe for everyone. Many everyday items, such as aerosols, nail varnish and perfumes are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation. The customer is responsible for checking whether or not an item is prohibited or restricted. In addition, a number of countries and international organisations impose certain restrictions, also known as sanctions, on what you can send to certain individuals, organisations or countries.

Another thing is excise duty - states that have the highest excise duties on tobacco and alcohol, logically want their citizens to buy goods in their country and maximize excise tax collection (a pack of Marlboro cigarettes in the UK costs on average of 11.31 euros, in Germany 6,40 EUR, in the Czech Republic 3,86 EUR). Therefore, while these states allow the cross-border carriage of goods (within a certain limit), which citizens have bought and transported by themselves, they do not allow them to be transported by a hired carrier without payment of excise duty - they would require the recipient to pay excise duty at the place of delivery (according to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of 23 November 2006 - last paragraph in the text, language can be changed in the heading). Transporting these consignments is administratively very demanding, so please feel free to always contact us and we will discuss in advance whether we can process your goods.

Thank you for your undestanding.

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„„I have used Mailboxde a few times now, always excellent, quick service. Excellent personalised service at a very good price. Thank you.““ Mirko from Croatia

„Could not recharge my account via paypal, the system told me to use bank transfer, which will take 1-3 days longer. Is there some limitation as to who can use paypal, or is it down for everybody ?“ Tadej

Dear Tadej, The payment via PayPal is allowed. Your identity has been verified by the bank. transfer. In some cases, the system wants to verify this identity first. Thank you for your cooperation. Best regards, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Very good customer support, and really fast parcel forwarding to Hungary with acceptable prices. I am very satisfied.“ P.Sz.

„I'm with MailboxDe for 3 years now and had them forward 10 shipments so far. I've been more than happy with their services and response time to all of my inquiries. Ondrej, Lucie, Jan, and the rest of the team are doing great work!“ Mario

„Fast and reliable. I'm very satisfied. Will certainly use your service again, should the need arise. Thank you!“ Regina from Estonia

„It was very unpleasant experience. I will delete my account as soon as possible. Costs were higher that I was told. Avoid this proxy.“ Andrzej

Dear Andrzej, Our fee will be refunded. You have the right to withdraw from the contract. We offered the service to consolidate shipments for the price of packaging materials in Germany in the first four years. It was only feasible to a certain volume of shipments. The employees have monthly worked maximum hours allowed by the law and we still needed to employ more, just for consolidation of shipments. When calculating the German wages and counting to it the 30% of extra pay for night work I found out that the company can´t afford to hire more employees and we have to make radical changes. When I was returning home at 7 Am after finishing the consolidation of all packages, I decided that for the sake of speeding up the process and even for getting a possibility of hiring other colleagues for these activities we will have to introduce an annual fee. Your account will be deleted on 15. 9. 2019 for accounting reasons. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

Andrzej wrote:
I'm not mad that you took more money, I'm mad because I was told a LIE that 3 Euro is the cost of consolidation that would make it possible to send 2 packages as 1. And that's not TRUE. Sending 3 or 4 mails with the same info doesn't make me feel less cheated. I don't want to use your proxy ever again. Kind regards, Andrzej

Dear Andrzej, Yes, this is our fault and I apologize for not emphasizing and explaining it. I will inform my colleagues. I strongly apologize to you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I`m very satisfied with your service, comunicaion and how fast you are giving required information. All the best! Keep doing great job :)“ Silvija, Croatia

„Bought some computer parts from Germany, Registered mailbox in this company, then just ordered parts into my locker. Bought a shipment and they delivered it into northern Finland. Easy as that, it took only 8 working days (2weeks). Very fast and cheap. I recommend to use this service. :)“ Joel.H

„Very smooth and fast delivery process without issues, just great service! Highly recommended! :)“ VU, Finland

„Other than having a three day delay in the processing of my package, everything went smoothly. Support was kind and fast in resolving the problem, will be using your services again.“ Anonymous

„After registration, you cannot log in. The username and password are confirmed correctly, indicating that the account email and password do not match. The same is true for sending a new password via email.“ LC

Dear Sir or Madam, Can you try another internet browser, please? Can you contact me via email [email protected], please? Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I've used for a while now, and their service is prompt and excellent. Thank you!“ Bernard, Croatia

„nulla da dire ; tutto a gonfie vele spedizione veloce senza problemi , merce perfetta 10 e lode al corriere“ brunello

„Superfast processing and shipping (5 business days) to Canada! I highly recommend Mailboxde and would not hesitate to use them again in the future!“ GE, Canada

„Super, highly professional service! Use it frequently and can only recommend!“ Dag G. Skibbereen ireland

„Hallo, bitte löschen Sie mein Profil, da ich es versehentlich registriert habe. Ich brauchte eine E-Mail-Adresse, um meinen Lebenslauf an den Arbeitgeber zu senden, nicht an einen E-Mail-Dienst.“ Random

„Used this site for the first time and everything was very quick and hassle free. They provided detailed instructions for everything. This will definitely be my go-to place from now on.“ Erik

„I have used Mailboxde a few times now, always excellent, quick service. Excellent personalised service at a very good price. Definitely the best forwarding company I've dealt with worldwide. Thank you.“ Gary Fuller - South Africa

„Great service. Consolidation works perfectly and so far there has been 0 issues with getting packages to Estonia. I use this service mostly to get packages from and with Amazon prime delivered with reduced cost to my country.“ Rainer

