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16. 3. 2017
„My first parcel arrived in Canada safely and fast! Also great e-mail customer service. So far very pleased :) "

16. 3. 2017
„I am impressed buy the efficiency of the service and the reasonable pricing. I used another service before, which is now closed, and I am so happy now that I had to switch to Mailboxde, which is much cheaper and quicker! thank you so much, Ondrej, for your brilliant service! Regards,"

8. 3. 2017
„Hello, yesterday I have requested to consolidate all shipments, you left two shipments apart... could you please consolidate all of them as requested ?"
Roberto, Mexico, robertomaria.com

6. 3. 2017
„Hello, The following shipments were delivered on Mar 3, 2017. They haven\'t been listed on my account ID 55068. The shipments tracking numbers are RR073822166BY and RA416049625RU. Could you please check them?"
Roberto, Mexico, robertomaria.com

6. 3. 2017
„I love the service, thanks ondrej and all the team! best regards from argentina!"
Florian Martinez

5. 3. 2017
„Hi. I used this company\'s services for a longperiod of time. I must say this the most reliable and kinded company in the Web. No hiiden charges. Great customer service by the team and mister ondery krabs himself. I would recommend everyone from the bottom of my heart you will not be dissapointed! "

23. 2. 2017
„Hello, I have a shipment that has arrived to you on February 19th. I also have transferred to your bank account on February 16th. Variable symbol: 247392"
Roberto, Mexico, robertomaria.com

Dear Roberto, The shipment is processed by customs (received on 22. 2. 2017 at the customs office). I have sent the tracking via e-mail. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

22. 2. 2017
„Your Prices for shipping to Israel is so much expensive now!! I consider to look up for a new service... (It is not worth to send 1kg weight parcel. Maybe over 2kg is OK) 28EUR is too high! I want a discount!! I have used to pay 17 EUR maximum! "

Dear Ronit, Our Deutsche Post - Weltpaket prices to Israel were set incorrectly in different zone in 2016. All shipments to Israel were mistakenly discounted in 2016. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

21. 2. 2017
„I have been using mailboxde.com for the last 2 years and can only say thumbs up."
Lars, Denmark

20. 2. 2017
„Thank you very much for mailboxde. Very recommended services. "
Fatimah, Australia

10. 2. 2017
„Hello, I would like to know if you can send the Belgium to Spain, if you could do the virtual address for Belgium, instead of Germany. I would like to order from a Belgian online store, and it seems that they only ship to Belgium. Thank you"
Laura Minguez

Dear Mrs. Minguez, We can offer the shipping only from Germany. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

10. 2. 2017
„Hello, do you allow reception in Germany with signature ? Thanks in advance for your answer."
Val B

Hello, Our warehouse is not a P.O. BOX or a DHL Packstation - we are a regular warehouse. All trackable shipments are signed. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 1. 2017
„Any other payment method available like bitcoins or something?"

Dear Chad, Unfortunately, Bitcoins are not supported. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

20. 1. 2017
„Amazing service! Cheap, fast and very efficient. I can\'t believe how easy the site is to use and how quickly the shipments are processed."
Peter, Sydney

18. 1. 2017
„One Parcel sent from Germany to Hong Kong was still missing. The tracking stopped updating since 21Dec, 2016. I am very very worry and so confused. I emailed to the customer service but they did\'nt reply me. I had used your service for more than 20 times; and seams that the service is now getting worse. May I have your help to check what was happening? Thank you"

Dear Donald, I have sent you our last message to Deutsche Post. However we did not receive any answer. I apologize to you for the waiting. We will inform you, when we receive a message. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

4. 1. 2017
„Hi, How can I change the Registration data?"

Dear Arber, Send me your new billing address via e-mail, please. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

22. 12. 2016
„„Hi My Percel has been shipped on 20 Dec and i get atrack number, but the website of Deutche Post not give any details. it just give the following: \"The item was posted on Dec 20, 2016. do you have any more details? and how i can expect the date of arrival.\""
Takashi Fujita, Japan

21. 12. 2016
„First time used their services, and could not be more pleased ! Very fast to informing when package arrives into our Mailboxde address, and then, also very fast to shipping it out to the destination address. Definitely Recommended to everyone :) "
Andre M.

13. 12. 2016
„I am very satified with service. Its simple and prompt for every delivery and i recommend it to everyone. One of best things i find on internet last year."

9. 12. 2016
„I\'m using this service several months, already received 7 packages and another 3 on the way. Good service.Very recommended !"
Anton Buber

6. 12. 2016
„this service is extremely time consuming and inconvenient. If I wanted to do all this paperwork I would open my own shipping company. other systems are much simpler."
S Lee

1. 12. 2016
„Hallo, I have been using the system exactly in three days. Very good and prompt service. Because I live in CZ and NO and have missed the possibility of German eshops to CZ and NO, I greatly appreciate the idea. Earlier I had to ask my friends in DE to resend it abroad. How embarrassing. I understand the system of various carriers and consolidating the shipments so it is not confusing to me. The prices of the Czech Post to countries outside the EU are great. We will see how it works further. Thank you Ondra for this great service."
Ivo, CZ and NO

1. 12. 2016
„My mail has been in the \"ready to send box\" for 2 days and has yet to be sent. I emailed the company twice and I\'m still waiting on reply"

Dear Sir, Your shipment has been controlled and seized by customs. Can you send us your IBAN and SWIFT code via e-mail, please? Your balance will be refunded. Sincerely, Mailboxde.com GmbH

29. 11. 2016
„Way to complicted"

26. 11. 2016
„I am very disappointed with the service. I had read the restrictions when I signed in and I was certain that none ofe the usual goods I usually buy would be on the list. It slipped me completely - I bought a new stove for my kitchen. They just refused to receive it. Suddenly I was in a very difficult situation, with a 400EUR item lying around. NO SUPPORT OF ANY KIND! Very unprofessional and extremely disappointing. I\'ll probably find me another service provider. "
Rui Reis

Dear Rui Reis, I understand you, but please understand me as well, that our service has certain limitations. Your shipment was oversized, without packaging for further transport. This product is listed in the prohibited items, which we are not able to ship. I wrote to you by e-mail within 5 minutes after the departure of your shipment. The seller is obliged to return the money when you withdraw from the contract. Tell me his e-mail, please, if there is a problem with the seller. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

23. 11. 2016
„First of all: I RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE!! I Just did my first shipping forward from Mailboxde.com. Had a Smartwatch sent from Amazon and forwarded to Denmark. Smartwatch was sent from Amazon Monday night, received at Mailboxde the next day around 11 in the morning. I got an e-mail with package informations from Mailboxde 30 minutes after they received the package, and made my shipping forwarding order immediately, and it was sent to Denmark with UPS later that same day. Everything just went smooth, informations were fast, and this was just way better than I had expected - and the prices are great!! I\'d definitely use this service again in the future to buy products from German webshops that doesn\'t ship international."
Kenneth Thomsen

22. 11. 2016
„Will packages received before 14:00 be shipped out the same day, if shipping has been chosen and paid for immediately?"

Dear Kenneth, Most shipments confirmed to 2 PM are shipped the same day (valid for UPS, Czech Post, Geis, EMS). Shipments outside the EU are shipped the same or next business day. Deutsche Post is picked up and processed earlier. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

3. 11. 2016
„Hello When I try to send you a e-mail it gives this error: 550 Recipient verification problem Do I need to go through verification or can I start using the service straight after registration? Thank you"

21. 10. 2016
„I have only been using Mailbox;s service for a few months and once you get used to the system of crediting your account for the postal service you choose to forward your post, AND choosing the best forarder for your needs, they offer a very reliable and efficient service. The only problem I encountered was when using the Czech Parcel sdervice as it got lost-no fault of mailbox de whatsover. However from my eperience so far tge normal Deutsche post service is the best of all, it has arrived in the UK sometimes as quickly as 3 days and most often 4 days. Lucy who seems to handle customer enquiries is a star with a lot of patience. Thank you Lucy!!! !"
mark buchanan, London

18. 10. 2016
„Is this item on prohibited list, or NO, I see ovens on that list and Im not shure, just check before buying. Bottom is a link from Ebay https://goo.gl/n7RcKz
Mister G

Hello, We can receive this item without any problems. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

12. 10. 2016
„I have a question. How do you send letters? DHL? What happens if I am not at home few days? Do you leave it my mailbox or do I have to be at home and sign for it? Thanks in advance"
Ewald Weiss

Dear Mr. Weiss, The smallest items up to 1 kg can be sent with or without proof of delivery. The ordinary letter (up to 2 cm of height) is thrown into your mailbox. Registered Mail includes online shipment tracking. You can choose Deutsche Post, Czech Post, EMS or UPS on your account for shipping of letters. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

10. 10. 2016
„My delivery was returned due to dangerous goods. Its a cell phone, and I really need to pay transportation twice to get this delivered?"

Dear Pål, Our fee was not charged, however the postage is non-refundable for all prohibited goods according to the rules of Deutsche Post.
Deliveries handed to collective store cannot contain following items:
bb) Electronic devices containing lithium batteries (such as mobile phones or digital cameras) - Deutsche Post banned shipping by air anything containing a lithium battery. Shipment with lithium battery up to 5 kg can be sent via UPS (see UPS instructions). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

7. 10. 2016
„Overall a great experience for a new buyer. Only found out about their service a few weeks back and was a bit hesitant due to the look and feel of the website. Perhaps some improvement can be made to ensure the legibility of website. As for the service, it was affordable and hassle free. My items arrived on time and was promptly shipped. No issues encountered whatsoever. I\'ll be regularly using your service. PS: The FAQ isn\'t clear and the navigation is quite hard to go through. I strongly suggest to create an infographic where information can be available easily and won\'t create confusion for your customers."

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are going to work on the improvement. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

23. 9. 2016
„Hi, have you handled packages shipped from Mediamarkt (Germany)? To be precise, are there any restrictions being imposed from Mediamarkt.de regarding sending shipments to your service, that is Mailbox.de? Thank you. Regards"

Dear Goran, We can receive these shipments without any problems. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

22. 9. 2016
„Please help, Teo again. Tried sending email but no response. My returned mail, must I pay airmail fee again? Have received via same address using your service for 3 times and now this happened. I still have 2 new packages just received, need your advice soon, please. It is going to be one month and I am really anxious not receiving my packages..."

Dear Teo, We will send the package once again at our expense. I have checked your account and I would like to ask you if you can register a new account for shipping outside the EU (your account is registered for shipments to the EU). The price will be cheaper (excl. VAT). We can move your packages - send me your new ID, please. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

14. 9. 2016
„29.08.2016 - parcel was sent but returnes due to unknown address and since then I have not heard anything. Please help"

Dear Teo, Your package has been returned on 9. 9. 2016 from Singapore. You will be informed, when we receive this shipment. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

8. 9. 2016
„Ordered a device at amazon.de and got it delivered to Croatia by Mailboxde.com. I just followed the instructions from the website and everything went smooth and my package was delivered within just a few days! Great service, thanx!"

5. 9. 2016
„I highly recommend to mailboxde.com to all who love European goods! The service could not be anymore efficient than it is! Ondrej and his team do a spectacular job - and I could not ask for better! Thank you for all that you do! "
K. Kuser

17. 8. 2016
„I am very satisfied with your service. I just find your program somewhat not user friendly. I use two other forwarding companies (USA and UK) andd they are musch more user friendly"
Machiel Odendaal

12. 8. 2016
„According to parcel tracking: http://files.bs-motoparts.eu/dokumente/bs-tracking.html?number=01585043981570 you received shipment from Motea GmbH without my name or ID in the address. Could you please be so kind and register it to my received shipments at mailboxde.com so I can pay for your services? "

4. 8. 2016
„Can we transferr items from my mailbox to mailbox of my friend\'s account ? That would be great Kind regards"

Dear Ivo, Unfortunately, this service is not supported. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 7. 2016
„In regards to a previous problem, it turns out it was the fault of Deutsche Post, and NOT Mailboxde. Deutsche Post was providing tracking information that was incorrect and not updated. I would like to thank the people at Mailboxde for providing excellent customer service, and answering all my questions in a timely manner. This is a reliable/dependable service..thank you so much."

26. 7. 2016
„I have never had a worse mailing experience in my life. You are now telling me that I received a package that in fact I did NOT receive. I had TWO parcels sent through your service; one was received and the other one was sent to Austria for some unknown reason, and it has since DISAPPEARED. If you do a simple tracking search of RL738617383DE you can plainly see that it is in Austria. It should not have been sent to Austria as my address is United States. You are confusing this lost package with the other order that was received. I will continue to contact you until i get some answers. And please don\'t tell me i received this package because I did not. I received item number 22361347. The item that has VANISHED IN AUSTRIA is number 22359748."

26. 7. 2016
„my shipment 449945335281 Delivered to andere anwesende Person: Herr Dunajcik by DHL . Sent today : Tue, 26.07.16 at 10:12. You got it so why I don\'t see it on my account? Fist time this happens!! Also why you don\'t reply to emails?!"

Dear Ronit, The package will be sent tomorrow. All packages are processed in few hours however always the same day. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 7. 2016
„My shipment is not visible on my account... I want to pay and get send it today..."

