User Experience

„Amazing service! The parcel was processed 30 minutes after it arrvived to the warehouse. It was also shipped out to me on the same day. Perfect! Thank you very much.“ S.M, The Netherlands

„Awesome service! They managed a complex triangular shipment easily, quickly and economically. During the shipment I had immediate and adequate information. Thanks a lot!“ M.P., Athens

„A very reliable and fast service. They have successfully located a lost parcel which was caused by a sender not writing myt ID correctly. Very quick to respond to support requests. They also do not unpack your goods, which is a big plus for me when dealing with sensitive electronics. I find mailboxde to be far superior to the main alternative MyGermany.“ Josh Jameson, Ireland

„So far so good. I was not in a hurry to receive my package, but all went well. Waiting next one to be received and delivered. 10!“ Lauric

„Good job.“ Ya

„Package 23077850 not delivered after 19 days.“ V.

„A terrible experience. There was a problem with the logistics company and to this day I do not have an answer from him. The last email I have from them is from April 16th, even though I have sent them 3 more emails asking about the status of my claim. No response from any of them. I did not want to have to put a bad review, but honestly I have no other options. I wish I could say that the customer service has been very good but I can not.“ Elena C.

Dear Elena,

I'm sorry that the problem with your shipment has been resolved longer. I read your communication with my colleague. In the last report, you said that the issue had already been resolved with the seller. Can I ask you if everything has really been resolved?

Yours sincerely,

Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„The sent parcel 23077850 lies in Germany for 15 days.“ V.

„perfect service“ Edon Thaqi

„Absolutely fantastic service, multiple shipping options and great customer service. I cannot recommend highly enough!Makes buying in Germany and shipping to New Zealand a breeze.“ R. Williams, NZ

„trying to buy monsieur cuisine from the German Lidl website, I discovered this service, which was truly fantastic: I was followed step by step in the creation of my box and in the instructions for use, in just 3 days I received the package with a precise tracking service. I absolutely recommend it“ Andrea Spanu , Genova Italy

„Horrible service does not cooperate with customers. Decided to return my package without my permission. Does not provide enough ways to verify your identity. Absolutely terrible, I will not be using them in the future and will make sure that others dont use them either.“ Gabrielius

„I am a new user of mailbox services. The delivery service to Croatia was used 3 times. all perfect in about 3 days. my recommendations“ D.

„U godini dana realizirao 7 narudžbi, sve bilo super, uključivo i Hrvatsku poštu. All the best, recommendation.“ Drago, Croatia

„I had a discount for my laptop and when I tried to fill out customs declaration I got a warning and all of my shipments(x5) was rejected and returned to sellers. I got an email where support said me that he will send me a return documents within a several hours. So after 4 days I still not received anything and I just think that this service trying to steal peoples shipments.“ Name

„Un servicio de 10, te das de alta no te cobran nada, te dan una dirección en Alemania, compras en la empresa que quieras, y le pones la dirección con tu ID que te ha pasado mailboxde, luego cuando el paquete llega a mailboxde te avisan, te dicen lo que cuesta enviarlo a tu dirección de España, pagas y te lo envíen. Si tienes cualquier duda te la resuelven y además muy rápido. Les doy un 10, y por supuesto la recomiendo.“ Alberto Crespo - España / Spain

„I am very content with the service, it is fast and reliable! So far this is the best option for me to order/receive things that are only delivered in Germany“ Dare, Romania

„Ich habe eine Sendung mit Ihrer Postanschrift angefordert. Der für DHL zuständige Kurier hat mein Paket bei der nahe gelegenen KUCERA abgegeben. Durch Überprüfen meiner Mailboxde wird sie noch nicht empfangen. Sollte ich denken, dass ich das Paket verloren habe?“ Giuseppe ITALIA

Sehr geehrter Herr Giuseppe, kann ich Si um Ihre Sendungsnummer bitten? Senden Sie uns die Nummer per E-Mail, bitte. Können Sie noch eine Rechnung oder Bestellung vom Absender beifügen, bitte? Danke. Mit freundlcihen Grüßen Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I messed up and didnt mentioned the Mailboxde in the adress line. Im trying to let the company change it but i dont know if im in time. Ive mentioned my name customer id on the adress line. Will there be issues?“ Stefan, Holland

„Hp Store Germany is refusing me a refund of 1300 euros (14 days right of withdrawal) because they say that Mailboxde is my company or that I am an employee of Mailboxde and therefore it is not due. In the invoice they(Hp Store Germany) put *Mailboxde* in the *company space* without consulting me, while I had put *Mailboxde* in *name space* as a processor. Can you help me by talking to them? I have the right to withdraw, they cannot deny it to me!“ A.G.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please write them a solemn declaration or contact your legal representative. Explain that the delivery is to the Parcel Station, you can inform HP of our company's postal license number: L 4376 and that the parcels delivered to the DHL Packstation are also not for DHL employees, but for private individuals. Alternatively, check your Billing address if you have used your billing address identical to your home address. Based on the EU Geoblock Regulation, HP is required to provide you with this address.

You can forward this message.


