User Experience

„I am very satified with service. Its simple and prompt for every delivery and i recommend it to everyone. One of best things i find on internet last year." Vladimir

„I\'m using this service several months, already received 7 packages and another 3 on the way. Good service.Very recommended !" Anton Buber

„this service is extremely time consuming and inconvenient. If I wanted to do all this paperwork I would open my own shipping company. other systems are much simpler." S Lee

„Hallo, I have been using the system exactly in three days. Very good and prompt service. Because I live in CZ and NO and have missed the possibility of German eshops to CZ and NO, I greatly appreciate the idea. Earlier I had to ask my friends in DE to resend it abroad. How embarrassing. I understand the system of various carriers and consolidating the shipments so it is not confusing to me. The prices of the Czech Post to countries outside the EU are great. We will see how it works further. Thank you Ondra for this great service." Ivo, CZ and NO

„My mail has been in the \"ready to send box\" for 2 days and has yet to be sent. I emailed the company twice and I\'m still waiting on reply" Trevor

Dear Sir, Your shipment has been controlled and seized by customs. Can you send us your IBAN and SWIFT code via e-mail, please? Your balance will be refunded. Sincerely, GmbH

„Way to complicted" Ssklee

„I am very disappointed with the service. I had read the restrictions when I signed in and I was certain that none ofe the usual goods I usually buy would be on the list. It slipped me completely - I bought a new stove for my kitchen. They just refused to receive it. Suddenly I was in a very difficult situation, with a 400EUR item lying around. NO SUPPORT OF ANY KIND! Very unprofessional and extremely disappointing. I\'ll probably find me another service provider. " Rui Reis

Dear Rui Reis, I understand you, but please understand me as well, that our service has certain limitations. Your shipment was oversized, without packaging for further transport. This product is listed in the prohibited items, which we are not able to ship. I wrote to you by e-mail within 5 minutes after the departure of your shipment. The seller is obliged to return the money when you withdraw from the contract. Tell me his e-mail, please, if there is a problem with the seller. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„First of all: I RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE!! I Just did my first shipping forward from Had a Smartwatch sent from Amazon and forwarded to Denmark. Smartwatch was sent from Amazon Monday night, received at Mailboxde the next day around 11 in the morning. I got an e-mail with package informations from Mailboxde 30 minutes after they received the package, and made my shipping forwarding order immediately, and it was sent to Denmark with UPS later that same day. Everything just went smooth, informations were fast, and this was just way better than I had expected - and the prices are great!! I\'d definitely use this service again in the future to buy products from German webshops that doesn\'t ship international." Kenneth Thomsen

„Will packages received before 14:00 be shipped out the same day, if shipping has been chosen and paid for immediately?" Answer:

Dear Kenneth, Most shipments confirmed to 2 PM are shipped the same day (valid for UPS, Czech Post, Geis, EMS). Shipments outside the EU are shipped the same or next business day. Deutsche Post is picked up and processed earlier. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„Hello When I try to send you a e-mail it gives this error: 550 Recipient verification problem Do I need to go through verification or can I start using the service straight after registration? Thank you" Jonathan

„I have only been using Mailbox;s service for a few months and once you get used to the system of crediting your account for the postal service you choose to forward your post, AND choosing the best forarder for your needs, they offer a very reliable and efficient service. The only problem I encountered was when using the Czech Parcel sdervice as it got lost-no fault of mailbox de whatsover. However from my eperience so far tge normal Deutsche post service is the best of all, it has arrived in the UK sometimes as quickly as 3 days and most often 4 days. Lucy who seems to handle customer enquiries is a star with a lot of patience. Thank you Lucy!!! !" mark buchanan, London

„Is this item on prohibited list, or NO, I see ovens on that list and Im not shure, just check before buying. Bottom is a link from Ebay Mister G

Hello, We can receive this item without any problems. Sincerely, Ondrej, GmbH

„I have a question. How do you send letters? DHL? What happens if I am not at home few days? Do you leave it my mailbox or do I have to be at home and sign for it? Thanks in advance" Ewald Weiss

„My delivery was returned due to dangerous goods. Its a cell phone, and I really need to pay transportation twice to get this delivered?" Pål

Dear Pål, Our fee was not charged, however the postage is non-refundable for all prohibited goods according to the rules of Deutsche Post. Deliveries handed to collective store cannot contain following items: bb) Electronic devices containing lithium batteries (such as mobile phones or digital cameras) - Deutsche Post banned shipping by air anything containing a lithium battery. Shipment with lithium battery up to 5 kg can be sent via UPS (see UPS instructions). Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Overall a great experience for a new buyer. Only found out about their service a few weeks back and was a bit hesitant due to the look and feel of the website. Perhaps some improvement can be made to ensure the legibility of website. As for the service, it was affordable and hassle free. My items arrived on time and was promptly shipped. No issues encountered whatsoever. I\'ll be regularly using your service. PS: The FAQ isn\'t clear and the navigation is quite hard to go through. I strongly suggest to create an infographic where information can be available easily and won\'t create confusion for your customers."

