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„I was told by support last week I\'d hear some feedback on Monday about my situation. It\'s Thursday now and I\'ve heard nothing. You can read about my problem with mailboxde a few posts below this. " Ian Hoare

„Hi, shipment is stuck for more than 36 hrs as \"ready to send\"" toms pl

Dear Sir, Shipment was returned to OTTO (Shipment number: 00340433836326261877). We have refunded your money. Contact the seller, please. Shipments handed to the Forwarder and Collection Depot cannot contain following items: y) Shipment which was not paid for properly. In the case the Forwarder is informed that the shipment has not been paid yet, the Customer is given a 5 days deadline for explanation, remedy and payment via bank account. ... If the debt is not paid, the unpaid shipment is sent back to the Sender. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„My first order through mailboxde was perfect - really fast. The second is far from that: although is January, and the christmas season is over, it took almost a day for the packages to appear in my received shipments, and one more day went by, but my packages are still not consolidated. I also haven\'t received any reply to my e-mail. Is everything all right with my orders, should I wait more?" Csaba Kiss

„Thanks for the forwarding from to Belgium, perfect service !" Jean-Louis

„On the 02/12/2014 I registered with your website. On the 16/12/2014 your warehouse received my package from London. I paid to have my package shipped to Ireland with Deutsche Post Weltpaket - Priority, Insurance up to 500 EUR. Before it was shipped I asked your customer support to put my city on my billing address as it was not appearing for some reason. The mail address was ok. I was told my address had been updated. My package was shipped on 17/12/2014. On the 21/12/2014 the package arrived at the mail sorting center in Ireland. It stayed there until the 28/12/2014 and it was sent back to Germany. I was informed by DHL and An Post (Irish postal service) that there was incomplete address information on the package. As of now, I don\'t know where my package is. As it has been returned to mailboxde, I believe it is your duty to inform me when you receive my parcel. I would also like to know the details of the 500 EUR insurance I purchased in the event I do not receive my package. Preferably I would like to have my package resent to my proper address. Ian Hoare I sent this to your support staff before shipment and I was told it was corrected. I have been in contact with your support before the New Year and after I sent them evidence that I asked for my address to be corrected before shipment they have stopped replying to me. I\'m sure this is a very busy time of year for mailboxde but this is a very important package and I am trying very hard not to get angry about this situation. Therefore I am contacting you here for a quick resolution to this. I am looking forward to your quick reply." Ian Hoare

Dear Mr. Hoare, I have checked the e-mail and you are right, the mistake is on our side. I strongly apologize to you. We will refund your shipping costs. We will inform you about the returned shipment. I am sorry. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Dear, I have emailed my enquiry below but I am also posting it here in case someone may have overlooked it, though I understand that it is the festive season and it is very busy there at I am your customer with mailbox no. 27464 and I have a question regarding total shipping fee of consolidated items. I have asked for 3 items of mine currently in your warehouse to be consolidated before being sent to Malaysia. The weight of each item are 0.33 kg, 0.245 kg, and 0.38 kg. The total weight (if my calculation is correct) is just a little bit below 1.00 kg. (0.955 kg) However, when I received an email alert of my items already consolidated and went to check on your website, the postage fee (selected carrier: Deutsche Post - Small Package, Insurance up to 35 EUR) itself is 22.79 EUR. May I know why am I charged this fee? Is it because the weight of the Groupage box + total weight of the 3 items has exceeded 1.00 kg, and therefore I am charged a postage fee for total item weight of below 2.00 kg? Curiously enough, the fee for that is EUR 19.15, as stated on your website: . Furthermore, if the total weight is still below 1.00kg (and if my understanding is correct), the postage fee (not including other extras) should be between EUR 9.15 to EUR 15.15, depending on my selection. Hope to receive your explanation (including the detailed breakdown of costs) regarding this matter. Thank you." Firdaus S., Malaysia

Dear Mr. Shahbudin, I am writting regarding the pricing of our services and the pricing of our postage. Your consolidated box contains the weight of the box for consolidation (Total weight with your packages is 1,43 Kg). Our system shows all prices incl. VAT. However our prices for shipments outside the EU are exempted from VAT. The deducted VAT is visible on your Forwarding order (last item the "Differences in VAT rates" with the minus sign). The total cost for postage is really 19,15 EUR (22,79 EUR - 19% VAT = 19,15 EUR). We know that this is quite confusing for our customers and we will work on more user-friendly solution. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova,

„I have emailed several times to change my postal code that I have entered wrongly, only to receive no reply. Furthermore, I made the effort to make an overseas phone call and the person at the hotline was unable to assist me with my request. Very slow and disappointing service." James

„Dear Mr Krabs, could You look at my shipment please? I would really, really appreciate it if You would send it before 17:00 today. I know it isn\'t Your duty at all, but I would really like to get my package before weekend (UPS declares it\'s possible if package is sent before 17:00 today). Sorry for taking Your time, and I appreciate Your services. Shipment no: 22224416" Szymon, Cracow