Dear Ronit, The package will be sent tomorrow. All packages are processed in few hours however always the same day. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 7. 2016
„How long it takes from you to update an account with new parcel? "

Dear Orit, All shipments are processed the same working day. Do not hesitate to contact us, if your shipment is not visible on your account. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 7. 2016
„My package, which was supposed to be sent to United States, was actually sent to Austria, as country as final destination. I tried to track it\'s location but the trail ends in Austria..the package seems to have vanished. Customer service here was no help, so I had to start an investigation with Deutsche Post. It\'s really unbelievable.."

Dear Stephen, Your package has been mistakenly sent by Deutsche Post to Austria, however the shipment has been claimed and forwarded the same day to the USA from Austria. The shipment is already in the USA: usps.com. Your shipment was delayed by one working day. I apologize to you. You may arrange redelivery by using the Schedule a Redelivery feature on this page or calling 800-ASK-USPS, or may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice. If this item is unclaimed by August 9, 2016 then it will be returned to sender. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

25. 7. 2016
„Do you also send to Namibia? If so can you add the destination of Namibia in your country list."
Dirk T

24. 7. 2016
„I would like to change my item description to : \"fitness accessory\" My NO. is: 22358042 I need this done quickly. Thank you :)"

Dear Edmond, I apologize to you, unfortunately we can not change the item description in this case in your confirmed order. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

20. 7. 2016
„I cant find the \'continue\' button in the \'received shipments\' page !!!! My Order is 22361681"
Fernandes Pedro

Dear Fernandes Pedro, Your special request will be processed within 1 working day. You will see the button "Continue" later. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

16. 7. 2016
„Can you provide Customs Stamp Proof of Export when sending out of EU? I would like to use this proof to claim VAT refund from my merchant."

Dear Don, Yes, we can provide this service for 30 - 50 EUR (dependent on the type of goods). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

15. 7. 2016
„using the service for quite a while A+++++ service, I can only recommend it done a lot of shipments, both receiving and sending and never any problems keep up to good work guys"
Leonardo D.

12. 7. 2016
„I do not get any reply from you... what do you want to do??? keep my parcel blocked for ever??? WTF?? you dont want me to pay I dont understand???"

Dear Ronit, Your paypal account has been used for more customers in our system. It is against our rules. Use bank transfer, please. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

12. 7. 2016
„Ok,but I can not pay with my Paypal now? I can\'t do bank transfer... whats now??"

Dear Ronit, If you are not able to add your money to your paypal account, you can use another exchange provider or bank transfer. You can try fxcompared.com. If you are looking for PayPal customer support, the number is 073-713-7777. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

11. 7. 2016
„Just paid 16.73 EURO for shipping and somehow my shipment got cancelled for no reason and got credit of -40.32 EURO. WTF?! Did not got back my 16.73 EURO! "

Dear Ronit, One of your shipments has been lost during transport and delivered few days later. The indemnification from your PayPal account has not been sent back. This is why the account is in the red, and we are waiting for payment of the debt. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

1. 7. 2016
„I\'ve followed instructions I have received via email upon registering here, offered from Amazon DE to Russia; received my shipment within 2 weeks! Nice."
Alex Mark, Moscow

26. 6. 2016
„Is it compulsory to always write mailboxde.com to my address before shopping or i can just write my name address and my id number?"

Hello, Yes, it is compulsory to write our company name Mailboxde.com GmbH (or c/o Mailboxde.com GmbH) in the address. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

25. 6. 2016
„Little bit pricey services and system is a bit confusing to me. Very good costumer service, quick response. Quick dispatch, fast delivery!!! What can i say...Great!"
Brano - Montenegro

10. 6. 2016
„First time using your service. Items were sent immediately and arrived quickly. One very satisfied customer!!"
Robert K.

19. 5. 2016
„Hello, i would like to know about the tracking number of my shipments\" any advice? Kind regards"
Enrique Acevedo

Dear Enrique, Please, could you clarify me, what tracking numbers do you mean? Do you mean the tracking numbers of the sent shipments? Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

9. 5. 2016
„I spent a year with another forwarding company which was not a good experience. Every question was interpreted as a critism. I changed to Mailboxde and am about to receive my 20th parcel. Not an error not a problem, a lot of help and very large choice of reasonably priced carriers. Very happy customer"
Dave Gabbitas

2. 5. 2016
„This is my first delivery using Mailboxde.com. The shipping prices are very reasonable and the package arrived fast! I am very happy with the experience, and now this is my preferable way of ordering from abroad. Perhaps because English is not my first language, I had a difficult time understanding the package consolidation issue at first (I didn\'t realize that it meant combining the packages), so if you could add a more simple explanation and such that it could be seen right away, that would be nice. Thank you Mailboxde!"
Yulia, Israel

16. 4. 2016
„Your VAT number DE281224359 is not valid. Why?"

Dear Miko, Our VAT number has been changed together with the legal form in January 2015. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

11. 4. 2016
„I have been using Mailboxde.com for a while now. From the start, the system was a bit confusing for me (probably due to webpage layout) but all information is actually clearly visible and once you figure out what is where, and it works like a charm. I like the fact that all costs are clearly stated so you know what to expect and you will be paying for, with no surprises. UPS service works great too, from Mailboxde in Germany to Croatia - during the week - it arrives in 4 days. I mostly consolidated my shipments and it’s all fine, there’s a big save on shipping costs that way. Customer service is brilliant, as even to my dumbest questions I always got a prompt reply and quickly solved any issues. Very friendly support team. I hope it stays this way, thanks!"
Alex, Croatia

21. 3. 2016
„Waited nearly 3 weeks for my order and still nowhere in sight. No updates from Deutsche post and mailboxde have not given me a reply (told me it is normal when I first enquire). It\'s more than 10 business day, it\'s not normal at all. Please investigate"

Dear Sir, We will start the claim today. I strongly apologize to you for the delay. I believe that the package will still be delivered, however the complaint will be started. Sincerely, Lucie, Mailboxde.com GmbH

17. 3. 2016
„This was our first delivery from Germany via Mailboxde.com, and it worked like a charm! The only concern was due to the lack of information: We were\'nt sure whether Mailboxde.com is authorized to receive and sign our parcel from the carrier (DHL), but this concern was completely unnecessary. We took UPS Standard shipping from Mailboxde.com to our destination address. UPS delivered our goods from Germany to Finland in just 3 workdays, but the final phases of logistics in Finland took 4 workdays, because UPS decided to use our national mailing company as a sub-contractor instead of delivering the parcel by itself. Probably this is normal with \"Standard\" shipping methods."

14. 3. 2016
„Hi, delivery status for my package is \'\'UNDELIVERABLE\'\'- WHY? i was send an email to you immediately but nobody answer..."

Dear Mirjana, Unfortunately we can not receive shipments from outside the EU. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

5. 3. 2016
„Great service, package arrived in 2 days from Germany to Croatia via Czech post, thank you"

3. 3. 2016
„This is a great service! It took some for delivery to the warehouse (I think it got stuck somewhere in Germany) but I received everything for a fair price :)"
Gijs, the Netherlands

3. 3. 2016
„I don\'t have VAT ID because I\'m not a company. I can\'t change my user type. What can I do?"

Dear Nico, Your account was updated. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

19. 2. 2016
„Hi, I got an email that my package arrived but with a wrong size and very unreasonable weight. Could you please remeasure the package? Shipment 22321738, Box: 46508."

Dear Yuriy, I have remeasured your package and dimensions incl. weight are correct. We can repack your shipment for 4,00 EUR, if you wish. Do no hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Jan, Mailboxde.com GmbH

19. 2. 2016
„Hi,can you advice me which is better and faster dautche post or standart UPS? But UPS doesn\'t have insurance before 500 euros.please advice me which will be better to mark to be delivered on time "

8. 2. 2016
„I ordered a designer sweater from mythersea.com this mail service is good, I got my sweater here in the United States within two weeks. Thanks mailboxde "

5. 2. 2016
„All went smooth until my package was handed to DHL Paket for delivery to Hungary. After 1week going rounds in Germany, the package was suddenly back at mailboxde warehouse due to mistake by DHL(or mailboxde). I had to trace it and ask by myself mailboxde if they received back the shipment ,got their confirmation, and 2 days now I have been trying to contact support to resend the package without any reply back. Started good but turns to disappointment!!! "

Dear Mr. Heracleous, I am sorry about your dissapointment about the returned shipment. The problem was that the shipping label has been damaged while transporting and the Deutsche Post could not recognize the address. We will send it again on our own cost. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

4. 2. 2016
„I want an answer where the hell is my order 22310914 I have been waiting more than 3 weeks!!! "

Dear Talor, Thank you for your feedback. Our fee for processing was refunded. The Transit Time for Czech Post to Israel was updated (Transit time can take 5 - 40 working days) for all customers and their shipments outside the EU now. We have started the claim, however we are waiting for the result (usually 4 - 8 weeks according to the rules of Universal Postal Union). The insurance amount will be paid by us if the complaint will be not resolved in February. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

1. 2. 2016
„I had a good 1st experience with Mailboxde. They posted my item on the same day they received it! However I don\'t recommend using Czech Post, it took 2 weeks from Czech Republic to Spain. Then because it was Xmas and spanish post (correos) is a disaster, it took another 2 weeks to receive it at home."

29. 1. 2016
„Hi, Ondrej, this is just a heads-up concerning the e-mail I send to your support staff a couple of days ago concerning an issue with my last shipment (which I\'m sure will be sorted out considering my positive experience with you in the past). Many thanks. "

29. 1. 2016
„I have made until now 13 forward shipments on Mailboxde.com to Slovenia. All have been delivered as it was specified in Postage terms. The Consolidation Service by Mailboxde.com is very professional, Economical and they always answer on additional wisher. I just want that Mailboxde.com continue to do so good job. Thank you for now. "
Andre, Slovenia

29. 1. 2016
„all my items had arrived in time, the most honest and integrate mail service that i have been using in the last years. honest, integrate, precise, excellent prices and services. RACCOMANDED"

26. 1. 2016
„why you keep ignoring my email??? pls answer me asap!"

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 1. 2016
„Please get someone who can speak proper English on your support telephone line. Considering most of your users are international user who speaks ENGLISH as the main language.It is frustrating your support line keeps hanging up on me."

Dear Kenneth, I'm very sorry, we have not heard your voice when you called this afternoon. Can you send me your e-mail to support@mailboxde.com, please? Sincerely,Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

26. 1. 2016
„where is my order 22310914? I did not received it a while ago...."

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

20. 1. 2016
„Hello, i want to know that do you open my package if i ask to consolidate them. Thanky you."
Chiara H.

19. 1. 2016
„Hello, I still haven\'t received the item/the item hasn\'t arrived at my country... Sent by Czech post on 13/01/16 Order 22310914"

Dear Talor, our experience is visible in the pricelist to your country. The usual transit time is 5 - 7 working days (priority, our experience: 7 - 15 working days, not guaranteed). However we will start a claim. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

15. 1. 2016
„Perfect service: reasonable price, reliable processing times, flexible approach. Highly recomended. Working with this team is fantastic: between 26.11.2015 and 30.12.2015 they received for me more then 20 packages from EU and sent 15 shipments to Montenegro by DHL and Czech Post without any issue. Great opportunity for shopping in Europe from outside the EU! Thank you."
Igor Tolstonozhenko

14. 1. 2016
„Hello, i want to buy something from a german e-shop who accepts german credit cards only. Is there any service, trasnfering money to make the payment you, instead of me?"

Dear Kirlabis, Unfortunately, we dont offer the purchase assistance. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely,Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

6. 1. 2016
„Dear Ondrej, I want to congratulate you with your excellent entrepeneurship: very good value for money ! Much better than some other parcel forwarding services which are charging much more money for the same service. The website looks a little bit overcrowded with info and might scare off some people, but soon I found that there is a very customer oriented team working behind it trying to please the customer. My package arrived flawlessly. Keep up the good work !"
R. Jansen

2. 1. 2016
„Do you offer this service in other countries?"

24. 12. 2015
„Hi, I\'ve got a package that was sent by the Czech Post, from October 8th (shipment #22284833). Still didn\'t receive any note about it, and you do not respond to mails for the last 2 weeks. That\'s really not a good way to treat your customers. I\'m still waiting for explanation what is the status of it, and assuming that I will never get the package - what about the insurance and refund for the services?"

Dear Omri, Your shipment arrived at the central postal unit in Haifa on 31.12.2015. Due to its size and/or weight it will be forwarded to the Netiv Chen postal unit to be delivered there. We have stopped the cooperation with Czech Post to Israel. I know about this problem and I apologize to you. Our fee was refunded on 17.12.2015. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

22. 12. 2015
„Hi! What is customs rates for smartwatch?"