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We are going to work on the improvement. Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„Hi, have you handled packages shipped from Mediamarkt (Germany)? To be precise, are there any restrictions being imposed from regarding sending shipments to your service, that is Thank you. Regards" Goran

Dear Goran, We can receive these shipments without any problems. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Please help, Teo again. Tried sending email but no response. My returned mail, must I pay airmail fee again? Have received via same address using your service for 3 times and now this happened. I still have 2 new packages just received, need your advice soon, please. It is going to be one month and I am really anxious not receiving my packages..." Teo

Dear Teo, We will send the package once again at our expense. I have checked your account and I would like to ask you if you can register a new account for shipping outside the EU (your account is registered for shipments to the EU). The price will be cheaper (excl. VAT). We can move your packages - send me your new ID, please. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„29.08.2016 - parcel was sent but returnes due to unknown address and since then I have not heard anything. Please help" Teo

Dear Teo, Your package has been returned on 9. 9. 2016 from Singapore. You will be informed, when we receive this shipment. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Ordered a device at and got it delivered to Croatia by I just followed the instructions from the website and everything went smooth and my package was delivered within just a few days! Great service, thanx!" Daniel

„I highly recommend to to all who love European goods! The service could not be anymore efficient than it is! Ondrej and his team do a spectacular job - and I could not ask for better! Thank you for all that you do! " K. Kuser

„I am very satisfied with your service. I just find your program somewhat not user friendly. I use two other forwarding companies (USA and UK) andd they are musch more user friendly" Machiel Odendaal

„According to parcel tracking: you received shipment from Motea GmbH without my name or ID in the address. Could you please be so kind and register it to my received shipments at so I can pay for your services? " Nemanja

„Can we transferr items from my mailbox to mailbox of my friend\'s account ? That would be great Kind regards" Ivo

Dear Ivo, Unfortunately, this service is not supported. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„In regards to a previous problem, it turns out it was the fault of Deutsche Post, and NOT Mailboxde. Deutsche Post was providing tracking information that was incorrect and not updated. I would like to thank the people at Mailboxde for providing excellent customer service, and answering all my questions in a timely manner. This is a reliable/dependable service..thank you so much." Stephen

„I have never had a worse mailing experience in my life. You are now telling me that I received a package that in fact I did NOT receive. I had TWO parcels sent through your service; one was received and the other one was sent to Austria for some unknown reason, and it has since DISAPPEARED. If you do a simple tracking search of RL738617383DE you can plainly see that it is in Austria. It should not have been sent to Austria as my address is United States. You are confusing this lost package with the other order that was received. I will continue to contact you until i get some answers. And please don\'t tell me i received this package because I did not. I received item number 22361347. The item that has VANISHED IN AUSTRIA is number 22359748." Stephen

„my shipment 449945335281 Delivered to andere anwesende Person: Herr Dunajcik by DHL . Sent today : Tue, 26.07.16 at 10:12. You got it so why I don\'t see it on my account? Fist time this happens!! Also why you don\'t reply to emails?!" Ronit

Dear Ronit, The package will be sent tomorrow. All packages are processed in few hours however always the same day. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„My shipment is not visible on my account... I want to pay and get send it today..." Ronit

Dear Ronit, The package will be sent tomorrow. All packages are processed in few hours however always the same day. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„How long it takes from you to update an account with new parcel? " Orit

Dear Orit, All shipments are processed the same working day. Do not hesitate to contact us, if your shipment is not visible on your account. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„My package, which was supposed to be sent to United States, was actually sent to Austria, as country as final destination. I tried to track it\'s location but the trail ends in Austria..the package seems to have vanished. Customer service here was no help, so I had to start an investigation with Deutsche Post. It\'s really unbelievable.." Stephen

Dear Stephen, Your package has been mistakenly sent by Deutsche Post to Austria, however the shipment has been claimed and forwarded the same day to the USA from Austria. The shipment is already in the USA: Your shipment was delayed by one working day. I apologize to you. You may arrange redelivery by using the Schedule a Redelivery feature on this page or calling 800-ASK-USPS, or may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice. If this item is unclaimed by August 9, 2016 then it will be returned to sender. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Do you also send to Namibia? If so can you add the destination of Namibia in your country list." Dirk T

„I would like to change my item description to : \"fitness accessory\" My NO. is: 22358042 I need this done quickly. Thank you :)" Edmond

Dear Edmond, I apologize to you, unfortunately we can not change the item description in this case in your confirmed order. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I cant find the \'continue\' button in the \'received shipments\' page !!!! My Order is 22361681" Fernandes Pedro

Dear Fernandes Pedro, Your special request will be processed within 1 working day. You will see the button "Continue" later. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Can you provide Customs Stamp Proof of Export when sending out of EU? I would like to use this proof to claim VAT refund from my merchant." Don

„using the service for quite a while A+++++ service, I can only recommend it done a lot of shipments, both receiving and sending and never any problems keep up to good work guys" Leonardo D.