„A very good morning to all of you. In brief and regarding my shipment (22224040) delivered to my mailbox (30324), I have paid via PayPal (Transaction ID: 8W112460E8997754R) and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount (as it usually happens with payments via PayPal). As a result the funds are not showing in the relevant credit field and thus I cannot proceed further with the sent process. Furthermore, although I have already communicated this issue via your service mail, I haven’t received any response yet. I truly understand that Mailboxde has to deal with an enormous shipment demand since we are already in Christmas season and I certainly consider this issue as an exception to your excellent services. However, is it possible to verify my deposit via the PayPal so as to be able to initiate the sent process? In any case please forgive me for being impatient concerning my shipment. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Wish Happy Christmas to all of you." Dimitrios Papakostas, Athens - Greece

Dear Mr. Papakostas, I strongly apologize to you for this error. We have recharged your credit and there was 1,50 EUR added as a discount. We wish happy Christmas to you and thank you for your feedback! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Everything went OK. I received my package fairy quick. 10/10 would recomend." Lukasz, Poland

„Hello. I am using this company for several monthes now. It is just so great!! Very good customer service! Nice web interface great communication! Very responsible staff all i can say is 100% perfect." mike p. israel

„I ask for consolidate 4 packages in one XL box. Total weight 4,23 kg. Why it cost 11,45 EUR? When I reading Your pricelist, I understood that I would pay EUR 3.55 for the consolidation of the XL packet and EUR 3.90 \"fee for processing\" packet up to 5 kg. So that should be 7,45 Eur + postage. Shipment nr 22222490." MarekW.

Dear Marek, For consolidated shipments each item, a groupage box and one postage is charged. These conditions can be found in our pricelist of services (marked red). Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Everything perfect. Two Kindles recieved from sent to Denmark. It took about a working day from Amazon reported it delivered to Mailboxde had sent it with UPS as ordered. Can\'t ask for more than that. :D" Rene - Denmark

„Seems to be a 50/50 chance Mailboxde will forward your goods to the UK. Communication also leaves a lot to be desired. I don\'t think I\'ll be recommending this service to anyone." Steve

Dear Steve, Your package was refused - we do not receive TVs because our carriers do not support their transportation. It is very risky for our customers. Therefore we have decided to refuse all TVs (complete list of prohibited goods can be found on our website). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Very good and timely services. Will definitely use again." Victor

„Where\'s my package? It says it\'s in destination country but I have not received anything yet?" Samuel

Dear Samuel, I apologize to you, all registered shipments to the USA are delayed before Christmas. We will claim your package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Fast service, low fees, 100% recommend! " Pablo

„The package Shipment 22215471 (tracking RR959262010CZ )supposed to be delivered in 9 business days, but so far (10 business days passed), the package has not even show up in USPS system to deliver!Where is my package?" Ms Gao

Dear Ms Gao, I apologize to you, all registered shipments to the USA are delayed before Christmas. We will claim your package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„Perfect. Thank You" WojciechW

„Excellent cooperation !!! Rapid dispatch, everything perfectly and without any problems." Jacek, Poland

„Guys, You are incredible, fast, reliable, correcting my errors (apologies for messing up). Higly recomended company and services, I will get back to you for sure." PawelN

„Second time using this service from Germany to USA - fast and flawless, thank you!" Debbie, USA

„Everything was just perfect. Express shipment, responses to every question. I recomend." Jakub, Myszków

„Hi, package is stuck in ready to ship for 2 days. Contacted support to change shipping but no response." Roderick Micallef

Dear Mr. Micallef, Your shipment was delayed due to public holiday in Germany (in Sachsen). Our warehouse was closed. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,

„I\'ve got Feedback from \"Dear Filip, I was in the Czech Republic today in Geis because of your shipment. Your package was found in Prag and should be sent to your country today. We apologize to you for the delay. We will refund our fee. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs\" Thanks Ondrej for your effort! Greetings!" Filip, Poland

„ok, so I wrote two mails to you, My package 90619730847 was received at depot 11/12/2014 5:57 PM. Then it was missorted at 11/13/2014, I wrote a mail to - no response. At the next day 11/13/2014 3:53 PM it was received at depot again. Still no feedback from Since then the Status is the same, I wrote next mail to - still no feedback. Dear, maybe if I send You the message here, You will response. Thanks in Advance" Filip, Poland

„Great! Got my package in 2 days from warehouse." Konrad, Poland

„Great service, great deal ! I\'ve been able to order the new amazon Kindle Voyage (unavailable in France) through and have shipped to Paris. Thank you so much !" Marion, France

„I got 5 packages during 2 weeks, put them in a bigger package then forwarded them with UPS. Everything was intact. Good services overall, just as advertised." Marius B., Romania

„Excellent service. I will certainly use it again. The package arrived safely. I only wish there was an option for faster shipping to Greece." Christos Avgoust.