Hello, I can recommend this duty calculator: dutycalculator.com. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

14. 12. 2015
„I have sent a couple emails and they never got any reply. This is my shipment 22298901 tracking number 961200077366. The item was shipped out by your company on 1 Dec and left the Deutsche Post facility on 3 Dec. It has been almost 2 weeks and my item still does not show up on my local post tracking website Singpost.com. I was advised by Deutsche Post to contact my seller to conduct an investigation. I need my item urgently for my upcoming holidays. Can you please kindly advise on this matter? Thank you."
Charles Lim

Dear Mr. Lim, Your shipment has been delivered on 19. 12. 2015. Did you receive this package, please? I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

11. 12. 2015
„I want to thank you for the service you provide. Everything worked flawlessly, from the fast responce to the mail I send you, to the delivery of my packege. Keep up the good work, and I will surely use your service again in the future."
Vassilios Pilatis

11. 12. 2015
„War am Anfang sehr skeptisch aber habe es ausprobiert. Habe mir 2 Pakete nach Italien weiterleiten zu lassen. Hat super funktioniert, Pakete wurden noch am gleichen Tag weiter verschickt und 2 Tage danach ware sie schon bei mir. Einfach genial!!!"
Hannes, Italien

10. 12. 2015
„I see in the comments that I am not the first client having experienced a delay using the Czech Post. I wouldn\'t have minded using a different carrier but I thought that Ceska Posta was reliable since you use it, however it is not at all. It has been 8 working days since they sent the parcel to Spain and it hasn\'t even showed up yet in the spanish post system, which I find unacceptable. A parcel within Europe shouldn\'t take more than a few days or a week maximum. You shouldn\'t use Czech Post or at least advice that shipping can experience long delays. Lesson learnt. I hope anyway that you do your best to locate my parcel asap."

9. 12. 2015
„Hi! I\'m your customer with Box: 42491‏. I have received 4 packages as follows: Package, 0.43x0.36x0.15 m, 2 kg Package, 0.34x0.4x0.04 m, 1.44 kg Package, 0.37x0.34x0.07 m, 0.96 kg Package, 0.4x0.31x0.31 m, 1.92 kg After paying 10EUR for consildation option and choosing to consolidate these 4 packages I have received the confirmation email. 22301732 Continue Freight: (selected carrier: Deutsche Post Weltpaket - Economy, Insurance up to 70 EUR)48,79 EURChange the carrier Total (shipping + sum of process. fees + box or other costs):54,18 EUR VAT free Received: 9.12.2015 Please check the shipping cost because my package weight is something above 6kg and you invoiced me 12kg shipping costs as per Deutsche Post Economy Welt Packet Price List."

7. 12. 2015
„buonasera avevo chiesto informazioni su come richiedere l\'invio non separato dei due pacchi da me ricevuti ed in attesa di consolidamento. con una nuova scatola attraverso lo stesso corriere , ma non ho avuto risposta , o almeno non sono stata capita , nel frattempo ho richiesto il consolidamento dei due pacchi , ma risulta sempre collegato , ma separato. spero sia possibile ricreare una nuova spedizione che comprenda i due pacchetti in una sola scatola 4.60 kg 22300868 +9.15 kg 22300832 con lo stesso corriere spetto mail di conferma con nuovo preventivo perche\' l\'altro e\' troppo costoso . saluti Maria "

7. 12. 2015
„Hallo, erhielt ich eine E-Mail informiert mich, dass ein Paket angekommen, aber mit einem sehr hohen Preis Transport Sie können eine einzelne Lieferung der empfangenen Pakete? grazie "

2. 12. 2015
„Hi, I received an email informing me that a package arrived but with a very wrong and unreasonable weight - thus , a very high shipping price. I send you an email with a proof of weight yesterday to support@mailboxde.com right after I received the email for payment from you. Still didn\'t get any reply back from you though. Can you please help and answer me?"
Dor A

Hello, We will reweight your shipment, there is probably a mistake. I will let you know within today. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

28. 11. 2015
„Hi, I just ordered from samsung.de but made a mistake with the address. Their form didnt allow me to enter Mailboxde.com GmbH as the first line. I am trying to contact them to change it but the website is not working. The first line is my name followed by my ID number, will that be enough to get it to you?"

Dear Sir, No problem, your shipment was received already. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com GmbH

23. 11. 2015
„16-11-15 I e-mail Support and asked to replace my e-mail address because I had changed the ESP. After that I stopped receiving any e-mail from Mailboxde. I sent several requests to Support from my new e-mail adsress - no any reply. Today I have checked my account on Mailboxde and found out that there are three more items in the warehouse. I chose one of the items and ordered re-forwarding, and... I have got a confirmation message concerning the reforwarding order to my old e-mail! What is actually going on?"
Alexander V.

Dear Alexander, We have informed you, however all e-mails are returned as undelivered (The error that the other server returned was: 550 5.1.1 <...@...mail.net>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table). These shipments are uploaded with your old e-mail address. All other activities are connected with your new e-mail address. New shipments will be uploaded with your new registered e-mail as well. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com GmbH

15. 11. 2015
„Why can I not just click on Paypal and pay that way, as I can for eBay and other sites. I signed up on Paypal especially to pay you this way."
Murray McLachlan

15. 11. 2015
„I\'ve used this service for the first time and I\'m really impressed with the useful and kind support that helped me very quickly. Also the service is really top notch and fast. Will use it again, thanks! I would definitely update the website design though :)"
Sandro A.

4. 11. 2015
„You guys are awesome! I\'ve never used any other reshipment service because I have no reason to! 6 days to the US through Customs is *amazing*, and you even repackaged my parcel for me without any extra charge. I especially appreciate that you didn\'t open it before repackaging it. That kind of concern for your customer\'s privacy will not go unnoticed. I will be a customer for a long time!"
Wesley Cartwright

29. 10. 2015
„Please answer on my e-mail "
Marek K

27. 10. 2015
„ciao , come faccio a sapere se l\'acquisto effettuato su ebay e in consegna il 26 /10/2015 e\' stato ricevuto al mio indirizzo mailboxde?grazie"

23. 10. 2015
„Guten Morgen, machte ich eine Gebühr von 10 Euro durch paypal, aber die Kredit Null, Weil ich 10 € bezahlt? kann ich mich informieren? dank Gruß"

Guten Tag, das Geld haben wir per PayPal erstattet. Leider können wir diese Gebühren nicht kombinieren. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com GmbH

21. 10. 2015
„My shipment still not back to system. Please check. Now I ready to ship all item only waiting for this shipment back to process."

Dear Ekkapol, Your shipments have been exceeded the free storage period. It has been stored in our warehouse over a year. We have contacted you on the 12th of August 2015 asking for making the Forwarding order so we could dispatch it. There was no response from your side so we returned that shipments to the senders in September 2015. The proof of delivery is attached in the e-mail. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com GmbH

12. 10. 2015
„My shipment that keep with you is Lost! Please find out for me."

Dear Ekkapol, We strongly apologize for the inconvenience. Your shipment has been shipped to another customer by mistake. It will be at our warehouse by tomorrow. As compensation, we refund processing fees back to your credit.
UPDATE 22.10.2015: The woman has sent back different shipments. Unfortunately it was not yours. So I made the investigation again and I have found out that we asked you to send that shipment out from our warehouse in August. The free storage period has been exceeded. We have sent that shipments back to the senders in September 2015. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com GmbH

10. 10. 2015
„I\'ve collected 8 shipment now send to me 5 shipment still with mailboxde 3 shipment but now I lost 1 shipment. **** I still don\'t know why my shipment suddenly lost from you **** Another bose speaker has ship to my place but it broken. Your staff tell me they will claim for me but last contact from them is ask me to claim my side. This very trouble if claim in destination because our post said I have bough insurance from origin. very headace now."

Dear Ekkapol, We strongly apologize for the inconvenience. Your shipment has been shipped to another customer by mistake. It will be at our warehouse by tomorrow. As compensation, we refund processing fees back to your credit.

UPDATE 22.10.2015: The woman has sent back different shipments. Unfortunately it was not yours. So I made the investigation again and I have found out that we asked you to send that shipment out from our warehouse in August. The free storage period has been exceeded. We have sent that shipments back to the senders in September 2015.

We have claimed your package, however it is important to go to the local post office with the damaged shipment and its packaging. The staff of the post office give you a copy of CN 08 form, which we need from you for the claim in our country. It is neccessary to go to the post office in 2 working days from receiving the package (this period may vary by country of delivery). Your postal office can send the inquiry via Internet-Based Inquiry System (IBIS). Please, send me a copy of the CN 08 form.

Providing Proof of Loss or Damage (Universal Postal Union)

Missing Contents

If a claim is filed because some or all of the contents are missing, the addressee must make the mailing container available to the postal service for inspection, including any wrapping, packaging, and any contents that were received. Failure to do so will result in denial of the claim.

Proof of Damage

If the addressee files the claim, the addressee must make the damaged article and mailing container available to the postal service for inspection, including any wrapping, packaging, and any other contents that were received. If the mailer files the claim, the postal service will notify the addressee by letter to present the damaged article and mailing container to the postal service for inspection, including any wrapping, packaging, and any other contents that were received. Failure to do so will result in denial of the claim.

Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com GmbH

5. 10. 2015
„Very fast and reliable service. Already received my items. Surely a service I will use more often in the future."
Luis F., Amadora - Portugal

3. 10. 2015
„The experience has been perfect. It appeared on the Mailboxde website 3 minutes after UPS told me my package had been delivered. One week after my package was safe at home. I would advise against using GEIS for the shipment since their tracking experience is really poor. Will use the service again"
Jorge Izquierdo

28. 9. 2015
„The shipment was forwarded on the same day it had arrived in Mailboxde.com Zittau facility. Shipping and handling prices seem to be reasonable. I selected the insured DHL Weltpacket. In four days, the packet arrived to my address in Finland. Based on this experience I will use this service again."
Timo H., Finland

4. 9. 2015
„I received the address but what line is the street1/2 and what line is the name? How do I add it to eBay?"
Afonso Muralha

Adding address to eBay.de: Mein eBay > Zusammenfassung > Mitgliedskonto > Adressen > Bevorzugte Lieferadresse > Ändern (or Neue Adressen hinzufügen) > Land oder Region: Deutschland > Name der Kontaktperson: Mailboxde.com GmbH > Straße: Your name, ID .... > to field Strasse (Teil 2) type: Äussere Weberstr. 57 > Postleitzahl: 02763, Ort: Zittau. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

3. 9. 2015
„I have used Mailbox.de in the past, they are very fast and even helped me with some special delivery that needed a high insurance rate. I shipped expensive items with mailboxde to Romania without problems.excellent service."
Michael P.

18. 8. 2015
„Hello , I want to change account to Account for shipping to the EU (private person) because i creat account i depost 10$ and pay 10$ for consolidation , but i do Account for shipping outside the EU , i want to change account to Account for shipping to the EU (private person)‏ , please "

Hello, Ok, it is not a problem. I have just change the type of the account for the private person in EU. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com

23. 7. 2015
„I\'ve been using Mailboxde.com for several months now and I\'m very satisfied with both reasonable prices and customer service. My last package has been registered in mailboxde.com system just 15 minutes after being delivered to their warehouse and been sent to me 2 hours later. I highly recommend using their services."
Kamil, Warsaw

17. 7. 2015
„What is the deal with consolidation yearly fee?? I want to consolidate my stuff as it was before per each not on yearly basis.I was not notified of this change so its a kind of trap really. I will not pay yearly fees, no way. This will be our last business."

Dear Goran, I can offer the consolidation without our yearly fee for your shipments already received to our warehouse, if you wish. We charge the consolidation fee because of high number of consolidation requests, our colleagues were not able to process them within maximum working hours possible and we were forced to accept new employees only for the consolidation to avoid delays. So after four years of working and exceeding of particular critical amount (e. g. working at night), originally a secondary matter unfortunately became also unprofitable. That is why we decided to establish an annual fee to maintain or even improve the level of our service. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

16. 7. 2015
„Mi primera experiencia con vosotros ha sido todo un exito. En 10 dias el paquete en casa. Precios muy buenos. 100% Recomendable. Mi experiencia con vosotros solo ha hecho que empezar. Un Saludo"
David R.

15. 7. 2015
„website looks prehistoric, it\'s not intuitive, not splitted into so called \"steps\" that you can follow. You are well known in Poland due to forums facebook groups etc but believe me if you ever have competition with better GUI i will choose them :) fingers crossed for you to change it"

28. 6. 2015
„Great and fast service ! Highly recommended !"
Antonio B

22. 6. 2015
„5 días laborables han tardado, perfecto servicio, volvería a utilizarlo."

22. 6. 2015
„Great company! fast service and very reliable! highly recommended, thank you !!!"
Mark Alberda, Amsterdam

18. 6. 2015
„Some problems because of a bad labeled package. Properly solved, good job."
Juanan D., Euskal Herria

18. 6. 2015
„I wonder how long does it usually take to register package in your system? I have info from DHL Shipment tracking that you receive the package today at 11.30 am."
Kamil Dąbrowski

Dear Mr. Dąbrowski, All shipments are processed the same working day. However, this may take several hours. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

17. 6. 2015
„I can\'t send my package, I says \"Insufficient credit, shipment can not be sent now. Please recharge your credit. Thank you.\" Do I need to inset some credits? I left corner, where it says \"Credits: 0,00 EUR (Recharge)\"?"

