Why set up an address in Germany?

You‘ll get an address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to your country at lower prices by reliable carriers. You pay only shipping fee and the transport charge or postage.

Why order a transport through this system?

Bargain price of transport

Thanks to long-term and regular cooperation with the carriers we have set competitive prices for our customers.

Instant offer

The system automatically calculates the price and transport can be ordered immediately after receiving the shipment to the warehouse.

Easy to order

Transport can be ordered easily, because all the documents are prepared electronically.

No hidden charges

The price of service is always final, including tolls, fuel surcharge and other charges. The use of the system is free; there are no monthly fees or fees for opening an account.

Transport management

As soon as your shipment arrives to the warehouse, we inform you via e-mail to select the way of delivery, and can initiate transport as soon as possible. If you find any damage on the shipment, we will help you resolve the complaint. In these cases, it is important to follow the instructions on the page Shipment insurance.

Reliable carriers

If we want to get good discounts and shipping conditions for our customers, we must act fairly with the carriers, work on the model of long-term cooperation, but also appreciate their work. Carriers know that we pay our obligations on time, help solve problems, and therefore we daily communicate with most of our transport partners succesfully for several years.

How to start sending shipments through Mailboxde.com?

  • First, get your account and you will be assigned a shipping address. To this address we will receive shipments on your behalf (weekdays 8 to 6 PM, on Friday to 4 PM).
  • The price for transportation can be calculated in the price list of postage, which we have prepared for this purpose. Unfortunately, we do not know any dimensions, weight or quantity of items before your delivery arrives in the warehouse. Therefore we are able to calculate only an approximate pre-bid, which can be different from the real shipmnet due to different parameters. We appreciate your help with this process, the saved time is reflected in service prices.
  • When a shipment arrives in the warehouse, you will receive an e-mail, choose the type of transport in your system account and fill in shipping address and other necessary information, where your shipment should be sent.
  • Do you need an advice from us first? Don´t hesitate to contact us: support@mailboxde.com.

Do you need to repack your shipments?

  • Your shipment may be, if necessary, repacked for further transport for an extra charge. Shipments in bad condition or with damaged packaging are accepted subject on the carrier that brought them. In this case, the shipment is photographed and the customer is informed about the condition via e-mail. At the same time we require his statements and instructions for further treatment. These damaged shipments are always repacked for further transport.

You will get address in Germany for free. Received shipments up to 30 kg from EU countries will be sent to your country at very low prices by reliable carriers.

Benefits for You:

  • + favorable price,
  • + simplicity,
  • + no hidden charges,
  • + mailbox for free.

Why carry with us?

  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We inform you about your shipments.
Other reasons ...

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