„Good job! You guys consolidated and repacked my items, several jackets, really carefully. They put an extra piece of cardboard on the top of box; I think it really prevent someone from cutting the jackets when opening the box. Thanks a lot!“
Shawn, Taiwan

„Great! I am happy with the service mailboxde. The consignment was delivered quickly and most importantly intact." Adrian Poland


„Great contact, quick shipment, fair prices. I can recommend MailboxDE!“


„Hi, shipment no 22207624 is stucked for more than 24hrs as "ready to send". I have paid through paypal“
Eric Poland

Dear Eric, Your package has been shipped next working day after the confirmation of your Forwarding order. Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail for further details. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,


„Hi, I sent money to my account yesterday and mine bank shows that its done but your system doesnt What should i do?“
Otas M. Lithuania

Dear Otas, Your money should arrive to our bank account within 1-2 working days, once your bank has confirmed the transfer. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,


„Hi, shipment no 22207640 is stucked for more than 36hrs as "ready to send". I have pay through paypal for a prompt UPS service.“
Michail M. Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Dear Michail, Your shipment has been rejected in "UPS Standard" mode because of the place of delivery (Island). We will send your package today with UPS Express Saver. Your package should arrive sooner. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,


„Excellent service. I purchased an item from Germany (via and the process was just as described. Shipping was prompt and the item was just as I expected it. Thank you!!“
California, United States


„ Hi, I've received my package today, & I must say that the overall experience is really great actually! It's just that I chose the wrong shipping option. My bad. I really look forward to using your services again in the very near future. Highly recommended. This is gonna be my permanent shipping service. Mr. Krabs actually assisted me almost throughout. Thanks so much & kind regards.“
Fairoz Samil, Singapore.


„Tried your service w/ Czech Post Registered Mail Economy, after the payment my parcel in Taipei within five days....amazingly fast! Thank you guys.“
Shawn Taipei


„Excellent,i will use it again for sure.They realy did anything to resolve my problem.I delievered my package fast.Recomended service.Thanks for your help.“
Dimitris Kotsakis,Greece


„Trusted-> Wysyłka zsotała wysłana dzień po jej otrzymniu. Szybka odpowiedz na maila. Polecam“
Michael Poland


„Hi, I've sent an email to U guys about my shipment, but I've yet to get a response. It's stated that my shipment was posted on 5th September. But, I've not gotten any notifications or my package. Please advise. Thanks & kind regards.“
Fairoz Samil. Singapore.

Dear Mr. Samil, The shipment was shipped via Deutsche Post - Economy method. Unfortunately the transit time is not guaranteed. Your shipment should be delivered this or next week. I will inform you when I receive more tracking details. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,


„Great service, very good price and I saved a lot of mony with option to combine more packages into one shippment. I will deffinitely recomend to others“
Jessy, Slovenia


„Five emails sent,no response at all,still trying out to find my package after five days of delievery by them.Too bad,i think that lost my item,lost my money.“
Dimitris Kotsakis

Dear Mr. Kotsakis, Your shipment was recorded the same day to your account (on 12. 09. 2014, 12:45, received at 11:23). I have checked our e-mail and unfortunately we have received your first e-mail today. I would like to ask you if you can check our e-mail with all instructions in your spam filter. However this e-mail was sent once again today. Do not hesitate to contact me. I will try to call you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Update (17. 09. 2014): Dear Mr. Kotsakis, I found the mistake, the shipment is on the way to your country to another person with the same name and a very similar last name as yours, we will stop the shipment and change the address. I strongly apologize to you for this problem, we will inform you and deliver it for free. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Update (19. 09. 2014): Dear Mr. Kotsakis, Your shipment should be delivered today or on Monday by UPS. I apologize for the mistake. Have a nice weekend! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs,


„Thank you very much for fast, accurate and reliable packet handling and transportation. I was very satisfied with the service closest to you can turn to with confidence.“
András Sz., Hungary


„My second package express delivered, sent on tuesday came on friday, great forwarding service, I recommend mailboxde to everyone who need something from Germany from shops that don't send orders in another EU countries. No need to worry Mailboxde will send it for you.“
Kreso Croatia


„Great service! I've used Mailboxde twice now without any problems. Reasonable shipping prices too. Very happy, I will use Mailboxde again!“
Julie, Sydney Australia


„I used your service first time and I can tell that you did a very nice work. I got my item very fast. Good service, I will use it again when I will need it.“
Filip Croatia


„I used the mailboxde service for the first time. Everything went really good. I only have a slight complain from dhl, about the time of arrival. Overall I am satisified, I would probably choose UPS for my next delivery. Thanks!“
Dimitris Gkouvas


„Fantástico!!!, funcionan fenomenal, de confianza, Martina Shejbalová me ayudó con el idioma. Desde aquí animo a los españoles a comprar el Kindle más barato que en España. Fantastic!! Really great job, it works quickly and with all confidence. Thanyou very much“
Elvira F., Spain

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