Dear Simon, When you choose the carier and the price, you recharge the credit. You do it by clicking the "Recharge" button in the left side under the main panel. When is your credit recharged, you go to the list of shipping options again, you choose one of the carrier, confirm it and fill in the Forwarding order. When you do it correctly, the shipment moves from the Received shipment section to the Ready to send section. At this moment we dont need any further actions from you nad we will send it out. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

15. 6. 2015
„Write the adress like: Mailboxde.com e.K.
Phone number
My name and ID. number
The fake adress
My own adress
Zittau 02XXX
Is that correct? I\'m afraid the package don\'t get to you guys.."
Simon W. Larsen

Dear Mr. Larsen, The consignment should come, but I do not understand the line with "fake address". Can you contact me via e-mail? Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

12. 6. 2015
„Will I get a mail, when the package is in you guys hands? It should arrive 18 June."
Simon W. Larsen

Dear Mr. Larsen, Yes, we will inform you via e-mail, when we receive the package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

12. 6. 2015
„I bought an item at the Apple online store in Germany, arrived in mailboxd on 11 June and arrived at my house in Genoa Italy today 12 June. Service just perfect."
Paolo R. Genoa

12. 6. 2015
„My experience is being quite concerning. My package arrived to mailbox de.com this Wednesday at 13:00 PM (TNT\'s tracking service confirms that) and no notification was sent to me. I wrote to the email supportand it was answered on Thursday at 12:00PM asking me about the tracking number. Today, Friday 14:05, I haven\'t any information and, I\'m concerned a lot, because in my case, there\'re not quick support, fast package processing or reliability so far."
Uninformed customer

Dear Sir, I am looking for your package with TNT. I apologize to you for the waiting. I will call you today. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

11. 6. 2015
„1 click registration, quick support (email replied after 5 minutes), fast package processing (within few hours). Suggesting your service to friends!"

9. 6. 2015
„Really good, fast and reliable service with convenient price. Thank you."

5. 6. 2015
„ Dear Sirs, i have already sent an email about it, but i didn\'t recieve answer. Last Thursday i made an order on the Deutsche Apple on-line store, using the address given by your service. The package should be arrive today. I have a little doubt: i compiled the form a little bit different than has been indicated by you in the email: see below. Name Surname Address ID XXXXX Mailbox.de City Posta code There could be any problem? Thank you!"
Daniele F.

No problem, your shipment is on your account already. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

2. 6. 2015
„Fast and cheap service. Thanks from Spain."
Juan Carlos

8. 5. 2015
„I have given a review here some time ago, but I think another one is due. I have now used mailboxde.com services for one year. it has worked seamlessly. I buy goods for online arbitrage in Germany and so far I have shipped out 10 packages of 50kg each. That is half a ton. It is for me very cost effective solution and also a very running very seamlessly. I don\'t even think about all the packages that come into warehouse. The team at mailboxde is truly dedicated to commitment and consistency in their operation. No need to go anywhere else."
John U.

1. 5. 2015
„I am very pleased with your service as I have recieved every package sent. Customer service is spot on as I had questions regarding a couple packages sent via Czech Posta and was given a rssponse and answer very quickly. My only qualm is the aformentioned postal service Chech Posta and their lack of tracking updates and slow delievery methods. I can not fault your company for the post office\'s shortcomings , but a disclaimer about their nonexistant tracking updates would have been helpful in making my decision to ship with them. All in all though your company is top notch in my book."
Christopher H. , United States

27. 4. 2015
„Do I have to use consolidation service? Do I have to pay €10 if I am not using consolidation service?"

No, you do not have to pay this fee. This is an optional service. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

23. 4. 2015
„I used this service for two times, and both times it was very smooth, safe and trustworthy. highly recommended service."
Marcelo, Brazil

2. 4. 2015
„It was the first time to use Mailboxde, it was a great experience with them, highly recommended, but they forget to write down my P.O.Box but anyways it was arrived to me."
Mohamed Maghawry Ahmed ( Jeddah )

31. 3. 2015
„Thank you for great service (and cheap). This is my first time of using it and it went smoothly."
Tomas, Denmark

27. 3. 2015
„I just wanted to say thanks for the quick and super super cheap service! This is my second time with you and the service is excellent!"
Valentino C.

25. 3. 2015
„Great service. Used it several times, and my impressions are: Professional, accurate, reliable, fast. Highly recommended!"
Svetislav, Montenegro

25. 3. 2015
„First i would like to say your customer support is very bad , called today in order to receive some info and the man could not provide me , instead he told me that i need to send Email and he would answer that until 17:00 PM , but that was not the case , why do you have customer support when phone can\'t help and Email answer in 2-3 days ? We are new here just 4 package shipped until now and since today i;m not feeling that i would continue with you."

Dear Alan, I did not find your e-mail yesterday from 23. 3., you spoke german and I thought that the e-mail will be in german as well. We have received your first e-mail on 24. 3. at 1:24 AM, therefore we did not find your e-mail from 23. 3. This is our problem and we have plenty of room for improvement. We can scan your RMA numbers, it is possible. We will add this information to your account. However the requested shipment is without the RMA number. I apologize to you. We handle e-mails within one working day, although I know it's not too fast. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

13. 3. 2015
„Thank you for the amazing service! My package has been placed in the hands of the delivery company within one day of arriving at Mailboxde.com."
Jan S., Poland

13. 3. 2015
„Outstanding to have this service at fair price!! My item arrived very fast and perfect to USA. This is a great business needed for a long time!!"
Timothy B.

7. 3. 2015
„It would be unfair for me to not offer my praise for a great service provided by the men and women here at Mailboxde.com. That, along with competitive pricing unseen anywhere (as far as I know). So far, 6 items have been sent (and another 5 that will be sent!), and all have been top rate. Go Mailboxde.com!"
Firdaus S., Malaysia

2. 3. 2015
„Delivered Amazon.de Package to Belgium. Fast and easy service! Thx"

25. 2. 2015
„I chose your system and I am very disappointed ! My shipment hasn\'t any tracking number but this wasn\'t described in the list that I had to choose shipment service. My package would have been arrived since first days of February. Instead of that It seems that I have lost all the money I spent in order to buy a mobile phone sent via your service. I am very sad, I would not recommend your services to anyone."
Theofanis Chimariotis

Dear Mr. Chimariotis, I have sent the tracking number via e-mail once again. You can see this number on your Forwarding order. Your shipment was sent by Deutsche Post Small Package with insurance up to 35 EUR. Based on your e-mail we have decided to stop this service to Greece due to long transit time. I will inform you via e-mail about the complaint. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

24. 2. 2015
„I am really content: fast service, reliable price. Really thanks. But there is one thing that should be fixed. I have typed address in format \"Street Name 12/34\", where 12 is building no, and 34 is flat no. But on my package there was only \"Street Name 12\" (without flat number). There was also no my phone number on package. Fortunately I have choosen ordinary post (Ceska Posta) and postman known my name, so he found me. I don\'t know if you are printing labels for packages automatically (then you should fix that bug in your system), or doing it manually (be more careful :))."
Michal, Poland

21. 2. 2015
„I was first thinking that those guys don\'t even have any kind of support. But I called them via phone and got picked up by Ondrej (thanks to him) and assisted with filling out shipping details on my order. Mailboxde forwarded my shipment very quickly and their handling fees are really low. Big thanks to you Mailboxde! :D"
Aleksei, Estonia

21. 2. 2015
„I saved a cool 70 euros by ordering my Kindle Paperwhite through Mailboxde. I highly recommend this to anyone."
T, Finland

16. 2. 2015
„My first shipment went just as planned. I will contuinue using your services."
Anders, Norwegen

11. 2. 2015
„Shipment received, good job Mailboxde. Keep up the good work. There are much things to change but for me it work verry well. Thx again."
Mara, Romania

11. 2. 2015
„It works fine, just received my Kindle Voyage from amazon.de. I would enjoy having https protocol for logging into this system so please include it in the future."
M. Frater

2. 2. 2015
„As requested. I confirm that the package be transfered from this international account to my new account for shipping to Germany, not South Africa. "

2. 2. 2015
„Dear Ondrej Please send my package. It has been ready for almost 2 weeks. "

31. 1. 2015
„good job mailboxde! thanks & apreciate"
Ion Cristian, Iasi, Romania

30. 1. 2015
„How can i track my shipment? Nr. 22233784"
Mara, Romania

Dear Mara, For your reference, the number you can use to track your shipment is: R........E (see our e-mail). Visit: Deutsche Post to track your shipment. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

30. 1. 2015
„Hi, I have sent you two emails about my bank transfer but receive no reply. The transaction is done three days before according to my bank info (17.26euro, BE16363108255474, Variable symbol: 102886, SWIFT COBADEFFXXX). I assume it should be enough for you to process, but the credit in my account is still 0 euro. Could you please verify the transaction and update the credit for me? Thanks in advance."

Dear Ziyang Liu, I apologize to you for the delay, we have a problem with our banking, we will try to solve it on Monday. Your package has been shipped yesterday. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

26. 1. 2015
„I like the idea, the technology is sound and easier than other similar services but customer service is non existing. A registered letter is now in the mail for over 14 days and no question to support get\'s answered. I won\'t be using the service again, if they don\'t even care about a simple registered letter how is it going to be if there is a problem with a larger item?"

Dear Simon, I would like to ask you if you can use our e-mail: support@mailboxde.com. I found your message in our robot. , Martina Shejbalová, Mailboxde.com

25. 1. 2015
„Hello Mr.Krabs! Im little bit worried about my shipment nr 22232660. It has been 2 days in \"Ready to send\" , \"Forwarding order\" status. Are you still proccessing my shipment or its already sent? If it is sent, can I track it ?"

Dear Even, We dispatch shipments every day after 3 p.m (except for weekends). Your Forwarding order has to be generated until 2 p.m. for sending it the same day.Your shipment will be dispatched today. , Martina Shejbalová, Mailboxde.com

23. 1. 2015
„You are the best.I\'m perfectly satisfied with the service. Thank you so, so much! "
Ewelina K.

23. 1. 2015
„Regarding my shipment 22231492 delivered to my mailbox 31695, ID 31695 Äussere Weberstr. 57 02763 Zittau, GERMANY , i have paid via paypal transaction id JJD014600001499889162 and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount.Therefore is it possible to verrify my deposit via the paypal so as to be able to initiate the sent process? also from my bad internet connection i made 2 times the payment via pay pal. i could have the solution of this problem? "
kostas poulopoulos

Dear Mr. Poulopoulos, I have controlled your account and your payments were processed correctly. Can you check your account, please? Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

22. 1. 2015
„First time using your serives and totally recommend it. No issues encountered. Fair price, but should reduce the Price of Services and should add price for 1.5kg,2.5g,3.5kg etc... Do\'nt know why I have chraged for 33,53 euro for 2.53kg and 70 euro valued item."
Talor Samara, Israel

22. 1. 2015
„I would like to ask how can i change my details on my account? "

Dear Nik, Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We can change your details. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

21. 1. 2015
„No. 22231900 I would like to know when you are going to send it and how long it would need to take to arrive to Israel using Deutsche Post - Weltpaket by economy"
Talor Samara, Israel

20. 1. 2015
„Regarding my shipment 22231771 delivered to my mailbox Mailboxde.com e.K., i have paid via paypal transaction id 8S555456LW086080X and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount.Therefore is it possible to verrifymy deposit via the paypal so as to be able to initiate the sent process?"

Dear Mr. Kamateros, I have checked your account and the credit was processed in the order, your shipment is on the way. I would like to ask you if you can contact UPS in your country, they do not ship to PO Boxes. You can send me your new address via e-mail. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

19. 1. 2015
„First time user and totally recommend it. No issues encountered."
Bogdan C

16. 1. 2015
„First time with this forwarder and everything went very smooth and quick forwarding ! UPS delivery at reasonable prices ....."
Xavier, France

16. 1. 2015
„I\'m waiting for response (e-mail) to me about refund on account (get back my money) because finally not use their services because it was a LED TV. I need get back my money. Thanks."
Francisco Sanchez

Dear Mr. Sánchez, I would like to ask you if you can send me your IBAN and SWIFT code via e-mail. Thank you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

12. 1. 2015
„Very good and fast delivery. Well done Mailboxde team. Will be in touch..."
Lukasz S

12. 1. 2015
„I used Your system for the first time and everything went smoothly and fast. I will certainly use it again !"
Małgorzata, Poland

9. 1. 2015
„What do you mean Yes pay for the goods Do you want to ship or no Will contact a lawyer I will email you my friends to the warehouse to discuss this matter My shipment own goal in the warehouse 10 days and ask now paid first Seems to want to steal my shipment will see"
toms pl

Dear Sir,

Shipment was returned to OTTO (Shipment number: 00340433836326261877). We have refunded your money. Contact the seller, please. Shipments handed to the Forwarder and Collection Depot cannot contain following items:
y) Shipment which was not paid for properly.
In the case the Forwarder is informed that the shipment has not been paid yet, the Customer is given a 5 days deadline for explanation, remedy and payment via bank account. ... If the debt is not paid, the unpaid shipment is sent back to the Sender.

Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

9. 1. 2015
„Hi, I have Mailboxde ID no. 22534. You sent me a package (Forwarding Order 22221112) since 8th December 2014 and it\'s stuck! It\'s over a month now and i don\'t know whats going on! Can you help please?"
Marios L.