„Best service. Shipment arrive on time. Fair shipping cost. Thank you“ totto

„Hola! Quiero pedir un robot de cocina,de una página que solo vende en Alemania,y yo estoy en España. Me han dicho que lo puedo hacer por medio de esta agencia. Cómo lo tengo que hacer? Gracias“ Patricia


„Is it possible to have you deliver a laptop battery (Li-ion), < 1 kg? I saw it is prohibited, but I also saw that you could deliver it via UPS. I need to make sure you can deliver before I order, so please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.“ A. Wong

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for letting us to know in advance. Deutsche Post, Czech Post banned shipping by air anything containing a lithium battery. Shipment with lithium battery up to 5 kg can be sent via UPS (see UPS instructions). We can send your laptop battery with UPS or GLS. For further question do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Jan, GmbH

„my parcel have been delivered to you a week ago since then im still waiting for it to receive email about it. iv sent to you countless emails with invoice,tacking number and your not responding. the minimum you can do is response in an email. i have an very expensive package and i dont a clue whats going it on with it. i need to know where is my package.“ roei

Dear Sir, We received this shipment but there was not your name nor your ID Nr. The content of the shipment is a flammable substance. These goods are forbidden for further transport. Unfortunately, we have to send it back to the sender. Please provide us the free return label or do not hesitate to contact us how to solve this problem. Thank you in advance, Lucie, GmbH

„10/10 I have been using the services of Mailboxde for about a year or two now and I am really satisfied. Normally I am lazy to write reviews but after my recent experience I really must praise this company. A valuable package got lost after it was handed to a certain delivery service for a return to the seller and neither that service nor the seller would help me out (even though the delivery service in question is the seller's contract partner). I don't live in Germany so there was little I could do from home. Mailboxde went out of their way to help me prove that the package was lost by providing me with necessary documents, information and even contacting the delivery service. I was so pleasantly surprised by their help and patience because that kind of customer support is really rare in this fast age. It is so nice to see a big successful company keeping their human aspect. I am thankful to the employees for all their efforts and I wish the company many more successful business years! :)“ Leona

„After comparing several parcel forwarding services I decided to use mailboxde. Using the services of mailboxde was a very nice experience, fast delivery and excellent followup. Will use again.“ Andy

„This was my first experience with a mail forwarding service, and I'm very happy that I used Mailboxde. They offer reasonable prices compared to other similar services that I've come across, and they guide you with clear instructions through every step. My package was delivered to Mailboxde on Friday, and I got the e-mail to confirm my order and shipment on the next working day (Monday morning). The delivery was sent my way on Tuesday. Even though it's not always handled on the same day (and unfortunately I had the weekend in between), I am still content with the swiftness of their service.“ Lizzy, The Netherlands

„First time using service - everything worked as promised. Package was shipped in 1 workday. 10/10.“ A.K. / Finland

„I've learned that with a little patience, these guys do amazing things. Below you'll see my frustrated comment. And you'll also see a quick and helpful response from Ondrej. I should have been more patient. Yes, the staff were a little slow to get back to me, and Ondrej apologised for that. But when they did they continued to be courteous, helpful, and friendly. Sometimes things don't happen as quickly as we would like, and in this case I wish I'd been more patient and I am thankful that Ondrej and his team are more patient with me, than I was with them. And I have to say, I received my package today and could NOT BE HAPPIER with There online tools make it easy to provide what is needed and their staff are great and speak/write in English perfectly (this helps people like me who are terrible with languages, no matter how hard I try). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE if you are trying to order goods from Europe and can't get them sent to you. They are NOT EXPENSIVE and make it easy to use. Again, I can't thank Ondrej Krabs and the team enough and have learned a good lesson in patience. I will MOST CERTAINLY be using you guys again and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!!!!!“ August Simonelli

„Hello I have reloaded my account but I am blocked I have no link to confirm and send the package I do not understand anything, how to do ???“ xav

Hello, Your shipment will be sent today. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I ordered a package on December 7th and chose a shipping option that had a maximum listed time of 20 days. After not receiving the package at the stated time I began emailing support. Now, at 30 business days after my order, after multiple unanswered emails, I have just been informed that it will take *eight* to *ten* weeks for my complaint to be processed. I understand that international shipping can come with bureaucracy, but I'm having a hard time rationalizing paying for this service when it might honestly have been faster for me to build a boat, sail across the Atlantic, and buy my item from the store itself.“ Nik B. - United States

Dear Nik, I have refunded our processing fees to your PayPal account. I am sorry for this situation. I will check the tracking. You will be notified as soon as we receive new information. Of course I understand you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„You've had my package and money for quite a few days now and have not answered a single email. I'm starting to wonder if this is a scam or not. I don't want it to be, but your lack of response once you have my money, compared to your very good responsiveness prior to getting my money says a lot. It's a shame, and I hope I'm wrong. Please reply. I shouldn't have to resort to public forums.“ August Simonelli

Dear Mr. Simonelli, I strongly apologize to you for the waiting. Your customs documents (documents showing the value) are not visible or the file is corrupt. Can you send me a new PDF via e-mail to [email protected], please? The warehouse is closed at weekends and I am able to check your shipment on monday. However, the problem is with us, colleagues must respond earlier in these cases. I have refunded our processing fees. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

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