Ondrej Krabs GmbH

„Local post where I live (Hrvatska Posta) does not work, and most likely never will. I have been using Mailboxde service for more than seven years now. Always accurate, always on time. Good customer support too.“ Josip

„One of the best services for Europe.“ Darko

„Very fast service! Big recomendation!“ N. V., HR-Zagreb

„Excellent service, easy process, good prices, fast and smooth delivery“ Vaios Adamakis

„servicio muy profesional,envio a diario paquetes y estoy sorprendido, lo recomiendo totalmente“ jose maria sanchez

„Great service and very transparent, in a post Brexit world would definitely use again for delivery forwarding.“ Peter Fitzsimons

„All went smooth and fine. Shipment successfully arrived before the expected time in Italy. Thanks for your great service!“ Ruggero Farnetani

„Prvi puta koristim uslugu prosljeđivanja paketa. Usluga je odlična! Paket je stigao brzo i u savršenom stanju.“ Mladen Lj., Zagreb, Hrvatska

„Perfect! The service was fast and smooth! The interface is very friendly and when I had a doubt about the shipment, the costumer service attend it fast and efficiently. I will use the service again“ Camilo P., Denmark.

„I am honestly blown away with the professional service malboxde provides. Their service is fast, every step is transparent and followed with detailed reports. It is simple, safe, fast and it works like a charm. Thanks!“ Andro

„Great service.I have been using for already 2 years and cannot recommend them more. No issues so far, no lost shipments or packages. Fast processing and transparent pricing. I would only recommend having an additional service fee level between 5 and 10kg, as often my packages were 5.5 or 5.2 kg and I had to pay 10kg processing fee.“ Antonio Pappo

„Depending on the shipping carrier, it can be awful. Did not get my packet. From Germany to Slovenia is never a month long trip for a packet of any shipping. I still have not gotten it and do not know, if I ever will. The goods were worth 200 euros.“ Metod

„great service, everything as expected, very satisfied, can only recommend“ tomazpog

„The only kindle available was one on with ads that only shipped to Germany. Thanks to mailboxde I could have it easily forwarded. The service is fast and efficient and reasonably priced with plenty of shipping options.“ Rick H

„All went fine. Shipment successfully arrived in time in Italy. Thanks for your great service!“ Aaron F.

„I have ordered Kindle Oasis from Amazon ( which is not sent to Poland ) via In the same day I have orederd case for this divice. Kindel via mialboxde arrived after 2 days for case sent directly from Amazon to me in Poland I had to wait 5 more days. mailboxde guys congratulation for the service, also the price is fantastic value for money.“ Piotr Poland Warsaw

„So far (after 10 shipments) everything works like a charm!“ Marin V. Dubrovnik, Croatia

„I have a very good experience with this profesional team! My review about them is: 10Stars plus....“ AlexT From Romania

„The item arrived in 2 days from Germany to Italy. Perfect service and help to the customer. They helped me even if i forgot to put GmbH and my ID in the address. Thank you!“ Paolo M., Bergamo

„good servis love it and ido it agen“ mina bakinovsky

„Thanks for making it possible Mailboxde. I was trying to buy hobby items on, but was having difficulty at times finding what I was looking for. Mailboxde helped me solve three issues. One was to provide a German shipping address so that I could have items purchased on shipped to Germany, as a few sellers were not shipping to North America. Second, I paid much lower shipping costs to have items shipped within Germany, rather than to North America. With a limited budget, I could now afford items that previously with shipping costs were too expensive for me to buy. Third was that packages from different sellers could now be consolidated and shipped to Canada at a combined cost. I have been using Mailboxde for a few months. The Mailboxde system and links were easy enough to use. Consolidated items all arrived in excellent condition. The prices for the services being done by Mailboxde are reasonable. The Mailboxde team have been very helpful with me, and my packages.“ Many thanks. Deryk, Canada

„I tried the service for the first time, and I must say that it has been excellent, the package was in perfect condition and the shipment has been received according to the expected date. The customers service has been excellent too, many thanks to Lucie.“ Michele

„Mailboxde service was amazing, package shipped out on monday (or tuesday can`t remember) got it on friday. GLS from Germany to Croatia. Can recommend to everyone. Thanks guys :) You definitely get a repeat customer by this!“ Roberto Anic Banic, Croatia,

„Wszystko OK. Obsługa szybka i profesjonalna.“ lrog

„Mailboxde services sure came in handy while processing my packages An easy affordable way to get things done and be happy from it at the very end Not to mention the support very polite yet professional approach towards the customer Do NOT wait JUST DO IT“ Kamil

„First time using this service from Denmark. The website is a little old school, but everything went smooth. Instant emails as soon as the packages arrived and the packages were forwarded the same day. Really satisfied with the experience and I will use this service.“ Jeppe Leth, Denmark

„Wonderful experience!! I was a bit hesitant using a service like this for the first time, but everything went very smoothly and worked better than expected. From setting up my account and having an item sent to the the company`s office, to receiving updates about the status of my shipment and the speed at which it was dispatched, everything was perfect. The price for the service was also unbeatable. Thanks so much for you help. I hope to use you again in the future!“ Ross - Helsinki, Finland

„Quality service, fast customer support! 6 stars out of 5 :)“ Marcel, Slovenia

„Packet delivered to Romania faster than Amazon delivery. Excellent service!“ Bogdan

„3 weeks and my package hasnt left Germany yet. Id like an explanation at this point considering I was charged 45 eur for the shipping whereas I usually pay around 25 and it arrives in 2-3 weeks time, considering my local post serivce is the one that takes longer to delay my package delivery.“ Battousai

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