8. 1. 2015
„I was told by support last week I\'d hear some feedback on Monday about my situation. It\'s Thursday now and I\'ve heard nothing. You can read about my problem with mailboxde a few posts below this. "
Ian Hoare

8. 1. 2015
„Hi, shipment is stuck for more than 36 hrs as \"ready to send\""
toms pl

Dear Sir,

Shipment was returned to OTTO (Shipment number: 00340433836326261877). We have refunded your money. Contact the seller, please. Shipments handed to the Forwarder and Collection Depot cannot contain following items:
y) Shipment which was not paid for properly.
In the case the Forwarder is informed that the shipment has not been paid yet, the Customer is given a 5 days deadline for explanation, remedy and payment via bank account. ... If the debt is not paid, the unpaid shipment is sent back to the Sender.

Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

7. 1. 2015
„My first order through mailboxde was perfect - really fast. The second is far from that: although is January, and the christmas season is over, it took almost a day for the packages to appear in my received shipments, and one more day went by, but my packages are still not consolidated. I also haven\'t received any reply to my e-mail. Is everything all right with my orders, should I wait more?"
Csaba Kiss

5. 1. 2015
„Thanks for the forwarding from Amazon.de to Belgium, perfect service !"

2. 1. 2015
„On the 02/12/2014 I registered with your website. On the 16/12/2014 your warehouse received my package from London. I paid to have my package shipped to Ireland with Deutsche Post Weltpaket - Priority, Insurance up to 500 EUR. Before it was shipped I asked your customer support to put my city on my billing address as it was not appearing for some reason. The mail address was ok. I was told my address had been updated. My package was shipped on 17/12/2014. On the 21/12/2014 the package arrived at the mail sorting center in Ireland. It stayed there until the 28/12/2014 and it was sent back to Germany. I was informed by DHL and An Post (Irish postal service) that there was incomplete address information on the package. As of now, I don\'t know where my package is. As it has been returned to mailboxde, I believe it is your duty to inform me when you receive my parcel. I would also like to know the details of the 500 EUR insurance I purchased in the event I do not receive my package. Preferably I would like to have my package resent to my proper address. Ian Hoare I sent this to your support staff before shipment and I was told it was corrected. I have been in contact with your support before the New Year and after I sent them evidence that I asked for my address to be corrected before shipment they have stopped replying to me. I\'m sure this is a very busy time of year for mailboxde but this is a very important package and I am trying very hard not to get angry about this situation. Therefore I am contacting you here for a quick resolution to this. I am looking forward to your quick reply."
Ian Hoare

Dear Mr. Hoare, I have checked the e-mail and you are right, the mistake is on our side. I strongly apologize to you. We will refund your shipping costs. We will inform you about the returned shipment. I am sorry. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

23. 12. 2014
„Dear Mailboxde.com, I have emailed my enquiry below but I am also posting it here in case someone may have overlooked it, though I understand that it is the festive season and it is very busy there at Malboxde.com. I am your customer with mailbox no. 27464 and I have a question regarding total shipping fee of consolidated items. I have asked for 3 items of mine currently in your warehouse to be consolidated before being sent to Malaysia. The weight of each item are 0.33 kg, 0.245 kg, and 0.38 kg. The total weight (if my calculation is correct) is just a little bit below 1.00 kg. (0.955 kg) However, when I received an email alert of my items already consolidated and went to check on your website, the postage fee (selected carrier: Deutsche Post - Small Package, Insurance up to 35 EUR) itself is 22.79 EUR. May I know why am I charged this fee? Is it because the weight of the Groupage box + total weight of the 3 items has exceeded 1.00 kg, and therefore I am charged a postage fee for total item weight of below 2.00 kg? Curiously enough, the fee for that is EUR 19.15, as stated on your website: http://mailboxde.com/malaysia.html . Furthermore, if the total weight is still below 1.00kg (and if my understanding is correct), the postage fee (not including other extras) should be between EUR 9.15 to EUR 15.15, depending on my selection. Hope to receive your explanation (including the detailed breakdown of costs) regarding this matter. Thank you."
Firdaus S., Malaysia

Dear Mr. Shahbudin, I am writting regarding the pricing of our services and the pricing of our postage. Your consolidated box contains the weight of the box for consolidation (Total weight with your packages is 1,43 Kg). Our system shows all prices incl. VAT. However our prices for shipments outside the EU are exempted from VAT. The deducted VAT is visible on your Forwarding order (last item the "Differences in VAT rates" with the minus sign). The total cost for postage is really 19,15 EUR (22,79 EUR - 19% VAT = 19,15 EUR). We know that this is quite confusing for our customers and we will work on more user-friendly solution. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com

22. 12. 2014
„I have emailed several times to change my postal code that I have entered wrongly, only to receive no reply. Furthermore, I made the effort to make an overseas phone call and the person at the hotline was unable to assist me with my request. Very slow and disappointing service."

17. 12. 2014
„Dear Mr Krabs, could You look at my shipment please? I would really, really appreciate it if You would send it before 17:00 today. I know it isn\'t Your duty at all, but I would really like to get my package before weekend (UPS declares it\'s possible if package is sent before 17:00 today). Sorry for taking Your time, and I appreciate Your services. Shipment no: 22224416"
Szymon, Cracow

17. 12. 2014
„A very good morning to all of you. In brief and regarding my shipment (22224040) delivered to my mailbox (30324), I have paid via PayPal (Transaction ID: 8W112460E8997754R) and your system has not been automatically updated with the corresponding amount (as it usually happens with payments via PayPal). As a result the funds are not showing in the relevant credit field and thus I cannot proceed further with the sent process. Furthermore, although I have already communicated this issue via your service mail, I haven’t received any response yet. I truly understand that Mailboxde has to deal with an enormous shipment demand since we are already in Christmas season and I certainly consider this issue as an exception to your excellent services. However, is it possible to verify my deposit via the PayPal so as to be able to initiate the sent process? In any case please forgive me for being impatient concerning my shipment. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Wish Happy Christmas to all of you."
Dimitrios Papakostas, Athens - Greece

Dear Mr. Papakostas, I strongly apologize to you for this error. We have recharged your credit and there was 1,50 EUR added as a discount. We wish happy Christmas to you and thank you for your feedback! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

17. 12. 2014
„Everything went OK. I received my package fairy quick. 10/10 would recomend."
Lukasz, Poland

14. 12. 2014
„Hello. I am using this company for several monthes now. It is just so great!! Very good customer service! Nice web interface great communication! Very responsible staff all i can say is 100% perfect."
mike p. israel

13. 12. 2014
„I ask for consolidate 4 packages in one XL box. Total weight 4,23 kg. Why it cost 11,45 EUR? When I reading Your pricelist, I understood that I would pay EUR 3.55 for the consolidation of the XL packet and EUR 3.90 \"fee for processing\" packet up to 5 kg. So that should be 7,45 Eur + postage. Shipment nr 22222490."

Dear Marek, For consolidated shipments each item, a groupage box and one postage is charged. These conditions can be found in our pricelist of services (marked red). Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

11. 12. 2014
„Everything perfect. Two Kindles recieved from amazon.de sent to Denmark. It took about a working day from Amazon reported it delivered to Mailboxde had sent it with UPS as ordered. Can\'t ask for more than that. :D"
Rene - Denmark

10. 12. 2014
„Seems to be a 50/50 chance Mailboxde will forward your goods to the UK. Communication also leaves a lot to be desired. I don\'t think I\'ll be recommending this service to anyone."

Dear Steve, Your package was refused - we do not receive TVs because our carriers do not support their transportation. It is very risky for our customers. Therefore we have decided to refuse all TVs (complete list of prohibited goods can be found on our website). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

8. 12. 2014
„Very good and timely services. Will definitely use again."

5. 12. 2014
„Where\'s my package? It says it\'s in destination country but I have not received anything yet?"

Dear Samuel, I apologize to you, all registered shipments to the USA are delayed before Christmas. We will claim your package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

4. 12. 2014
„Fast service, low fees, 100% recommend! "

27. 11. 2014
„The package Shipment 22215471 (tracking RR959262010CZ )supposed to be delivered in 9 business days, but so far (10 business days passed), the package has not even show up in USPS system to deliver!Where is my package?"
Ms Gao

Dear Ms Gao, I apologize to you, all registered shipments to the USA are delayed before Christmas. We will claim your package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

27. 11. 2014
„Perfect. Thank You"

24. 11. 2014
„Excellent cooperation !!! Rapid dispatch, everything perfectly and without any problems."
Jacek, Poland

24. 11. 2014
„Guys, You are incredible, fast, reliable, correcting my errors (apologies for messing up). Higly recomended company and services, I will get back to you for sure."

22. 11. 2014
„Second time using this service from Germany to USA - fast and flawless, thank you!"
Debbie, USA

22. 11. 2014
„Everything was just perfect. Express shipment, responses to every question. I recomend."
Jakub, Myszków

20. 11. 2014
„Hi, package is stuck in ready to ship for 2 days. Contacted support to change shipping but no response."
Roderick Micallef

Dear Mr. Micallef, Your shipment was delayed due to public holiday in Germany (in Sachsen). Our warehouse was closed. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

14. 11. 2014
„I\'ve got Feedback from mailboxde.com: \"Dear Filip, I was in the Czech Republic today in Geis because of your shipment. Your package was found in Prag and should be sent to your country today. We apologize to you for the delay. We will refund our fee. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs\" Thanks Ondrej for your effort! Greetings!"
Filip, Poland

14. 11. 2014
„ok, so I wrote two mails to you, mailboxde.com. My package 90619730847 was received at depot 11/12/2014 5:57 PM. Then it was missorted at 11/13/2014, I wrote a mail to mailboxde.com - no response. At the next day 11/13/2014 3:53 PM it was received at depot again. Still no feedback from mailboxde.com. Since then the Status is the same, I wrote next mail to mailboxde.com - still no feedback. Dear Mailboxde.com, maybe if I send You the message here, You will response. Thanks in Advance"
Filip, Poland

14. 11. 2014
„Great! Got my package in 2 days from warehouse."
Konrad, Poland

13. 11. 2014
„Great service, great deal ! I\'ve been able to order the new amazon Kindle Voyage (unavailable in France) through Mailboxde.com and have shipped to Paris. Thank you so much !"
Marion, France

7. 11. 2014
„I got 5 packages during 2 weeks, put them in a bigger package then forwarded them with UPS. Everything was intact. Good services overall, just as advertised."
Marius B., Romania

2. 11. 2014
„Excellent service. I will certainly use it again. The package arrived safely. I only wish there was an option for faster shipping to Greece."
Christos Avgoust.

25. 10. 2014
„Good job! You guys consolidated and repacked my items, several jackets, really carefully. They put an extra piece of cardboard on the top of box; I think it really prevent someone from cutting the jackets when opening the box. Thanks a lot!“
Shawn, Taiwan

22. 10. 2014
„Great! I am happy with the service mailboxde. The consignment was delivered quickly and most importantly intact."
Adrian Poland

21. 10. 2014
„Great contact, quick shipment, fair prices. I can recommend MailboxDE!“

08. 10. 2014
„Hi, shipment no 22207624 is stucked for more than 24hrs as "ready to send". I have paid through paypal“
Eric Poland

Dear Eric, Your package has been shipped next working day after the confirmation of your Forwarding order. Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail for further details. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

08. 10. 2014
„Hi, I sent money to my account yesterday and mine bank shows that its done but your system doesnt What should i do?“
Otas M. Lithuania

Dear Otas, Your money should arrive to our bank account within 1-2 working days, once your bank has confirmed the transfer. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

07. 10. 2014
„Hi, shipment no 22207640 is stucked for more than 36hrs as "ready to send". I have pay through paypal for a prompt UPS service.“
Michail M. Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Dear Michail, Your shipment has been rejected in "UPS Standard" mode because of the place of delivery (Island). We will send your package today with UPS Express Saver. Your package should arrive sooner. I apologize to you for the waiting. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

03. 10. 2014
„Excellent service. I purchased an item from Germany (via Amazon.de) and the process was just as described. Shipping was prompt and the item was just as I expected it. Thank you Mailboxde.com!!“
California, United States

01. 10. 2014
„ Hi, I've received my package today, & I must say that the overall experience is really great actually! It's just that I chose the wrong shipping option. My bad. I really look forward to using your services again in the very near future. Highly recommended. This is gonna be my permanent shipping service. Mr. Krabs actually assisted me almost throughout. Thanks so much & kind regards.“
Fairoz Samil, Singapore.

23. 09. 2014
„Tried your service w/ Czech Post Registered Mail Economy, after the payment my parcel in Taipei within five days....amazingly fast! Thank you guys.“
Shawn Taipei

20. 09. 2014
„Excellent,i will use it again for sure.They realy did anything to resolve my problem.I delievered my package fast.Recomended service.Thanks for your help.“
Dimitris Kotsakis,Greece

18. 09. 2014
„Trusted-> Wysyłka zsotała wysłana dzień po jej otrzymniu. Szybka odpowiedz na maila. Polecam“
Michael Poland

17. 09. 2014
„Hi, I've sent an email to U guys about my shipment, but I've yet to get a response. It's stated that my shipment was posted on 5th September. But, I've not gotten any notifications or my package. Please advise. Thanks & kind regards.“
Fairoz Samil. Singapore.