„I do not get any reply from you... what do you want to do??? keep my parcel blocked for ever??? WTF?? you dont want me to pay I dont understand???" Ronit

Dear Ronit, Your paypal account has been used for more customers in our system. It is against our rules. Use bank transfer, please. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Ok,but I can not pay with my Paypal now? I can\'t do bank transfer... whats now??" Ronit

Dear Ronit, If you are not able to add your money to your paypal account, you can use another exchange provider or bank transfer. You can try If you are looking for PayPal customer support, the number is 073-713-7777. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Just paid 16.73 EURO for shipping and somehow my shipment got cancelled for no reason and got credit of -40.32 EURO. WTF?! Did not got back my 16.73 EURO! " Ronit

Dear Ronit, One of your shipments has been lost during transport and delivered few days later. The indemnification from your PayPal account has not been sent back. This is why the account is in the red, and we are waiting for payment of the debt. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I\'ve followed instructions I have received via email upon registering here, offered from Amazon DE to Russia; received my shipment within 2 weeks! Nice." Alex Mark, Moscow

„Is it compulsory to always write to my address before shopping or i can just write my name address and my id number?" augusta

Hello, Yes, it is compulsory to write our company name GmbH (or c/o GmbH) in the address. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Little bit pricey services and system is a bit confusing to me. Very good costumer service, quick response. Quick dispatch, fast delivery!!! What can i say...Great!" Brano - Montenegro

„First time using your service. Items were sent immediately and arrived quickly. One very satisfied customer!!" Robert K.

„Hello, i would like to know about the tracking number of my shipments\" any advice? Kind regards" Enrique Acevedo

Dear Enrique, Please, could you clarify me, what tracking numbers do you mean? Do you mean the tracking numbers of the sent shipments? Sincerely, Martina, GmbH

„I spent a year with another forwarding company which was not a good experience. Every question was interpreted as a critism. I changed to Mailboxde and am about to receive my 20th parcel. Not an error not a problem, a lot of help and very large choice of reasonably priced carriers. Very happy customer" Dave Gabbitas

„This is my first delivery using The shipping prices are very reasonable and the package arrived fast! I am very happy with the experience, and now this is my preferable way of ordering from abroad. Perhaps because English is not my first language, I had a difficult time understanding the package consolidation issue at first (I didn\'t realize that it meant combining the packages), so if you could add a more simple explanation and such that it could be seen right away, that would be nice. Thank you Mailboxde!" Yulia, Israel

„Your VAT number DE281224359 is not valid. Why?" Miko

Dear Miko, Our VAT number has been changed together with the legal form in January 2015. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„I have been using for a while now. From the start, the system was a bit confusing for me (probably due to webpage layout) but all information is actually clearly visible and once you figure out what is where, and it works like a charm. I like the fact that all costs are clearly stated so you know what to expect and you will be paying for, with no surprises. UPS service works great too, from Mailboxde in Germany to Croatia - during the week - it arrives in 4 days. I mostly consolidated my shipments and it’s all fine, there’s a big save on shipping costs that way. Customer service is brilliant, as even to my dumbest questions I always got a prompt reply and quickly solved any issues. Very friendly support team. I hope it stays this way, thanks!" Alex, Croatia

„Waited nearly 3 weeks for my order and still nowhere in sight. No updates from Deutsche post and mailboxde have not given me a reply (told me it is normal when I first enquire). It\'s more than 10 business day, it\'s not normal at all. Please investigate" tak

Dear Sir, We will start the claim today. I strongly apologize to you for the delay. I believe that the package will still be delivered, however the complaint will be started. Sincerely, Lucie, GmbH

„This was our first delivery from Germany via, and it worked like a charm! The only concern was due to the lack of information: We were\'nt sure whether is authorized to receive and sign our parcel from the carrier (DHL), but this concern was completely unnecessary. We took UPS Standard shipping from to our destination address. UPS delivered our goods from Germany to Finland in just 3 workdays, but the final phases of logistics in Finland took 4 workdays, because UPS decided to use our national mailing company as a sub-contractor instead of delivering the parcel by itself. Probably this is normal with \"Standard\" shipping methods." €bot

„Hi, delivery status for my package is \'\'UNDELIVERABLE\'\'- WHY? i was send an email to you immediately but nobody answer..." Mirjana

Dear Mirjana, Unfortunately we can not receive shipments from outside the EU. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, Ondrej Krabs, GmbH

„Great service, package arrived in 2 days from Germany to Croatia via Czech post, thank you" Marko

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