Dear Mr. Samil, The shipment was shipped via Deutsche Post - Economy method. Unfortunately the transit time is not guaranteed. Your shipment should be delivered this or next week. I will inform you when I receive more tracking details. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

17. 09. 2014
„Great service, very good price and I saved a lot of mony with option to combine more packages into one shippment. I will deffinitely recomend to others“
Jessy, Slovenia

17. 09. 2014
„Five emails sent,no response at all,still trying out to find my package after five days of delievery by them.Too bad,i think that lost my item,lost my money.“
Dimitris Kotsakis

Dear Mr. Kotsakis, Your shipment was recorded the same day to your account (on 12. 09. 2014, 12:45, received at 11:23). I have checked our e-mail and unfortunately we have received your first e-mail today. I would like to ask you if you can check our e-mail with all instructions in your spam filter. However this e-mail was sent once again today. Do not hesitate to contact me. I will try to call you. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

Update (17. 09. 2014):
Dear Mr. Kotsakis, I found the mistake, the shipment is on the way to your country to another person with the same name and a very similar last name as yours, we will stop the shipment and change the address. I strongly apologize to you for this problem, we will inform you and deliver it for free. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

Update (19. 09. 2014):
Dear Mr. Kotsakis, Your shipment should be delivered today or on Monday by UPS. I apologize for the mistake. Have a nice weekend! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

07. 09. 2014
„Thank you very much for fast, accurate and reliable packet handling and transportation. I was very satisfied with the service closest to you can turn to with confidence.“
András Sz., Hungary

05. 09. 2014
„My second package express delivered, sent on tuesday came on friday, great forwarding service, I recommend mailboxde to everyone who need something from Germany from shops that don't send orders in another EU countries. No need to worry Mailboxde will send it for you.“
Kreso Croatia

05. 09. 2014
„Great service! I've used Mailboxde twice now without any problems. Reasonable shipping prices too. Very happy, I will use Mailboxde again!“
Julie, Sydney Australia

04. 09. 2014
„I used your service first time and I can tell that you did a very nice work. I got my item very fast. Good service, I will use it again when I will need it.“
Filip Croatia

02. 09. 2014
„I used the mailboxde service for the first time. Everything went really good. I only have a slight complain from dhl, about the time of arrival. Overall I am satisified, I would probably choose UPS for my next delivery. Thanks!“
Dimitris Gkouvas

02. 09. 2014
„Fantástico!!!, funcionan fenomenal, de confianza, Martina Shejbalová me ayudó con el idioma. Desde aquí animo a los españoles a comprar el Kindle más barato que en España. Fantastic!! Really great job, it works quickly and with all confidence. Thanyou very much“
Elvira F., Spain

20. 08. 2014
„I've discovered your site from an Internet forum post; I needed to forward electronics delivered to Germany to Hellas. Everything went smooth: items were delivered to your warehouse and they were quickly dispatched from it. No hidden costs and no silly 'montly rates'. I will recommend your service to family and friends and will definetely use your services in the future.“
Manos P., Hellas

20. 08. 2014
„Hi! Thank you for sending to me so quickly my package as soon you got it. However it is stucked in Frankfurt for 11 days now and no sign when to recieve by air mail tracking! Please help me! Will i receive my package and when? Thanks“
Marios, Cyprus

Dear Marios, I sent you an e-mail. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

19. 08. 2014
„I started sourcing items on ebay.de a few months ago and choose mailboxde.com after looking at the alternatives in Germany. Today I received 3 packages each weighing just under 50kg. This was over a 100 items that I bought on ebay.de. Everything was consolidated very well and with mailboxde.com able to send 50kg with UPS the cost was extremely competive. I will definitly use mailboxde in the future and hope to do business with them for a long time to come.“
John U, Netherlands

08. 08. 2014
„Hi Maiboxde Team, First of all, thanks for the great service! This is the first time I have used service like yours and I must admit that I am glad that I choose you! Everything was fast and informative, from registration (and acquiring your/my temporarily address) to the whole shipping process. Also, your support is great - fast and helpful ;) I am recommending you to all my friends. I will surly use your services in future. Thanks for everything!“
Luka, Croatia

08. 08. 2014
„Excellent service! I've used Mailboxde services twice to transfer packages (Mobile phone/E-Reader) in to Finland, and both times everything has been just perfect. Fast delivery, good prices, no problems at all. Highly recommended!!!“
Henry P.

06. 08. 2014
„I'm very satisfied with your service but I miss information of who the sender is, when you receive a package I've ordered.“
Poul Hansen

Dear Poul, Thank you for your feedback. You can see this information on your Forwarding order or in the e-mail notification. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

04. 08. 2014
„Hello, I have received parcels at my mailboxde.com address, after that I asked for consolidation service and it's been about 1week since I asked for consolidation and nothing happens. I try to contact thru email, but no one is responding. Also one of my packages was delivered on 29th of July, but wasnt added to my received packages list. Waiting for a response to clear these things out.“
Kestutis M.

Dear Sir, Your consignments are checked by the police. Please contact the Bundespolizei Sachsen for more information. Unfortunately, we do not know the reason. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

Update, 29.8.2014:
Dear Sir, we have received the information from the seller, that the name of the credit card was not correct. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

02. 08. 2014
„Recommended service!“

27. 07. 2014
„Great and very fast service, I ordered something from Germany and mailboxde forward it next day and it came amazingly quickly in Croatia and for only 15 euros for big package. I recommend this service to everybody“

25. 07. 2014
„Hello it is about 1month 15 days that you shipped my package but not receive .i have bought several part from germany and it was not such so long.please explain where is my package.“

Dear Sir, Your shipment was shipped by Czech Post - Economy because of the high weight of the package. You can see in the tracking (http://postserv.post.gov.tw/webpost/CSController) that your shipment was shipped by truck. I believe that this truck was heading to the port and your shipment is transported on a ship. I am sorry that you are waiting for your shipment. However, we have launched a complaint. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

25. 07. 2014
„Incredible Service!! I was skeptical, but very pleased I went ahead and ordered from a German only seller and shipped to Mailboxde.com. Super fast delivery and notification. Highly recommended. Saved me over €40 to buying the product elsewhere in Europe. Thank you“
Matt w - España

22. 07. 2014
„I bought a device from a website but i could not get them to write my ID.Is this ok? (my name is written)“

Dear Maya, Your shipment was delivered already. We can identify the shipment by name. The ID is necessary in certain cases (eg. Name is not specified or customers with the same name, etc.). Have a nice day! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

20. 07. 2014
„Bad service. emailed twice regarding the custom duty related questions but never received a response.DONT USE IT.“

Dear Sir, I apologize to you for the waiting. Your e-mail was answered in the next working day due to the time difference on your continent and the upcoming weekend. I regret it. However we will try to improve it. When the shipment goes outside the EU, there is the custom duty to pay (you can try: dutycalculator.com). The bill will be send by post to your home address from the custom office. To make the quotation I need to know the weight, the dimensions and the insurance (or the value of that shipment). Please, provide me with this information, so I can calculate the final cost. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

19. 07. 2014
„Hullo and good day, I have received today my first parcel (consolidated) from you and am very pleased with your service.My German is weak, but I found your website logical and user-friendly, and your email notifications excellent. Vielen danke!“
David Wallace

02. 07. 2014
„Guten Tag, wie viel es die Lieferung dieses Artikels mit ebay in Russland kosten? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Chopper-Fahrrad-Red-Baron-3-G-Rot-/181452452720?clk_rvr_id=661564517983
Vasiliy Domrachev, Russland

Sehr geehrter Herr Domrachev, Ihre Sendung (22 kg) können wir nur per EMS nach Russland für 137,87 EUR absenden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

28. 06. 2014
„Hey, I want to know if shipping must include insurance paying.“

Dear Eden, Thank you for your feedback. You can send uninsured letters to the EU only. We do not offer package forwarding without any insurance. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

23. 06. 2014
„Hi Team Mailboxde, I had been looking for a Mailbox service in Germany as a popular Online German store will only deliver in Germany which really disappointed me initially! Rather than sending to friends in Germany, I wanted to find an alternative simple to use system, which is when I came across your company on the Internet and my disappointment turned to excitement! I used your service for the first time recently and its run with the typical German efficiency that I would expect. Registration process was very straightforward and I received my Mailboxde address immediately. Adding credit to my account was also instantaneous via PayPal. I very promptly received an email when my package arrived at Mailboxde detailing the sender and package dimensions to assist me with forwarding charges. When forwarding the package, the selection of carrier and their associated charges was very helpful in making my selection. Receiving the email confirmation when the package was dispatched with tracking number enabled me to track the delivery, which was superb and arrived in mint condition. My overall experience was super and I had no need to contact customer service at any stage and will continue to use your services. Keep up the great work.“
John, Ireland

09. 06. 2014
„I'm interested in acquiring car parts from http://www.kunzmann.de, can i use your service to have the item ships to yours, and then ships back to Brunei?“
H Shah

Dear Sir, we can ship your packages to Brunei without any problems. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

08. 06. 2014
„ Hello, do you forward the packages to Iraq, we have DHL office in ERBIL. And I buy from USA via another site and they deliver it to DHL or FEDEX or UPS to Erbil, Iraq.“
Wahab, Iraq

Dear Sir, Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping to your country. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

31. 05. 2014
„Hello! I live in USA. Would you bid and pay for some eBay items? I want to buy several things on eBay.de and some sellers only accept "transfer" money (Überweisung) which would be difficult for me to do. Shipping would be no problem since you can do that service :)“

Dear Kiki, Unfortunately, we do not offer assisted purchase. I can recommend a service such as Transferwise. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com

30. 05. 2014
„Great service and not expensive, received my goods in good shape by UPS. Very satisfied!“
Pim C, Amsterdam

26. 05. 2014
„Just perfect from start to delivery - thank you so much... This will not be the last time I use this service!“
Joost - Denmark

29. 05. 2014
„Thanks to this great service I was able to receive a small shipment from Australia! On my first try, without Mailboxde, the package was lost by the post. Very good service and support!“

15. 5. 2014
„Hello and good evening, Why can't I choose Economy Czech Post when I select a carrier for postage? I see this option at your "Postage Price List" to Israel but I cannot select this option of postage.“
Yishai, Israel

Dear Yishai, I apologize to you, we do not offer this shipping option to Israel. The transit time is very long. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej, Mailboxde.com

29. 04. 2014
„If i buy a kindle 4 in amazon.de, and i want it to be shipped to spain, how much will cost to me? How many time will take to come from germany?“

13. 5. 2014
„where is my package 22177900 shipping records? I did pay money and requested to ship this package. But there is nothing record of it. And there is nothing answer from you.“

Dear Takahiro, We have canceled your Forwarding order based on your requirement. Shipment was not re-recorded. We will refund our fee in this case. I apologize to you for the mistake. Your shipment was recorded this week once again. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

09. 5. 2014
„Could someone please answer my email re- missing package? I have emailed many times but have not yet heard back,thankyou“

Dear Lisa, your e-mail has been answered 16 days ago: Dear Lisa, We have recieved to our warehouse today the package without ID and name on the label. We have found the invoice and find out that the package is for you as in the invoice is your name. We have one more package here without name and ID on it. This package came to our warehouse 2.4.2014 but there is no invoice or anything how to find out who this package belong. Both packages are from the same sender so it might be package also for you? Are you missing some package? If so, could you please send us tracking number and we will compare with tracking on the label. Regards Michal, Mailboxde.com

05. 05. 2014
„I was looking for a package forwarding service in Germany for a long time and mailboxde.com works just wonderful. I always immediately receive anyswers to any support requests, the home page is logical and works very well, the item I ordered was processed in no time and received successfully. I am absolutely sure I will use the service in the future again and would highly recommend to my friends. Thank you for the excellent service.“
Orsolya Sz.S, Budapest, Hungary

18. 4. 2014
„My package stay with mailboxde from 14.11.2013 until now. Because they can't accept my paypal payment. They ask me use webmoney that doesn't work for payment and T/T also got fee. Now very headace how to pay them. This problem never happen with forward2me in UK. I not recommend asia customer to use mailboxde service.“

Dear Ekkapol, We offer payment via PayPal from 1st of May 2014 for all supported countries. If you do not wish to use wire transfer or Webmoney, you can use PayPal instead (Note: The name on the PayPal account or credit card must be the same as the customer´s and receiver´s name). Thank you for your feedback. It will help to improve our services in your country. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

09. 04. 2014
„My package is sent in March 31. It said it will be delivered within 12 days. USPS post office said it is still suck in Czech. Very bad experience. I hope this is never happened.“
Huaping Li

Dear Huaping Li, Your shipment was the same day (on 9. 4. 2014) sorted by USPS in New York, on 10. 4. 2014 processed through USPS Sort Facility in JERSEY CITY, NJ 07097. I believe that your shipment will be delivered as soon as possible (actually in 12 working days). You can use usps.com to track your package. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

07. 04. 2014
„This is one of the few companies where you think: "How did I ever survive before I found them?" Great service!“
Ruediger (Taipei)

02. 04. 2014
„Thank you for your service. My experience was very good.“
Xiaomeng Wang

07. 03. 2014
„Guys, I've got the confirmation that my shipment is at your warehouse at 19, Feb. I paid for delivery at 26, Feb. Since that date No feedback from you, No recharging for my account!!! It's not a good style!!! What's going on?“

Dear Alex, I apologize to you for the delay. Unfortunately your payment was without the variable symbol. Your account was recharged. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

22. 02. 2014
„Hi, I have used your service before and very happy with it. This time I have 2 packages on the way to you, but I think the packages used is very much bigger than my actual items. When using "Consolidation" can you repack all my items, so that they could fit in a smaller box?“
Nana L.

Hello, Yes, we do offer this sevice. It is called the "Outside Boxes Away" and you can save this request at your account before consolidation. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com

19. 02. 2014
„hei, halusin vaan kertoa suomalaisille että palvelu toimi niin hyvin ku vaan voi toimia ja tavara tulee nopeasti suomeen kun tilasin uusimman sukupolven luurin tuolta yhdestä saksalaisesta verkkokaupasta joka ei lähetä suomeen.
Very good, I recommend your service, my mobile phone arrived to Finland quickly, thank you!“

18. 02. 2014
„We are working with them since the beginning. They deserve 3R, RRR: RAPID, RELIABLE & READY.“

13. 02. 2014
„Great service! Fast shipment with notification. Keep up the good work. Have you considered making smartphone app for mailboxde? Just an idea...“
Josip, Croatia

Dear Josip, Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate it! We plan to improve our system for smartphones. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

12. 02. 2014
„I bought a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon.de and shipped it to my Mailboxde.com address. Everything went smooth, their handling fee was really cheap and my package arrived in 10 days for about 14 Euros in total. Really great customer service too.“
Alican, Hungary

09. 02. 2014
„Hi! If I don't request consolidation for packages, do you still open the original package or not? If you do, do you still charge me for it?“

Hello Marco, Thank you for your feedback. We do not open shipments if it is not required from customers and to your second question ­ there is no consolidation fee. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com

05. 02. 2014
„Transfered money from paypal to this website balance, and put my shipments in ready to send, waiting 3days and I still dindn't received DHL tracking.“

Dear Simon, Your shipment has been stopped for security reasons. We were contacted by the austrian police and at the same time by the sender with the request of stopping it. Please, submit a document from your bank within 5 days showing that the shipment was properly paid and have not breached our terms and conditions (General Conditions of Freight Forwarding). Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

01. 02. 2014
„Incredibly fast service! All worked as stated in info. Uskomattoman nopeaa toimintaa. Kaikki toimi niinkuin infossa ilmoitettiin.“
Mika, Finland

29. 01. 2014
„I have an item with you since 26 jan, i paid the charges on the same day and 2 days later , your staff wrote an email to me saying that i need to pay more because of the value of my item. I have been writing email everyday to ask the extra amount n way to pay. Till now it 1feb, still no answer yet.“

Dear Lowell, The value of your shipment is over 1 000 EUR. According to our terms, we do not accept shipments with that value from customers from outside of the EU. Shipments with the value of 1 001 € has to have a special customs declaration and these shipments are controlled by customs. It will take few working days. This service costs 37 €. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Jakub, Mailboxde.com

29. 01. 2014
„I am very excited I can now purchase from europe with this honest and reliable company. Great postage prices as well, much cheaper than others.“
rebecca murr, sydney

27. 01. 2014
„ Fast delivery, great service and communication, cheap prices although I did order really light items. But I will order from here when I need.“
Yossi, Israel

23. 01. 2014
„I forgot to write mailboxde.com infront of the shipment addres, will that be a problem?“

Yes, it is a problem. All incoming shipments with the Mailboxde.com missing in the address are verified and it is required the notarised Power of attorney. Sincerely, Martina Shejbalova, Mailboxde.com

15. 01. 2014
„Hello. I just bought some car parts on ebay.de and seller wants to know my shipment phone number in the ebay shipment adress form. Should I use my home phone number or you can provide me German phone number to solve this problem? Thank you“
Alexander S, Russia

15. 01. 2014
„Hello! I am from Ukraine and it is awful, that I can't pay with Visa or Paypal. Webmoney is the worst payment system I've ever used. Before I transfer my money I have to pay a lot of taxes, since Euro is not national currency, search for a payment termital, register on webmoney site. I would not recomment using this site for users outside EU.“
Smirnova Anastasiia

Dear Mrs. Smirnova, Your account has been verified and you can pay through the PayPal now. I apologize to you for this complication. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com

25. 12. 2013
„ Many thanks for your quick service and immediate notifications :-)“
Piotr W.

23. 12. 2013
„ I used your service first time and I can tell that you did a very nice work. I got my item very fast and it was very well packed. Good service, I will use it again when I will need it. “

18. 12. 2013
„Absolutely perfect service, helping save time and money. I will surely use it in the future and recommend this solution to my friends.“
Mariusz, Poland

02. 12. 2013
„ My experience with Mailboxde, is not good! Since the first day the item arrived to warehouse, it has been a nightmare! First, the problem was because they have a carrier(Hermes) in the list, that dosent pickup their ofen. Obviously, i didn't know that, therefore i choose it. Only a couple of days later e realise that the item was still in the warehouse. The second issue was, they changed the carrier to DHL deutsche Post carrie, wich is the worse carrier in terms of delivery times in Germany, (rom my previous expirinces)my opinion. However, sense it was a Premium service (air Mail) maybe this time could be faster in the delivey, but, it turns out that i was wrong! it has passed by 5 working days and the my item its still in Germany. Forgot to tell that the destination is Portugal. My feedback as a costumer in a scale 1 - 10 is 2. Very unhappy with service as a wole! “
Filipe, PT Answer:
Dear Mr Simoes, I have checked the situation and your shipment was dispatched 27th of November from Germany. Your shipment should be in Portugal at the moment and it should arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow at least. If it wont arrive by this time, we will call you negotiating following procedure. We apologize for this inconvenience. Our fee was returned last week. Sincerely, Martina, Mailboxde.com

12. 12. 2013
„Excellent and lightning fast service.“
Tumi, Finland

27. 12. 2013
„Surprisingly fast, accurate and reliable. I was a little bit concern about the reliability of this service since it is free, and they were managing a expensive good previously paid. But it worked like a charm. And is really cheap!“
Miguel, Spain

12. 12. 2013
„Hello, I bought an item yesterday on a german website and sent to my brand new virtual address at Mailboxde.com. Since I had no guarantee for this to work, and I still paid nothing, I sent a couple of mails to you but no answer yet. I'm just in the point of cancelling my buy, waiting for someone in Mailboxde that makes me believe that there's someone real behind this. Is that true? thanks!“
Miguel, Spain

Dear Miguel, I would like to ask you if you can try send your e-mail to support@mailboxde.com once again. I apologize to you, we did not receive your e-mail. However you can use our service without any problems. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

22. 11. 2013
„I transfered 100 Euros via Paypal your page timed out but the paypal transaction went through however the funds are not showing under credit when I log on more details sent to support email address. + 1 for Automatic Consolidation on a daily Basis“

Dear Simon, I strongly apologize to you. Your deposit is already visible. I have sent you small sale for the waiting. Have a nice weekend. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

13. 11. 2013
„Great Job ! Pleasure doing bussines with you ! Thank you .“
L.O./ Romania

13. 11. 2013
„Great Job ! Pleasure doing bussines with you ! Thank you .“
L.O./ Romania

13. 11. 2013
„Great service from mailboxde, so glad I found them. Everything went smoothly and will use them again in the future for sure.“
Craig, Belgium, Playstore Purchase

12. 11. 2013
„Forwarding my LG/Google Nexus 5 32Gb from Germany to Belgium was really fast. I'm really happy with the service provided by Mailboxde.com. I will surely recommend it to all my friends.“
Bas D.

11. 11. 2013
„Hi. If i want to Parcel Forwarding to Portgual an order that has a value of 1500-1700€ (3kg; 30x17x10cm) and want it to get full insurance which is the recommended shipping method? GLS insured for?“
Vitor E., Portugal Answer:
Dear Vitor, I can recommend Geis Parcel - GLS and do not hesitate to contact us before shipping. We can offer individual insurance from this carrier. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

07. 11. 2013
„Erinomainen ja nopea palvelu! Excelent and really quick service!“
Aleksi, Finland

07. 11. 2013
„Excellent service. One improvement that would make it all perfect is an option for automatic consolidation on a daily basis.“
Positronic (Amazon Seller)

06. 11. 2013
„Dear Ondrej, I am really grateful for your website and your impeccable service. You have saved me from many troubles for not being able to order directly from Germany (let alone the postage price which is sometimes ridiciulous, while you can offer much more competitive shipping). Keep up the good work!! “
Dusan S., Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

1. 11. 2013
„Dear Sir/Madam, I am getting "Sorry, your account cannot be charged via PayPal" error. Could you please allow it? How can I change my registration data? I am in Poland but it still says Outside the EU.“
Roman Answer:
Dear Roman, Your account was updated. You can pay via PayPal. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

21. 10. 2013
„I used mailboxde.com to forward my Kindle from amazon.de to Hungary. Everything worked as advertised. Prices are good. Thanks for the good service“
Botond Xantus

20. 10. 2013
„Hi guys, just registered at your website, going to try out the service, I use similar service to ship things from US myus.com. Couple of questions:
1) are you planning to use liqpay.com going forward?
2) I do not quite understand - "Generally it is recommended to pay by bank transfer if you send goods to an address other than your place of residence." So unless I do a bank transfer, I can not ship parcel to my relatives in the other country to where I leave, when account has been topped up with paypal? This is a major limitation! Eg. USA forwarding service allows me to send parcel to anywhere in the world not just myself.“
Aleksey R., Melbourne, Australia

15. 10. 2013
„just wanted to know how much it will cost to forward 3xkindle (same order) to the netherlands. I have no idea how big the package will be :(“
Dear Niels, You can order 2x Kindle from Amazon.de (unfortunately you can order max. 2 devices for 49 EUR) and we can ship them for 11,77 EUR + 2,80 EUR (14,57 EUR). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

13. 10. 2013
„Dear Ondrej, thank you for the great service. I had used mailboxde to forward my order from amazon.de directly to Poland few days ago. Very quick shipment, immediate email notifications, no issues with entire system. I can highly recommend mailboxde.“
Jan, Warsaw

08. 10. 2013
„Can ship used/New car parts measurement L150xW80xH60 weight 30kg ?“
Sai Tun
Dear Sai Tun, I confirm that we can ship your items. Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

01. 10. 2013
„The "received shipments" page has a magenta "consolidate all shipments" button, but for each received packet there is a free-form request field that has this description: "Individual Request - Example: Consolidate all packages". How are these related?“
Dear Artem, It was our old example. We will fix it. Thank you for the good reminder. Have a nice day! Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

26. 09. 2013
„Very impressed. Everything went smoothly with package forwarding from Germany to USA. Will use again.“

26. 09. 2013
„How do i get German VAT back when I order from German companies and the parcel shall be shipped by you to Norway?“
Hello, I apologize to you but we do not have a solution for you. Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

25. 09. 2013
„I received a shipment from Apple which happens to be come with you but I can not conclude the order of shipment to Italy why do not I see the CONTINUE button in the "Received shipments." What can I do? “
Piero M.

Dear Piero, I would like to ask you if you can send me a print screen. I will check it. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

24. 09. 2013
„I bet you will receive a huge load of iPhone orders. Will you be able to handle it? Please prepare for it. :)“

23. 09. 2013
„is it possible to buy from apple.de and ship to your address? thanks.“
Marco, Italy

Dear Marco, It should be possible. First iPhones should be delivered in October. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

17. 09. 2013
„Hi My Percel has been shipped on 12 sep and i get atrack number, but the website of Deutche Post DHL deos not give any details. it just give the following: "The item was posted on Sep 12, 2013 (Postfiliale Hrberkornplatz 1, 02763 Zittau). do you have any more details? and how i can expect the date of arrival."

Dear Mohamed, The item was handed over to the International Logistics Center Frankfurt on Sep 19, 2013 to be forwarded to Bahrain. Unfortunately the country of destination Bahrain offers tracking and tracing up to the recipient not yet. I would like to ask you if you can try this tracking site: http://www.e.gov.bh. I will contact you via e-mail. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

16. 09. 2013
„Hi Why my parcel not recive by MailBoxde.com its now On Hold in DHL Station due to unsuccesful delivery attempt , I send tracking nr in email.“
Gerald, Albania

Dear Gerald, I apologize to you, we can not sign your contract with Vodafone. See more at Deutsche Post DHL. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

09. 09. 2013
„Excellent service! Package received, payment en package was sent the same day.“
Alexander, Belgium

06. 09. 2013
„Dear mr Krabs, I wrote you an email to ask you if it is possible to track my sending. I can see that my package is sent from mailboxde.com depot. Now I would like to now when I can expect my sending :). The process of receiving my package and forwarding it to my adress went very quick. Now for the ETA :)!“
Martijn Schrijver

Dear Martijn, our mail server was overloaded. I apologize to you. Visit https://www.deutschepost.de/sendung/simpleQuery.html?locale=en_GB to track your shipment. Thank you for shipping with us. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

30. 08. 2013
„They handled very quickly all my (special) needs to get my (12th) shipment right (changing boxes, merging/unmerging packages, etc, plus paper work)! Could not be best! Thanks again for your great service!“
Marcelo from Brazil

23. 08. 2013
„I would just like to thank you for your excellent service and rapid turn around of my order from Amazon.de. This is the first time I've used a service such as this, and I've got to say I would have no hesitation recommending this service to my friends. Thank you!“

12. 08. 2013
„Croatia is in the EU,please change your postage prices“

Dear Marin, Your pricelist was updated. I apologize to you for the delay and thank you! Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

11. 08. 2013
„There is a site mailboxde.ru looking like mailboxde.com. Is it your branch or is it fraud?“
Sergey, Russia

Dear Sergey, It is our website. Have a great day! Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

29. 07. 2013
„I entrusted my shipment with you guys and I am glad I did. Everything as promised and very quick shipping and handling. Very reasonnable shipping price.“
Christianne T. Ebay Seller

14. 07. 2013
„Hello in Maiboxde, thanks fo the service you are providing to people from abroad, can we have an option to add money in our account via MoneyBookers or Neteller? Thanks Ahmed“

Dear Ahmed, You can use for example wmbroker.co.uk with your WebMoney account, if you wish to recharge via MoneyBookers (or you can use other exchange services - List of Online E-Currency exchangers where you can exchange WM to another e-currency and vice a versa). Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day! Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

02. 07. 2013
„Thank you! Not only was the shipment fast, but the response to my email was quick as well.“
Stephanie M.

02. 07. 2013
„Very reliable service and fast delivery“
Fulvio V., Brescia, Italy

18. 06. 2013
„Great service and customer support, helped me save 60€ on festival tickets. I will definitelly use it again.“
DK, Slovenia

14. 06. 2013
„Everything worked out perfectly. Easy and fast service !!!!“

14. 06. 2013
„This is the best freight forwarder I have ever used, 10/10 for ease of use 10/10 for postage prices and 10/10 for speed of forwarding shipments! You have a new loyal customer!“
Mark Alexander

10. 05. 2013
„Excellent service. Extremely fast and very cheap. My order was delivered from Germany to Portugal in less than a week after it reached the Mailboxde.“
Marco G.

01. 05. 2013
„Thank you Ondrej for all. You're my best friend!I sent already 12 packages and next package will be sent. Is it possible to send from you more than 100 packages per month?:P “
Thomas Gabriel

Dear Thomas, shipments to Poland will be more automated, 100 pieces (daily or monthly) is not a problem. Thank you for your feedback. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

25. 04. 2013
„Stil waiting for an EXPRESS delivery after 4 days, getting tired of waiting ...“
Vincent Mertens, Antwerp

Dear Vincent, Your shipment is already in Antwerp - last status 25. 4. 2013: "The shipment could not be delivered since the recipient was not present and is being stored. The recipient has been informed." Do not hesitate to contact me, when you receive your shipment. Sincerely,
Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

14. 04. 2013
„Awesome service and super fast shipping! :D“
Michael, Canada

04. 04. 2013
„Great service, fast, no hidden fees.“
Dragos, Bucharest/Romania

25. 02. 2013
„Very satisfied, quick forwarding, supreme service, good comunication,...one really excellent service!!!“
K, Slovenia

26. 02. 2013
„Super obsługa, ekspresowy termin przesłania przesyłki, polecam wszystkim.“
nrafal, Polska

23. 02. 2013
„Received two more packages from Mailboxde.com. As always, perfectly repacked, carefully wrapped. I asked for many special requests and had them all done. Best service in business - EVER!“
Marcelo, Brazil

22. 02. 2013
„Todella nopea toimitus ja hyvä yhteydenpito, suosittelen! Very fast shipping and great communication, highly recommended!“
Paavo, Finland

21. 02. 2013
„Could you please add area code 510 for USA telephone numbers? I would like to sign up for your service.“
A, California

Hello, Your prefix has been added. Sincerely,
Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

19. 02. 2013
„Grande Ondrej, mailboxde una garanzia. Veloci, precisi, affidabili.“
fabio, roma, italia

15. 02. 2013
„Happy first time user here. Mr. Krabs forwarded a Kindle Paperwhite for me, I received it very quickly. I will definitely use this service again.“
Leon B.

12. 02. 2013
„The item has arrived at your warehouse, but it hasn't appeared on my member's page under "Received shipments". I have the DHL tracking number, 012047315441, that proves that you have received it on 31 January. Should I hope to ever get my item or consider it lost/stolen?“
Ioannis F.

Dear Ioannis, Your shipment was without ID and without your name. Thank you for your tracking number, shipment is already on the account.
Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

06. 02. 2013
„Very reliable service and fast delivery. I'd like to thank Ondrej Krabs for his kindness and availability.“

06. 02. 2013
„Very reliable service and fast delivery. I'd like to thank Ondrej Krabs for his kindness and availability.“

06. 02. 2013
„Thank you very much for your fantastic job!“
Nico F, Italy

06. 02. 2013
„Very fast and nice service.Compliments!“

05. 02. 2013
„Very very very very.....very good....Fast and easy! Really!!!
Per gli italiani...fidatevi, sono velocissimi e bravissimi “
Giuseppe, Italy

31. 01. 2013
„Ondrej runs the company and customer support. He's very helpful and always present to guide you through the process. I had a package shipped to CA using "Czech Priority", the shipping times suggested are 4-9 days but my package took 14 days. I'm overally happy with this experience and found the prices very reasonable.“
Nick, Los Angeles CA

29. 01. 2013
„Great service and easy to use. There are many methods shipments and the staff is very reliable and quick to ship. I recommend it to others! - Ottimo servizio!“
Giuseppe, Italy

29. 01. 2013
„In registration phase i can't insert my real number becouse 388 is not a prefix present in combobox... Can you fix this? i have insert 380 for the moment... sorry for my bad english“

Dear Daniele,
Thank you for your feedback. Your prefix has been added today (end of the list).
Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

10. 01. 2013
„Very easy to use service and kind support.
Anyway i will try to suggest some improvements.
1 - A faster customer support (maybe this is an issue for many service like this)
2 - A faster processing of the received items (i thought that from receiving to sending no more than 1 day was needed)
3 - The extra fees for the paypal recharge increase the overall service cost

Thanks a lot anyway, i've been satisfied with this service“
Riccardo, Italy

Dear Ricardo, Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for your feedback. It is very important for us. We will try to improve these weak points.
Ondrej Krabs, Mailboxde.com

10. 01. 2013
„I was forgetting to remind you that the site contains too much german (i.e. list of the avoided items to be shipped).“

Riccardo, Italy

09. 01. 2013
„Servizio molto affidabile, puntuale e preciso. Da consigliare.“
Enrico Scalabrino

02. 01. 2013
„Second package has arrived at Brazil perfectly! Ondrej has done an excellent job of consolidating, carefully wrapping and repacking items. Thanks again for a SUPERB service! You guys are great! “

20. 12. 2012
„First to the positive: I find this a really good service and would definitely recommend to others.

Secondly, the possibilities for improvement:
1. I found the webpage difficult to get used to. The available information could be more organized, and more intuitive - I needed to read 5-6 pages through to understand how the system works, it was confusing.
(Once the packages arrived, it was a lot better, the calculating and ordering engine is very good.)

2. As I was under time pressure, the fact that the consolidation costs one more day was an unpleasant surprise - I had to opt for a faster shipping service because of the time loss. The time need of the operations could be described in an example.

So, 5 stars on the service, but the webpage could be more organized and appealing.“
Peter Solymos (Riveritas)

6. 11. 2012
„Perfect, simple and easy to use services. Got my shipment to Brazil just as I would expect. No hidden charges. Overall, great experience“

15. 09. 2012
„WOW! Ein Service, der funktioniert und dies in der Servicewüste Deutschland. Transparente Abwicklung, faire Preise und netter Kontakt. Mailboxde kann ich nur empfehlen. ~ muchas gracias ~“
Horst K., Paraguay

06. 09. 2012
„ I was a new client and Ondrej patiently gave me step by step to send out my items. I really appreciate the excellent customer service. keep up the great work and will definitely use your service again!“

28. 08. 2012
„Very user friendly, good prices and communications. Definitely will use again your service.“
M.S. New York

16. 05. 2012
„Firma mi předloni dopravovala 2,5 tuny solárních panelů z přístavu v Hamburku včetně proclení, všech vyřizování a pod., bylo s tím skutečně plno práce a VŠE NAPROSTO SUPER !!!! Pokud bude tohle fungovat stejně dobře, pak je to senzace. Nápad je to výborný, řada Němců jsou nacionalisti a prostě nechtějí posílat zboží mimo reich. Anebo se bojí problémů.“
Vladimír, Brno

29. 04. 2012
„Dobrý den, velmi děkuji za naprosto bezproblémovou službu - zásilka dorazila naprosto v pořádku. Velmi ráda vás doporučím svým známým. Hodně dalších spokojených zákazníků!“

3. 02. 2012
„Proč neposíláte mailem potvrzení při připsání peněz na váš účet (při převedení nového kreditu do systému Mailbox)?“

Dobrý den, naše databáze při spojení s bankovnictvím to prozatím neumožňuje, soustředíme se nyní na to, aby byly pokud možno kontinuálně odesílány zásilky. Údaje z banky stahujeme vždy 2 - 3 x za den. Pokusíme se však v nejbližších dnech najít řešení, jakým způsobem budeme provádět toto informování. Děkujeme za připomenutí nedostatku - budeme Vás informovat. Pěkný den. Ondřej Krabs, Mailboxde.cz
Aktualizace 6. 2. 2012:
Zprávu o navýšení kreditu systém již zasílá.

26. 01. 2012
„Dobrý den, ráda se připojuji k pochvalným komentářům. Vše proběhlo v naprostém pořádku. Byla jsem mile překvapena vysokou úrovní této služby také co se komunikace týče. Děkuji a určitě Vás ráda doporučím svým známým.“
Ivana S.

28. 12. 2011
„Naprostá spokojenost!Rychlost dodání i během vánoc,vstřícnost,ochota,komunikace na jedničku!Cena za služby opravdu nízká!Přeju kolektivu Mailboxde do nového roku mnoho úspěchů,pevné zdraví,spoustu spokojených zákazníků a těším se na další spolupráci!“
Standa.R. Ostrava

14. 12. 2011
„Skvělá služba a servis. Zaslání z Německa do ČR vyjde v mnoha případech ještě levněji, než by bylo zasláno přímo prodejcem. Děkuji moc za tuto službu!“

30. 11. 2011
„Skvela sluzba, dekuji velmi za Vas napad. Konecne nemusim obtezovat zname v Nemecku, proste si necham preposlat, co chci, kdy chci. Informace o zasilkach dokonale, webove stranky jednoduche a prijemne. Taktez ocenuji osobni pristup majitele ke klientum, velmi si toho v dnesni dobe vazim. Hledam, co bych vytkla, ale vazne me nic nenapada. "gerne wieder"...“
Petra B.

29. 11. 2011
„Vše proběhlo rychle a bez problémů. Oceňuji vstřícnost a ochotu pana majitele.“

5. 11. 2011
„Jsem nový zákazník a v první řadě chci poděkovat panu Krabsovi za ochotu a trpělivost při odpovědi na mé četné dotazy. Odrazem toho byly i další služby při objednání a po objednání zboží, stálá informovanost a osobní kontakt se zákazníkem i v pozdních nočních hodinách. Jsem již důchodce a pokud si firma tento kredit podrží, tak se sem budu rád vracet. Nakupoval jsem na americkém Amazonu za oceánem, ale odradily mě vysoké poplatky, které byly na úrovni ceny zboží. Určitě dám doporučení mým známým, kteří shání zboží, které na našem trhu není.“
František, Bojkovice na Moravě

5. 11. 2011
„Jsem mile prekvapen rychlosti, kvalitou a osobnim pristupem pana majitele. Informace o objednanych zasilkach byly nad me ocekavani.“
Jiri V.

10. 10. 2011
„Po mé první zkušenosti s Mailboxde musím říci, že vše proběhlo bez výhrad. Komunikace výborná. Informovanost o zásilkách příkladná. Doručení bez problému. S potěšením doporučuji!“
Jan P.

2. 9. 2011
„Službu používám téměř denně a jsem velmi spokojen. Navíc vidím, že Mailboxde "roste" a trvale hledá optimalní řešení pro své zákazníky a tím je pro mě zajímavý.“
GlassReplica, Ladislav H.

29. 8. 2011
„Konečně mám skutečně volnost při nakupování na německé Ebay. Nemusím se dohadovat při každé aukci zda je prodávající ochotný posílat zboží do podezřelé rozvojové země kdesi na východě Evropy. Jednoduše nahlásím německou adresu v Žitavě a holt si o ty dva nebo tři dny počkám déle na balíček. Výborný nápad.“

9. 6. 2011
„Zdravím, chcel som sa poďakovať za rýchle preposlanie zásielky a vysloviť pochvalu. Priznám sa, že som sa bál, či vôbec balíček uvidím ;), ale zbytočne. Navyše ste lacnejší ako konkurencia a podľa referencií aj rýchlejší - od naskladnenia k doručeniu to trvalo 3 dni. Díky a určite vaše služby ešte využijem.“
Lukas U.

12. 5. 2011
„Se službou jsem byla velmi spokojená, perfektní komunikace s panem majitelem opravdu velmi ochotný a rychlá dodávka. Brzy využiju znovu vaši službu. Děkuji velice s pozdravem“
Dlouhá P.

„Vše proběhlo v naprostém pořádku, děkuji za všechno.“ Antonín S., soukromá osoba, Kácov nad Sázavou

„Vse Ok, moc dekuji za Vasi pomoc, ridic je na miste. DEKUJI.“ Jana S., vedoucí obchodu výrobního podniku, Liberec

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